Sunday, May 23, 2010

Removing Energy Shields

Recently I have found myself doing some new work for many of my clients: I am removing energy shields.

As you know I can see energy as clearly as I see the furniture in my living room and recently dense structures have been shown to me in several clients' energies.

They are definitely shields that were created earlier on in life and that are a habbit from lifetimes of protecting oneself from oppressive energies. Like an outer shell allows the center to remain soft and tender. But now that energy healers and people of good will are safe to work without being victimized by the church or their neighbors, the shields
  • are not necessary anymore
  • are holding us back

They are heavy and stopping us from leaping during this Planetary Awakening
They are also rigid and are stopping us from growing and expanding.
They isolate as much as they protect and are stopping us from experiencing Oneness

So after years of
  • clearing past lives
  • removing curses and limiting oaths and vows
  • clearing family karma
  • changing archetypal issues
I am now removing unnecessary energetic shields.

I LOVE healing energy work! It just keeps unfolding into completely new areas I could not have predicted!


  1. it's pretty amazing how life unfolds, innit? (hugs to you)

  2. This is a very interesting topic.

    While reading I was thinking about my own shield. Yes, I felt very aware of my limitations. Is that a bad thing?

    Do you do shield work over the Internet?

  3. Hi Spencer!
    Protection is a good thing. Energy protection. Flexible protection that moves and grows with us. But shields are too solid, too rigid and while they used to be necessary, which is why we created them, they are not useful anymore. In fact they have become counterproductive as we need to be lighter and more nimble to leap.

    Yes, I work over the phone and I have clients all over the world, from New Zealand to England and Hawaii. My contact info is

  4. Yes Sue, it is pretty amazing! Creates delight and wonder daily! Just like your art! :o)

  5. From Patricia Singleton:
    I once had a friend remove armour from my body from my past life as a Samurai Warrior. The armour probably was doing the same thing as your energy shields that you talked about in your post. When my friend told me about the armour, I could actually feel it surrounding me and knew that he was right.

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