Monday, May 3, 2010

Trust Meditation

Just had a wonderful meditation where I was imagining my path showing up in front of me just as I need to find it to take my next step.

Some fear arose. I asked what it was and realized that I was scared that if I trusted completely, the Divine would lead me to the edge of a metaphorical cliff and push me over the edge to show me that I could fly. I could see myself being ABLE to fly but really not enjoying the feeling.

Then the message came loud and clear: "We would never ask yo to do that"
"Why not I asked?"
"Because we know you don't like flying sensations. We will get yo where you need to go in a way that is comfortable for you"

I cried with joy.

Even now I still forget how much the Divine loves me. Loves all of us. I forget how much tenderness and support is available!

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