Sunday, April 11, 2010

I Miss my Wings

Some days I am so tuned into angel communication that human communication becomes very awkward, cumbersome and difficult. I find myself wondering why people are being so obtuse, why I have to explain everything to them, why they can't read my mind. Why they can't hear the music in the silence or see the waves of energy around everyone.

On such days the whisper of the trees sounds loud to me and I feel emotionally bruised from walking into solid walls that I don't expect to be there. The way other people make their decisions makes no sense to me: it is all so linear and limited. I wonder why so few can see the endless possibilities in the eternal present.

On such days I miss my wings and the sadness can be overwhelming.

Then I remember to ground myself, eat well, go for a walk. Being in nature particularly helps. Eventually I can go to sleep and fly off to where I feel I belong that I can resource my energy and try again tomorrow to be a functional human angel.

PS: With tears of joy I am adding the responses from some of my wonderful angel friends:

From Mary in Australia:

She saw me & reminded me: "
U must be on the cusp of something very special.& sacred....." Mary channeled for me & gave me many insightful & reassuring messages. Thank you!

And shared: "This what I find beautiful/sacred- Medwyn Goodall Medicine Women "
That sound was particularly healing for me & I listened on repeat, letting the vibration soothe me and gently dissolve the sadness.

From Richard in England:
He gave me a most wonderful healing session. He re-connected me with angel vibration. He commanded that I be protected, as he does when I need it. Then he set up a sanskrit chant to automatically be activated to neutralize the night terrors that had been plaguing me for weeks. And another 2 chants to dissipate the effects of other weakening unpleasantness.

From Ainsley in Cornwall:
"You have your wings, you have just forgotten that you have them ♥

Walls are a fiction - close your eyes and soar Sophie - it is what you were born for"
I was still too weak to really understand what he meant & didn't really 'get it' until today!

From Mary in Australia again:
Angels by Enya:

Ships of Song (Click here for their website):
May you have ears to hear wisdom of the universe, eyes to see its presence & courage to speak it to your world.
May your life be filled with a double portion of All That Is.
May the Universe never cease to surprise you with blessings.
The universe smiles on you.
And the one that blew me away:
May the key of wisdom be given you to open the doors of opportunity and the gate of paradise.

THANK YOU!!!! to all of you who carried me back to safety.

Together, from all around our beautiful earth, we learn.


  1. I invite you to join us fellow fairies/angels at My Everyday Magic, Sophie! We take our wings and our magic to new heights!

    Your lines about hearing music in the silence and being in nature resonate with me.

  2. I was talking to a friend, I call her my cousin because her parents and my parents were very good friends while we were growing up.
    She teaches in a school for handicaped children, has been there as long as I've been a the vet clinic 28 years, so a true calling. We have both lost our mothers and now her best friend Mary, whom she has worked with is losing hers, and she has never married, never left home has always been with her mom, so this transition is being tough on her.
    Yesterday my cousin's niece got married and Mary didn't go to the wedding because she didn't feel up to joy while her world is crumbling.... Mary is one of the sweetest nicest women I've ever met, and I love her gentle spirit, and he loud joyful laughter and to hear of her sadness... I just felt for her.
    Today as i was out walking, out of the blue i said I should go to Valu Village a local thrift store...I didn't really need anything but when the idea comes to me I go... and I am so glad... because something wanted me to go and let Mary find me... to give her a hug... to make her smile... to remind her of the friend she has in me... to laugh and giggle over the rows of clothes for awhile... I'm so glad I got to be the angel today.. that just my mere presence in the world changed somebodys day.
    today I had my wings.... I felt them wrap around her there in that isle.
    so thankyou to the angels that watch me and push me to the things I need to do :)