Thursday, April 30, 2009

There is a Love so Pure

There is a love so pure that it creates my life.
There is a Love so pure that it trusts me to make choices.
There is a Love so pure that it forgives me.
There is a Love so pure that I dissolve into its creation.
There is a Love so pure that its core is you & it is me.
There is a love so pure that it vibrates into eternity.
There is a Love so pure that it creates synchronicity.
There is a Love so pure that it supports us in our reality.

At the core of everything we know is absolute pure loving energy wanting to know itself. The consciousness of love that wants to know itself created itself in a multi-faceted diamond of experiences. Each one of us, each plant, animal, planet, particle of matter is a facet of this diamond of love in the process of creating itself.

Even though it looks at first glance as if we are on opposite ends of the universe, opposite ends of the diamond, at the core of it, we are all one. We are all made of the same precious, perfect love-diamond substance. At the core, 'au coeur', we are all exactly the same. We vibrate in the same way and our core purpose is uniquely the same. Our core purpose is to be the Divine unfolding. To be the Creation in action. We are Love in the making. We are the Divine creating a million ways to love, to be, to vibrate and to EXPERIENCE it all as it is happening.

At the core of ourselves we are a love so pure where God loves us, forgives us, creates us into infinity.

At the core of us is a love so pure that we cannot think or explain it. At the core of each one of us is a love so pure that we can only BE it, shine it, vibrate it, share it.

Love yourself, love me and love your Creator: Be that Love so pure in your everyday action, in a smile, in the spacious tenderness of your voice. Support each other and remind each other of the core of the Diamond. That is when synchronicity happens, everyday magic occurs and you create a more enjoyable reality, supported by the eternal, beautiful wise YOU.

What magical beautiful synchronistic LOVING reality are YOU going to create today?
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  1. Congratulations, and well done. Beautifully written.

    Tonight I would love to finally get some sleep. :-)

    And, wake up and do things to make the world more loving. As my motto says,

    Change The World, Bit By Bit, Byte By Byte


  2. Beautiful; thank you for your expression here.

  3. I jumped on bouncy bounces with the little ones today and

    was a kid again...I just gazed at my sleeping 3 year old

    sleeping in my arms....I hugged my hubby and was present

    in the moment more times than usual...You are so right

    "family gives you plenty of opportunities to be Loving,

    which is being spiritual." I am so blessed to have such an

    amazing family to learn with. Bonne Nuit Sophie! Thanks

    for sharing.