Friday, April 30, 2010

What is Happening to my World?

What is happening to my world? (In a good way!)

My Accuweather page this morning has a box saying: "Beneficial Weather conditions create a lowered risk of a migraine headache, and will help to make a headache less severe and of shorter duration." As a migraine sufferer 25 years ago, I knew that to be a fact when all that was available to me was a very strong pain killer.

Seth Godin posted on his blog today about how in his opinion USA Higher Education is heading for a Marketing disaster because most schools are offering dramatically increasing costs and bland experiences that they target average students and that too many people are getting into decades of debt in a job market that is not helping them pay that debt back. I've been saying that for a while. But I live in a College town so it's not been a very popular thought!

My local supermarket is now actively promoting the benefits of probiotics and offers 4 different brands, some of them very good, that 30 years ago only my friend with very weird hippy parents knew about (they mad their own yogurt of course) and that 15 years ago I could only find by mail order or in obscure Health Food Stores.

And my FAVORITE one this year: the Massachusetts Department of Public Health states on page 28 of its: "Flu: What You Can Do - Caring for People at Home" booklet: "Care for the Caregiver" : "To maintain your strength and ability to take care of others, it is important to: Stay in the present. Focus on simple and manageable tasks"
That is a very powerful standard Eastern meditation practice that must have finally made it to the main stream! Hooray! Now when I started meditating in 1989, I can tell you that it was NOT standard medical advice to 'stay in the present'!

Every week I come across main stream advertisement that openly talks about creating a balanced life, emotions and even angels that 15 years ago were considered woo-woo subjects.

Even a Raw diet is gaining in popularity!

So this morning my reaction to all this is dual:

1- I am HAPPY that all this good juicy life-enhancing knowledge is now mainstream, everyday common sense for many.

2- I am wondering: what do I know now that will be completely main stream in 5 or 10 years? How long will it take for people
  • to be able to cure illness with a thought?
  • to understand that it IS possible to completely recover from trauma with energy work?
  • to hear that you can revert Diabetes type 2 with diet,
  • eliminate depression with energy healing
  • that auto immune disease DOES go away with lifestyle changes and energy healing
  • that using energy at home brings a fever down, calms children down, creates good relationships with other family members
  • that energy transmissions/attunements DO raise your vibration AND help you think more clearly and feel more joyful and ways that 'you can't explain'
Life is so exciting right now! I cannot wait to see what people will be taking for granted 10 or 20 years from now!

What do YOU find most exciting about all these changes?

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