Friday, April 30, 2010

What is Happening to my World?

What is happening to my world? (In a good way!)

My Accuweather page this morning has a box saying: "Beneficial Weather conditions create a lowered risk of a migraine headache, and will help to make a headache less severe and of shorter duration." As a migraine sufferer 25 years ago, I knew that to be a fact when all that was available to me was a very strong pain killer.

Seth Godin posted on his blog today about how in his opinion USA Higher Education is heading for a Marketing disaster because most schools are offering dramatically increasing costs and bland experiences that they target average students and that too many people are getting into decades of debt in a job market that is not helping them pay that debt back. I've been saying that for a while. But I live in a College town so it's not been a very popular thought!

My local supermarket is now actively promoting the benefits of probiotics and offers 4 different brands, some of them very good, that 30 years ago only my friend with very weird hippy parents knew about (they mad their own yogurt of course) and that 15 years ago I could only find by mail order or in obscure Health Food Stores.

And my FAVORITE one this year: the Massachusetts Department of Public Health states on page 28 of its: "Flu: What You Can Do - Caring for People at Home" booklet: "Care for the Caregiver" : "To maintain your strength and ability to take care of others, it is important to: Stay in the present. Focus on simple and manageable tasks"
That is a very powerful standard Eastern meditation practice that must have finally made it to the main stream! Hooray! Now when I started meditating in 1989, I can tell you that it was NOT standard medical advice to 'stay in the present'!

Every week I come across main stream advertisement that openly talks about creating a balanced life, emotions and even angels that 15 years ago were considered woo-woo subjects.

Even a Raw diet is gaining in popularity!

So this morning my reaction to all this is dual:

1- I am HAPPY that all this good juicy life-enhancing knowledge is now mainstream, everyday common sense for many.

2- I am wondering: what do I know now that will be completely main stream in 5 or 10 years? How long will it take for people
  • to be able to cure illness with a thought?
  • to understand that it IS possible to completely recover from trauma with energy work?
  • to hear that you can revert Diabetes type 2 with diet,
  • eliminate depression with energy healing
  • that auto immune disease DOES go away with lifestyle changes and energy healing
  • that using energy at home brings a fever down, calms children down, creates good relationships with other family members
  • that energy transmissions/attunements DO raise your vibration AND help you think more clearly and feel more joyful and ways that 'you can't explain'
Life is so exciting right now! I cannot wait to see what people will be taking for granted 10 or 20 years from now!

What do YOU find most exciting about all these changes?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


There are people in this beautiful world of ours who only feel satisfied when they can control everyone around them. Even is that means destroying someone else's happiness or joy in order to gain control over them while they are sad, depressed, ill, miserable or feeling victimized. Because when the 'victim' are undermined and cannot do for themselves, they suddenly need support, right? So guess who is suddenly available to swoop in and help/support/rescue them? Yes: the 'destroyer' themselves.

My mother was one of those people whose low self esteem only allowed her to be happy when we were unhappy and needed her. So I learned at a VERY young age (definitely before I was 2) that it was DANGEROUS to be happy, to look free, to laugh, to express happiness in front of her because it would TRIGGER her anger and resentment and set her into destructive action. I learned that it was easier for me to repress creativity, flow and happiness rather than let it arise and watch her destroy it. THAT pain I could not take.

So I nearly died as an infant, by the time I was 2 I was scarily 'well behaved' and by the time I was 7 I was chronically depressive. My unconscious programming was set to 'no fun, no happiness, no flow, no creativity coz they're dangerous'. Wow! What a legacy!

I started therapy at 20, meditation at 27, developed awareness and over the years I allowed myself to be happy and joyful again. But I would still get STUCK on a regular basis. Physical pain. Lack of cash FLOW on a boringly regular basis. Stop-start artistic flow/inspiration: sometimes I could paint sometimes I didn't. Sometimes I was fun to be with and a lot of the time until recently I definitely was not.

I got over a lot of that in my 20s. Then in my 30s I had children and unconsciously associated having kids with 'being stuck', because that is how my mother felt about motherhood so it started all over again when I became a mother. That also started me on my journey as a conscious healer because I was determined to heal myself and change my children's legacy! I became a Reiki Master, a Kinesiologist, a Quantum Healer. I do energy work for myself and my family all day, every day! That is just how we live now. I know a lot about energy by now, I am an expert!

The word FLOW came to me in a meditation recently. The remedy was to take ACTION that encouraged flow in my life. It's working: this morning I was laughing out loud playing ball with the dog then dancing to Flamenco music!
My kids wish I could have been more fun when they were little. They have all articulated that wish to me. I was not and it's ok because for the most part I looked the other way when they were playing and having fun or doing arts so I would not interrupt their creative flow. It's worked and now they are older, THEY are teaching me how to be me, how to have fun and how to flow.

I feel like I am finally coming into balance and loving life all that much more! TOGETHER, we learn.

PS: Of course, on a soul level, I know I chose my family and created the experience to become the healer that I am now. But in THIS lifetime and in THIS body, I still had to understand and release the 'repressed joy' pattern to crawl away from under that rock and into the sunshine!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Don't Sacrifice For Me

Please do not sacrifice for me. Love me joyfully, love me in plenty, love me AFTER you love YOU. Create for me and with me.

But please, please, please, please, please: do not sacrifice for me. Do not, ever, create lack in your own life in order to provide for me.


Do not create resentment in your life that you can later use against me because you sacrificed and deprived yourself for me. Do not ever think that you are better than me because you created suffering in your own life.

It's really simple: if it's a sacrifice: DON'T DO IT!!

Don't spread the pain and the misery.

Do NOT, ever, use me as an excuse for your own suffering.

When I look at it as an energy pattern , sacrifice strangles a person's energy. Sacrifice looks narrow and straight. Like a long tall narrow bottle without curves. I don't fit in that narrow space of energy.

There is enough for everybody.

There is a plenty of all the love, energy and resources that we could possibly need in our everyday lives.

There is always a way to flow, to make the magic happen, to jive, to harmonize, to watch prosperity and opportunities unfold if only we let them.

So please, when you love me, create with me and for me. When you create in my name, share from abundance. Create beauty, more respect, more opportunities. Work WITH me on creating wealth. Give to me WITH JOY. TEACH me what you know about abundance and growth and nature. MIRROR for me the myriad opportunities of the world, the endless love of the Divine, the joy and laughter of little children, the beauty of the rose, the joy of compassion, the bliss of eternity.

If you respect me please create from love and abundance WITH me and I will gladly receive.

Thank you.

Share the bliss, the love, the smile.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

I Choose Joy

I am Love, I a Light, I am Respect
I am the dream, the past, the present and the future all in one instant
I am potential and reality, I am Joy
I choose Joy

Awaken and remember that hardship is an illusion, the memory of a choice you made a long time ago

Acknowledge negativity and let it go: it's not you

In our world of free will, love, joy and health are a choice

At the heart of the heart of the Heart is pure Joy. Peaceful, glittery, undisturbed JOY!

You have free will: are you using it for joy and awareness?

I love YOU beautiful facet of the Divine diamond!

Friday, April 23, 2010

What is Your Baseline?

I talked yesterday about our ups and downs and it occurred to me recently during a session with a client that it is important to be aware of our current baseline in order to understand our ups and downs.

Our baseline varies with circumstances, health and age.

After we studied for finals, had a baby or got divorced, our base line is lower. So we look 'down' to other people more easily and more often. We might be on one of our 'up' days but because at that time of our lives our baseline is much lower than most people's, they are wondering what is 'wrong' with us.

The same is true of individuals who have auto-immune disorders. So go easy on them! What looks to you like a bad day might be their best day of the week! Support them in enjoying that and celebrate their victory with them, even if for you it's an every day occurrence.

With much love and patience, we create support together.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Feeling Someone Else's Energy

Tonight I was telling a lovely friend how I realized what my gift is: I attune people to a higher vibration, just by being with them. Her response was : "YOU DO! Tune people to a new higher frequency. I felt it. You are so multi-dimensional." She reminded me how last August she offered to show me her world.

I had been worried about something since childhood and she said: "No need to worry! The world is wonderful and safe. Take my hand and I will walk you through these gardens, I will show you how lovely it is here at night."

She remembers: "You took my hand as we walked back to the hotel... and said, "Is this how you see the world?" And, I knew, you really saw the world through my eyes. It was the most incredible experience."

I really did see the world through her eyes. And it WAS a most incredible experience to experience the gardens through her perception. The smells were sweeter and more intense, I was at peace. For the first time in my life I felt young, little, safe and loved in a world full of promise.

In that moment she healed my inner child more deeply than any therapist ever had. Because she loved me enough to want to share her world with me, with an open heart and because I trusted her enough to let her take care of me.

I think of her often and am endlessly inspired by her sparkly love for life. What I did not know until tonight was that it was an important moment for her as well.
She says: "I have been given the gift to show others this world...but... you were the first person, who reacted, just by holding my hand. Now that is a higher vibrational level..."

So in receiving from her I also gave to her. One heart.

And you see: it IS quite possible to feel/read/perceive someone else's energy. I felt my friend's and she was clearly aware of my feeling it. We shared her vision of the world for a moment.
Energy is real and it is contagious.
I am safe and forever expanding in a world of infinite possibilities.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Ups and Downs

Everyone has their ups and downs. That is because we are pure energy and energy works/travels in waves. Up and down like a wave.
When we are 'down' we haven't done anything 'wrong'. We are at the bottom of the wave. Things will pick up, guaranteed, particularly if you acknowledge the wave and just let it be.

We become 'depressed' when we think that being at the bottom of the wave is 'bad'. So we attach a story to it and that story sinks us. It stops us from coming back up.

Being hyper because we think that the up, the crest of the wave, is the only acceptable or productive way to be does not help any more. It is just as unrealistic and does not give us any down time or allow us to rest.

The downs are good to rest but also to go within, to be more introspective and to seed new ideas.

The ups are more about doing, about expanding into the world. And the downs are more about being.

We all have our own rhythms, the seasons create rhythms and our culture creates different pressure at different times.

Embrace the downs as well as the ups, I say. Breathe through them and allow yourself to just BE sometimes.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Remembering Oneness

I have been wondering why there are so many different individuals channeling so many different beings (you know: like Esther Hicks with Abraham). They all have different names but their messages are very similar in essence and their energies feel very similar to me. All very sweet, supportive, practical, to the point.

So I asked.

And I was told that when we tried to access the Divine through centralized organized religions the damage to out hearts and creativity was tremendous. So this time the Divine is making sure that the information we need to access in order to awaken as a collective remembering its way to Oneness is spread among as many individuals as possible. One truth, many voices.

I have been noticing for the past 10 years that dozens of people spontaneously receive similar information. Some monetize, some don't. Some live by it, some don't. Some spread the knowledge in books and audios, some don't. But it's the same message all right:

We are remembering Oneness

We come from Love and we are forever returning to Love

We are the creator and the created

We are remembering that we are at the forefront of creation in expansion

Fear and negative emotions stand in the way of our contributing to the expansion of creation

We are individually responsible for the collective and changing ourselves changes the whole

It's s quite simple really.

And there's nothing new.

Difference is: we are starting to listen, to understand and to use those simple truths in our everyday lives. That's what we are calling Planetary Awakening.

I love you, beautiful aspects of the Oneness!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Gratitude Heals

Love is the greatest healer of course. And because in human form we have access to so many shades of emotions we can refine that truth.

I think that GRATITUDE is the most healing aspect of Love.

I was reminded it of it by this:

"Appreciation and self-love are the most important tools that you could ever nurture. Appreciation of others, and the appreciation of yourself is the closest vibrational match to your Source Energy of anything that we've ever witnessed anywhere in the Universe.

--- Abraham

Excerpted from the workshop in Spokane, WA on Tuesday, May 30th, 2000"

In my experience, every one of those words are true.

With much Love,


Friday, April 16, 2010

The Light is Right There!

I only have a few minutes but I really want to say something about what is happening this week: the energy is really pushing to change fast again. It feels to me as if the earth is re-aligning itself and in so doing giving us the space to do the same.

A lot of people seem to have had a challenging week and FaceBook is full of people talking about eating chocolate today! We must all need comfort!

The good thing is that:
  • I am becoming aware of more and more individuals awakening in the last few days.
  • Others are more comfortable showing their talents and strengths
  • many seem to be finding balance between spirituality and everyday life
  • The angels are really present, available and helpful!
  • the Light is RIGHT THERE: ready to become you and enlighten you in your body!


Let me know what is going on for you: Good week? Hard week? Challenges? Feeling exhausted? A lot happening spiritually or emotionally? Together we learn, support and Love!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Creation in Motion

What desire drives you? Is it the desire to love more? The desire to BE love? To love the Divine and be at one with it? To experience Love on Earth?

If it is, then let Love carry you. Again. And again. Into compassion.

The day you die, how much of Love will you have become? How much of you will be Love?
How much love will you have created and will you be taking back to the Creator when you merge back into Source?

Speak your love softly and watch life create itself.

What does the Divine desire? What do YOU create when you desire?

Let Love carry you. Again. And again. Into compassion.

The emotion of Love creates the motion of life.

When you experience Love you experience creation.

When you are Love you experience the Divine unfolding, creating itself from its mystery, into eternity.

Awareness is Love. Gratitude is Love. Trust is Love. From which we create more Love.

What is YOUR driving desire?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Angels Are Everywhere All the Time

Angels come in all shapes and sizes. Most of them have specialty jobs. All are tremendously helpful and willing to support us in any way that we need and that they are capable of.

They are all around us all the time but their vibration is so much finer than ours that we often miss their presence or don't hear their message.

Slow down, be still and ask them to let themselves be known to you: they are there, always.

And if you need to, ask someone who is also a human angel to reconnect you with your angels. When I am going through a bad patch, I ask friends to reconnect me with my posse. (See the PS to last Saturday's post I Miss My Wings)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cultivate Awareness to Discover Unconscious Beliefs

How do you discover what your unconscious beliefs are? Cultivate awareness!

Last Monday (This was written on Nov 25, 2009) I wrote about how what I am worth is created by my unconscious beliefs. So how do I discover what those unconscious beliefs are?

I want to share a rather personal example that came to light in my life only a few days ago because I believe it is rampant in our culture.

A friend of mine insisted for months that I hated men and that I needed to get over it fast. I found that really surprising because believe me when I tell you that I like and love men!

So I dug a little deeper. Nothing.
I muscle tested around the beliefs that I hated men, did not like them, etc. Nothing.

I decided to let it be and just watch myself ~ awareness, Baby! ~

I lay low like a cat pretending to sleep, waiting for the mouse to dash across the room. And all of a sudden, there it was: a very, very quick thought, barely formulated, censured as it was being born, because it runs contrary to what I WANT to believe and how I CHOOSE to live. I was watching TV. Some sad story of what humans can do to each other sometimes. And I heard myself think "Not surprising. Men are b*****ds" Woh, woh, woh, WOH! Hold on a minute! Where did THAT come from?

Quick flash of shame. Quick look around the room. Did anyone hear that thought? Pheeww! No one around. And it WAS a thought anyway!

Non-judgement, Sophie. Non-judgement! BREATHE.... Have the compassion you would have for one of your clients.
Ok, got that.

Back to the cat lying in wait. And there it is: in French, of course, I can hear my mother say the equivalent in French. I'll spare you the translation!

It is relevant to share with you that both her and I were raised by violent cruel men who often behaved not very nicely and were emotionally, verbally and physically abusive. It leaves a legacy that you understand if you've been there but I sincerely hope for you that you cannot quite imagine what I mean.

So I did NOT hate men, which would be a choice and a strong emotion. But underneath my conscious life choices I was taught to believe that the only explanation for the abuse women suffered in my family (and by extension the whole world) was that "men are b******ds". A little simplistic I know. But hey, most ideas are simple when you are an infant, a toddler, an 8 year old.
I have also remembered many lifetimes that compounded that belief.
I think I was probably born ready for that thought to be programmed in my neuro-net. So whenever a man did something I did not understand or that reminded me of past abuse in any way, that thought was triggered and ran its little routine, creating more trouble in my present.

Can you see how insidious and subtle those deeply embedded karmic or familial or cultural beliefs can be?

I removed that belief yesterday and I feel much lighter! Now I can align myself to my conscious truth which is that I like and love men!

When clients come to me in a session it's a lot easier to work with them than with myself because I can hear their thoughts, feel their emotions and their body's reactions OUTSIDE of me. So I know exactly what is going on and I can unearth their hidden negative beliefs on their behalf. But when we work on ourselves, AWARENESS is really the key. Until we feel that we are in alignment with Love, in our actions as well as emotions. Because Love is all our Soul truly wants.

This post was written on Nov 25 2009, just a couple of days after I cleared that negative family belief about men. At the time I did not have the courage to publish it because the story it tells felt so personal. Now I think it is important to share it with you because so many of us UNCONSCIOUSLY carry old familial beliefs.

Monday, April 12, 2010

In the Music of Silence

In the music of silence
In the sweetness of the Void
I feel the endless possibilities of an eternal moment

In the lightness of here
In the weightlessness of everywhere
I feel myself floating into the Heart of God

In the sadness of here
In the cumbersome knot of linear thoughts
I miss my wings, the lightness of the Void, the brightness of the Light

Fullness of the Divine now
Endless light of acceptance
Embrace us that I may again be the wings that lovingly
vibrated out of the Void

PS: I am all better today. :o) Thank you for the emails, FB messages, DMs & phone calls, for the outpouring of sweet, sweet love and wonderful support! You guys just say the nicest things. You all have such a way with words: you melt my heart!
This poem was written on Saturday as I still had mixed feelings about being both human and angelic.

From Matthew in England:
Thank you Matthew!
"You are the star, the dreamer, the creator of your destiny. Unfold your wings and weave your magic." Adele Basheer
"Soar above the world into the wonder that you are. You are higher than the mountain tops and brighter than the sun." Toni. Carmine Salerno

Sunday, April 11, 2010

I Miss my Wings

Some days I am so tuned into angel communication that human communication becomes very awkward, cumbersome and difficult. I find myself wondering why people are being so obtuse, why I have to explain everything to them, why they can't read my mind. Why they can't hear the music in the silence or see the waves of energy around everyone.

On such days the whisper of the trees sounds loud to me and I feel emotionally bruised from walking into solid walls that I don't expect to be there. The way other people make their decisions makes no sense to me: it is all so linear and limited. I wonder why so few can see the endless possibilities in the eternal present.

On such days I miss my wings and the sadness can be overwhelming.

Then I remember to ground myself, eat well, go for a walk. Being in nature particularly helps. Eventually I can go to sleep and fly off to where I feel I belong that I can resource my energy and try again tomorrow to be a functional human angel.

PS: With tears of joy I am adding the responses from some of my wonderful angel friends:

From Mary in Australia:

She saw me & reminded me: "
U must be on the cusp of something very special.& sacred....." Mary channeled for me & gave me many insightful & reassuring messages. Thank you!

And shared: "This what I find beautiful/sacred- Medwyn Goodall Medicine Women "
That sound was particularly healing for me & I listened on repeat, letting the vibration soothe me and gently dissolve the sadness.

From Richard in England:
He gave me a most wonderful healing session. He re-connected me with angel vibration. He commanded that I be protected, as he does when I need it. Then he set up a sanskrit chant to automatically be activated to neutralize the night terrors that had been plaguing me for weeks. And another 2 chants to dissipate the effects of other weakening unpleasantness.

From Ainsley in Cornwall:
"You have your wings, you have just forgotten that you have them ♥

Walls are a fiction - close your eyes and soar Sophie - it is what you were born for"
I was still too weak to really understand what he meant & didn't really 'get it' until today!

From Mary in Australia again:
Angels by Enya:

Ships of Song (Click here for their website):
May you have ears to hear wisdom of the universe, eyes to see its presence & courage to speak it to your world.
May your life be filled with a double portion of All That Is.
May the Universe never cease to surprise you with blessings.
The universe smiles on you.
And the one that blew me away:
May the key of wisdom be given you to open the doors of opportunity and the gate of paradise.

THANK YOU!!!! to all of you who carried me back to safety.

Together, from all around our beautiful earth, we learn.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Thinning of the Veils

As usual I am not exactly sure what is going on but I am sure that there is a thinning of the veils and an opening of portals at the moment. Which means that we are all being given many opportunities to transform ourselves and to raise our vibration. The journey remains personal, the awakening is collective. I used to think it was planetary. Now I see that it is in the whole of Creation.

It is quite unsettling and is forcing us to let go of more baggage fast, to speak our truth even more than before, to flush out old ideas, to let go. Did we really still have very much to let go of?

Anyone who thinks they have it all figured out is really kidding themselves right now, let me tell you this much!

Don't look at me for definite answers because we are creating as we answer but I am happy to hold the vibration with you and to create a loving heart space as we raise our vibration together!

In our linear time we are running out of time in the old paradigm and about to be born into the next dimension. Remember that in the eternal present all is well.

Thankfully angels are very, very present and available to assist us as we do our work in our human bodies. Call on them liberally and if you are stuck, as I was for the past several days, ask another who communicates with angels to help reconnect you, protect you and support you. You deserve it and we all need each other to do our best work right now.

I love you.

We are One and together we learn. Through us the Divine knows itself. We are creation, created and Creator.

Friday, April 9, 2010

How Do we Create What we Consciously Want?

"How do we create only what we consciously want?"

  1. the very first thing is to find out what our soul purpose is because easy manifestation only happens when the specifics of what we wish to create in our everyday life is aligned to our general soul purpose/incarnation objective
  2. we create a specific intention that is aligned to the core of our soul purpose
  3. we find the blocks in our unconscious programming that prevent alignment between soul, emotions & intention
  4. we remove them
  5. sometimes we download a positive pattern we were lacking
  6. we just watch life force flow where we used to be stuck

It's that simple: for the most part, we JUST REMOVE THE BLOCKS. We go to the Quantum Field where all creation is being created in the eternal present and decide to remove the block.

If what we desire IS aligned with our soul purpose, then the block to what we want is often an old idea:
  • a feeling or emotion we absorbed from our parents/carers as infant 'sponges'
  • something we were taught
  • something we used to want
  • a decision we made in the past that served us well then and it does not anymore.

Whatever it is, it is now obsolete and it stands in the ways of what we consciously want to create. We need to remove it to keep energy and love flowing.

Energy never disappear, it just is. So we don't make the block disappear as such: we transmute it. We change it into something else. We dissolve what is now perceived as negativity back into love so we can shape it again into something else. That is why the energy of St Germain and the Angels of the Violet Flame are so helpful in this process: St Germain was an alchemist and the violet ray is the energy of transmutation.

The quantum field is non-judgemental and infinitely malleable. In the quantum field your life is like putty in your hands, you can sculpt your brain and forever reshape your energy system. So the main question is not so much HOW do you change energy and thinking patterns? That is done through intention and I can easily teach you that in one of my workshops. The real questions are:

What blocks do YOU want to remove so your desires can blossom? What pain do YOU want to dissolve back into love today?

Monday, April 5, 2010

She Knows the LEAP OF FAITH Changes REALITY.

A good Twitter friend who reads my mind on a regular basis tweeted this last year when I needed to hear my own thoughts come from someone else:

"She Knows the LEAP OF FAITH Changes REALITY."

Of course for a leap of faith to occur, you need to TRUST. I think this happens mostly when:
  • you follow your intuition
  • you have created your unique relationship with the divine
  • you have support
  • you find a portal, an opening, a gateway into the Heart of God. This can be a healer or a spiritual or religious mentor, a spiritual practice, a prayer or a spontaneous occurrence.
Then you can leap. And change your reality. Create.