Sunday, May 16, 2010

Being or Doing?

We are human BEINGS some say. All that doing and running around gets you nowhere fast.

All that being and knowing who you are is pointless: you need to TAKE ACTION.

When is a girl to meditate and when is she to take action with all this conflicting advice?

I think both are right. The question is not about Being Versus Doing, it is about

effective doing

When all these are aligned, everything falls into place. You can easily follow your own rhythm of being, meditating, dreaming,
creating in the mind, overcoming fear and doing/taking action. Meditation in action. Mindfulness in movement.
  • The being becomes sweeter because it is guilt free.
  • The notion of 'hard' work disappears as more peace permeates your life.
  • The doing becomes more effective because when it is aligned to your soul/core purpose, it becomes more targeted and you need to do much less for much better/more effective/greater results/rewards
That's when manifesting becomes fun! En-JOY!

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