Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Why Can't I think Straight After a Big Aha Moment?

Oftentimes after a blinding enlightening experience, a resounding aha moment or a raise in our vibration, we can't think straight, use our cognitive skills, reason, articulate the experience or communicate. Why is that?

So we can rest and integrate:

1- We are tired.
Raising the spiritual vibration of a human body uses up a lot of energy. We burn energy as fuel for the transformation. Like studying for and sitting finals or running a marathon. You just need to rest, hydrate and eat well for a few days afterward to regain our balance.

2- Our circuits are fried.
The fact that a much higher current just ran through an antiquated system really stretches and taxes that system for most people. Again, rest, hydration and good food are the answer.

3- To preserve and integrate the upgrade
It would be easy for our 'logical' thinking to go into overdrive to try and control what just happened (some people call it the controlling ego). When we are 'too tired to think' the upgrade integrates in our energy system without being slowed down or stopped by our old thoughts.
By the time we feel better, the change has occurred and has become permanent so even our thinking is different by then. The new patterns are in place.

4- To receive more information
When we are asleep our critical conscious mind shuts down and our unconscious is open. It is a great time for the
Divine, angels and Guides to come and whisper in our ear, give us information, communicate with us through dreams and images or to take us other places where we can learn more while the body is at rest. Ever woken up feeling like you suddenly knew something completely new or had the company of angels in your sleep?

En-JOY the integration!


  1. Sophie -
    This captures exactly where I am right now! I have actually run a couple of marathons, and I am more depleted today than after finishing one of those races. I can't think, I can't organize, all I am capable of doing is resting! I have used the phrase "my circuits are fried" a couple of times! I know it is all great, but I am in a place of letting it all integrate on its own, because I am in spiritual ICU. I said to a friend yesterday that I felt like I had gone into a "cognitive coma" which would allow me to integrate the huge change I just went through!

    Thank you so much for your energy support, and for this wonderful post that so clearly describes the aftermath of a "lightning strike" change in my life!


  2. Oh this is interesting Sophie, I had this kind of day yesterday where I just could not concentrate. Last night I had all these strange dreams and this morning while I was journaling, I had a big breakthrough and realized something that has been trying to come to the surface for about a week!
    (and now finding this article is a cool way to get it explained! LOL)
    Hugs, Darlene