Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothering Second Sunday With Sophie, May 2010

is back! Of course the topic today was Mother's Day> And it's all in the audio of this great call:
  • a deep, 30 minute meditation to bring in the Divine Light and to practice RECEIVING
  • the importance of being a good enough mother/father/parent
  • how beyond your best there is nothing but a breaking point
  • a good mother is a supported mother and how YOU can change the world once you understand that
  • Why you need to practice receiving

Today is also a deeply significant Goddess Day and I am sure the Divine Feminine. She was most definitely present to support us in raising our vibration today.

Listening to the recording and going into the meditation is enough to raise your vibration and to attune you to a higher frequency so follow the link download the audio and relax, breathe and reconnect! The recording is here:

Love you !

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