Thursday, October 1, 2009

Being Still While in Motion

Tuesday's post was about learning to listen to the whispers of the Divine before She hits us with Her cosmic hammer and wakes us up in our private lives with a disastrous divorce or bankruptcy or on a global level with an earth quake or a tsunami. Do you remember how we all felt affected by the Tsunami of 2004? It was as if the earthquake that created the tsunami shook the foundations of our collective heart and sent a wave of compassion around the globe. We realized that we were all potential disaster victims, wherever we live. We united in a loving response to our brothers and sisters who were traumatized by the event.

We are all one and we know it deep down but we seem to remember it more when we are at risk of losing everything. Because it shakes our complacency.

There are better, more gentle ways of shaking complacency. One of them is to KEEP MOVING.

After a life time (life times) of sitting still I am understanding that I am more aware & listen to the Divine better when I am in movement. That is because the Divine is Love becoming, creation in motion. So when I move I am more in sync with my Creator.

Paying attention and listening does not have to mean sitting still. Sitting meditation has a great calming effect, is proven to reduce stress and teaches us to become centered and to let go, to drop busy work and to stop identifying with what we do. Sitting meditation teaches us to BE. Once we have mastered this it is important to learn to keep that still center WHILE IN MOTION.

So you don't need to sit still to pay attention. You can be aware while in motion. Let your life be a prayer and a meditation in action.

Have YOU found a way to be still and aware while moving?

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  1. I remember you talking about your "meditation in motion" and I was not sure what it was about at first. Since working with you and learning with you, I have gotten a few moments where I see what you mean... About being "in the moment" and present while you go about your day and your life. I can feel a stronger connection with my Husband and kids when I am in that state more often.. Thank you for living what you teach... Love,