Friday, October 23, 2009

How Do You Reach Enlightenment?

How do you reach Enlightenment?

At the moment it is being made easier by the fact that the whole of creation is raising its vibration like never before. Many more are becoming 'enlightened' more easily. Having said that, some paths will bring you there faster than others:

1- spontaneous enlightenment experience, often while in nature

2- near death experience

3- a combination of:

  • having lost 'everything'
  • losing everyone in our lives or believing that we have
  • extensive periods of celibacy. As practiced by most organized religions. But it seems to 'happens' to very spiritual individuals, at some point in their life, even outside of organized religions.
  • giving up whatever makes you complacent (addictions, even to everyday food or spending; co-dependent relationships; soul destroying jobs; abusive families...)
It's because all the above are crutches and when they are removed from our lives we learn to rely on our inner selves and on the Divine.

All we have discussed so far is what brings us to the portal. To the Heart of the Divine.

How do we stay there after we enter?

That's when the real SURRENDER happens. Again and again.


Lose yourself in Love. Seriously: what do you have to lose?
"Remember Creator so much that you are forgotten." said Rumi

Surrender, surrender, surrender, surrender, surrender. Surrender the 'how'.

Let the waves from the Divine Ocean take down the walls that surround your heart.

Practice daily. Every second of every day. Want it. Think about it, make it your focus, have a strong intention! The universe will oblige and deliver.

Can YOU feel the waves of surrender?

Monday, October 12, 2009

Surf the Wave

Every so often something or somebody blows your whole world open.

Someone speaks their LOVE for someone or for a passion in their life




and we watch life create itself.

From the brink of despair, destruction or delusion, a miracle happens.

The wall turns into a gateway and Light comes streaming through, photons turning into matter, reality being transformed in

wave after wave of creation.

That is how life is created in our universe. On all planes of our existence. Catch a wave and learn to surf!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Portal of Enlightenment

What is this portal that I spoke of on Tuesday August 4? The portal to the Heart of God.

The portal was always there. It used to dwell in the heart of some very special Saints who had given up their lives in service to humanity and whose ego had become non existent. These special people often belonged to organized religion but not always. When you were sincere in your quest for the Divine, you were eventually brought to one of them and they could show you how to become one with God. That is what we call "Enlightement" = being taken into the Light, becoming one with the Light, becoming the Light. Being taken into the mystery.

I was taken through the Heart of my own teacher in November 06 and again in December 06. And again in December 07.

Why so many times? Once you reach enlightenment, that's it, right? Not! Enlightenment was the gateway, the portal. A rite of passage, not a destination. It was just another milestone. Most of us were so attached to the paradigm of duality that we would cross over, for a moment, but come back to our everyday life, blinded, blissful, happy and transformed but still in the same life.

In March of 2009 something major happened. Something extraordinary shifted. Have you heard of "the Shift"? ok, well that was last March, guys. It's happened, done, stop looking and waiting and keep moving forward: we've done it!

Since then, It's been possible to cross over to the other side, to the Light side, into the Heart of God and stay there.

Of course there is still change and progression, because there is still creation in motion. And where there is motion, we go this way and that and forever try to stay close to a point of balance and that requires effort and regular course correction.

So the Portal to enlightenment is there, always. It is easier to access on certain days. But it is always there now. Find it in YOUR life and cross when you are ready.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Gateways in Multi-dimensional Time

If you think that time is linear and if you think that something will take a long time to happen, then it will.

If you think that time is multi-dimensional and that each second contains eternity then your consciousness can go into another world, into the past, into the future or into ANY plane of existence at any moment of the linear time. When you are in that other dimension, you change, heal or create whatever is necessary for the highest good of all.

When you live that way each moment contains eternity because each moment contains the heart of God and when you live in the heart of God everything is possible.

Of course in order to live on earth you rejoin linear time and start living in sync with others again. But who you are is changed and so what you attract is different. Miracles start happening in seconds. You can sit at your computer, wish with all your heart to talk to someone and somehow, against all odds, habits and reason, they suddenly appear on your Twitter stream, in your FaceBook or send an email. Technology makes this possible you think? Before I even used a computer when I wished in that way people would write to me that day, phone me or literally appear on my door step demanding that I let them into my home .

Miracles are real. They happen in the heart of God. They materialize in linear time every day as soon as that part of your being is aligned to the heart of God. This is what I call Quantum Healing. Call it what you want but DO it! Open gateways in multi-dimensional time.

Do you think that time is linear and solid or have you created multi-dimensional time in your life yet?

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Practicing Surrender

Surrender. Sounds scary? It can be. Because we are not used to it. Because we have had bad experiences of being out of control.

So we need to practice.

First surrender the small things. Don't start with letting go of your day job and not knowing how your mortgage will get paid! Start small, with something that does nor matter so much. I think that's why people like experimenting with things like finding a parking space. It's manageable. If you don't find one it's not the end of the world and if you do it's so gratifying.

Then ask for some people to show up in your life. Ask for small sums of money. Ask for appointments to be changed or canceled, prices to be dropped so you can afford something you want. Small measurable things that you can prove happened. Pay attention to your circumstances. Notice when your wishing and surrendering the 'how' brings you what you want.

And remember: surrender is voluntary. Surrender is NOT submission. It is not forced. You are not being beaten down: you are willingly letting go. And letting God carry you.

The second part is gratitude. Surrender into gratitude. Immerse your self into it. Lose your self into it. Let gratitude flood you, overwhelm you, submerge your heart.

Do NOT take my word for it. Try it for YOURSELF: wish, surrender, be grateful. Repeat.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Abuse is Confusing

The worst thing about having been routinely abused is that

You don't know that you were abused.

You don't really know how bad it was until much, much later.

You don't know what is 'normal'.

You don't know what is healthy.

You don't know what real love is.

You don't know who to trust.

You don't even know how to trust.

You don't know what is right.

You don't know how to react. (You tend to freeze or over-react.)

You don't know whether to be quiet or whether to be vocal.

You don't know if you can trust your instinct.

You don't know if telling the truth is going to make things better. Or much worse.

You don't know if you will survive.

You don't know what you are worth.

You don't know how to love.

You don't know what a healthy boundary feels like.

You don't know if what you 'naturally' want to do is healthy or a habit of protecting yourself.

You don't know why you are sick all the time.

You don't know why you are lovable.

You don't know why your relationships fail. Routinely.

You don't know.

Yes, the worst thing about routine abuse is that it's very confusing.

And the younger you were abused, the worst it is. But the above also applies to adult victims of abuse.

Thankfully there are ways to recover. There are countless therapies that will help you peel away the layers of pain and confusion. Increasingly there are therapies (such as the ones I practice) that reprogram your neuronet completely and create you anew, the way you were meant to turn out. To allow you to find your true human and Divine core. Your Love Compass deep inside of you. The place inside yourself that you can rely on.

So you know

So you know who to trust

So you know you are lovable

So you learn how to trust

How to love

So you know that you are, after all, a divine spark of love and as such entitled to en-JOY-ing the experience that we call life.

If you know someone who keeps messing up big time, who looks confused a lot, who is stuck in self defeating patterns, chances are they have been abused. However together they look on the surface or in some aspects of their lives. Even when you know you can't live with them, send them love and accept them deep in your heart, where you create miracles. So they can start finding their own Love compass.

Abuse is not forever. YOU can recover. Together we learn.

This post is dedicated to Ceri and Anneloes. My surrogate Moms in the UK.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Second Sunday with Sophie: Oct. 11th

On Sunday, Oct. 11th we will come together for
October's "Second Sunday with Sophie".
This month: Breathing and special guest, Harmon Hathaway

Harmon Hathaway, President of the American Yoga Association will be joining us this month as we discuss breathing and how it helps us with grounding.

Harmon teaches alignment yoga and has a number of videos on YouTube explaining alignment yoga.

During our discussion we will discuss how proper breathing allows us to become a more embodied, spiritual being.

The importance of breathing:
  • oxygen recharges the body (solar plexus)
  • oxygen purifies the blood stream
  • and many more benefits

When I find a healer or a teacher I resonate with, I always want to hear their voice and I want to be in their vibration. I invite you to share the experience with me.

1- Every SECOND Sunday at 2PM EST I will be on the phone and available.

On the call I will:
  • teach one of my meditations
  • discuss a healing topic
  • answer questions at the end of the call so be sure to ask your question on the teleseminar call detail page you will receive after signing up for the class

2- On the other Sundays of the month I will meditate at 2PM EST and invite you to join me in meditation and prayer for Peace and Oneness.

There is power in numbers, you know that. Together we can create a beautiful vibration of Oneness, Love and Joy. So join me every Sunday at 2pm EST, I will be meditating for Oneness with you. You can tune in energetically from wherever you are in the world.

For the live phone calls "Second Sunday with Sophie" I am asking you to contribute $8, $17 or $25. I WILL NEVER RAISE THIS BASE FEE so my teaching about Oneness is always available to everyone. This way we can:
  • create community
  • share cutting edge content
  • offer support and inspiration
So invite your friends who would benefit from this learning! All are warmly welcome.

The planned schedule is:

  • Sunday October 11, 2009 ~ Staying Balanced and Breathing
  • Sunday November 8, 2009 ~ Kundalini Reiki
  • Sunday December 13, 2009 ~ December Solstice
  • Sunday January 10, 2010 ~ What Kind of Healer Are You?
  • Sunday February 14, 2010 ~ Becoming the Positive Person You'd Love to Date

The call details will be posted here for every month so bookmark this page now to return to it easily or join my newsletter and I'll send you a short email with the call details a few days before the event and then on the day of the call.

Call details for Sunday, October 11th will be sent to after you send your donation by clicking on the Paypal button below. You will also have the opportunity to send me your questions from the teleseminar confirmation page. Invite your friends who will benefit from this learning!

Please chose your $8.00, $17.00 or $25.00 donation option from the drop down box below before proceeding to Paypal.

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Past Recordings Available:

Sunday August 9 ~ Grounding and Why it matters.
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Sunday, September 13, 2009 ~ Tools to be Aligned to Your Personal Purpose.
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Friday, October 2, 2009

She is One With Love

The wonderful Suzanne Williams sent me this haiku on Twitter:

Her arms move to the
beat of silent awareness
She is one with Love

And said to me: When I wrote this it reminded me of YOU! :0)

Could I wish 4 a better friend?

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Being Still While in Motion

Tuesday's post was about learning to listen to the whispers of the Divine before She hits us with Her cosmic hammer and wakes us up in our private lives with a disastrous divorce or bankruptcy or on a global level with an earth quake or a tsunami. Do you remember how we all felt affected by the Tsunami of 2004? It was as if the earthquake that created the tsunami shook the foundations of our collective heart and sent a wave of compassion around the globe. We realized that we were all potential disaster victims, wherever we live. We united in a loving response to our brothers and sisters who were traumatized by the event.

We are all one and we know it deep down but we seem to remember it more when we are at risk of losing everything. Because it shakes our complacency.

There are better, more gentle ways of shaking complacency. One of them is to KEEP MOVING.

After a life time (life times) of sitting still I am understanding that I am more aware & listen to the Divine better when I am in movement. That is because the Divine is Love becoming, creation in motion. So when I move I am more in sync with my Creator.

Paying attention and listening does not have to mean sitting still. Sitting meditation has a great calming effect, is proven to reduce stress and teaches us to become centered and to let go, to drop busy work and to stop identifying with what we do. Sitting meditation teaches us to BE. Once we have mastered this it is important to learn to keep that still center WHILE IN MOTION.

So you don't need to sit still to pay attention. You can be aware while in motion. Let your life be a prayer and a meditation in action.

Have YOU found a way to be still and aware while moving?