Sunday, May 2, 2010

Joyful Creation Machine

Two weeks ago I had a new download of enlightening energy. It came as a result of YEARS of energy healing work, a very clear intention to be a channel for Divine Light in this world and 2 excellent chiropractic adjustments from my wonderful friend Nancy. I also know my boat is being floated by the general wave of Planetary Awakening occurring in the past month or so.

I woke up the morning after the first adjustment to find that the Light I used to go up to was sitting right on top of my head. I was being attuned to a higher vibration again! My head was tingling like mad. After a few hours, the Loving Light entered through my crown chakra. Over the next 2 weeks it gently moved down through my body, transforming each cell, clearing and balancing chakras in the most powerful way I have ever experienced, transmuting much negativity into pure joy.

An unexpected side effect is that my memory, which became very hazy when I was very ill 8 years ago has come back.

Another side effect is that when I tried to think about what was hapening, talk about it or move away from my beautiful corner of peaceful nature I had a nasty migraine. The migraine cleared up as soon as I stopped thinking, sat back or walked in nature and just went with the flow! Easy!

The Light and Love energy is in every cell of my body now, all the way to the sole of my feet. So now I can, more then ever, see the good in every one and I truly love every one on this planet and beyond. In the whole universe really.

I also feel more respect for my body as a beautiful expression of the Divine. I am not talking about how pretty or how thin, more what an amazing complex perfect CREATION MACHINE it is. And for the first time in my life I am finding it easy to honor that.

I am choosing joy as my daily experience. Whirling into the Heart of God and embodying the Light is why I am here.

The Light and my new body vibration are taking about 3 weeks to integrate into my life. i am finding a new balance again. I feel that I am now fully into the Heart of God. Which of course does not make me by any mean perfect or special. Just more joyful!

In my every day practical life, because there are only 24 hours in a day and I live mostly (though not always!) in the present and through this body, I spend time in places and choose to interact with people who harmonize with Light, Joy and Respect so we can flow and create together.

Together we learn, love, flow and create!


  1. That's what my meditation this morning was all about: connecting to my Higher Self and my Divine Home. It was very powerful and reassuring and oh, so enjoyable. I remind myself daily to live in two worlds of Reality.
    You describe beautifully what you do and who you are and how you live in the dimension of NOW and the Divine. Now I'll pay even closer attention to your tweets.


  2. Thank you so much Britt! It is so wonderful to get to know each other better over Social Media! See you again here and on Twitter! ;o)

  3. and you share-thank you Sophie :)

  4. Sophie, I was just going to ask you if you had named the "download" you attuned me to..It was/is so beautiful. I had a very similar experience to what you describe: after the attunment...I left love everywhere, I could love deeply everyone, I lost judgment of others, I was just filled with intense love (unconditional love) and joy...I felt like a teenager in love for the first love with everyone and the whole world!! It is truly amazing and thank you for sharing. You have so much to share with the world beautiful Sophie :) Love,

  5. Thank you Nancy!
    I am thinking about a name. I'll let you know as soon as I get it! Any suggestion?