Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Portal of Enlightenment

What is this portal that I spoke of on Tuesday August 4? The portal to the Heart of God.

The portal was always there. It used to dwell in the heart of some very special Saints who had given up their lives in service to humanity and whose ego had become non existent. These special people often belonged to organized religion but not always. When you were sincere in your quest for the Divine, you were eventually brought to one of them and they could show you how to become one with God. That is what we call "Enlightement" = being taken into the Light, becoming one with the Light, becoming the Light. Being taken into the mystery.

I was taken through the Heart of my own teacher in November 06 and again in December 06. And again in December 07.

Why so many times? Once you reach enlightenment, that's it, right? Not! Enlightenment was the gateway, the portal. A rite of passage, not a destination. It was just another milestone. Most of us were so attached to the paradigm of duality that we would cross over, for a moment, but come back to our everyday life, blinded, blissful, happy and transformed but still in the same life.

In March of 2009 something major happened. Something extraordinary shifted. Have you heard of "the Shift"? ok, well that was last March, guys. It's happened, done, stop looking and waiting and keep moving forward: we've done it!

Since then, It's been possible to cross over to the other side, to the Light side, into the Heart of God and stay there.

Of course there is still change and progression, because there is still creation in motion. And where there is motion, we go this way and that and forever try to stay close to a point of balance and that requires effort and regular course correction.

So the Portal to enlightenment is there, always. It is easier to access on certain days. But it is always there now. Find it in YOUR life and cross when you are ready.

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