Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sunday Bliss and Tuesday Sadness This Week

In my post "Emotions are the gateway to the Spiritual" last Friday I was warning myself I think that "when we birth something new some old things will die for sure". It's been 3 days of old things dying and it feels like 2 months worth of energy work and living happened in those 3 days.

1- The energies are still coming in wave after wave
  • Human angels are remembering who they are in large numbers
  • Human angels are finding each other & creating community
  • Lightworkers and healers are being taken to the next level of their practice
  • Many experience enlightenment
  • Many are visited by angels
  • Some were lifted out of their bodies & taken to the Light
  • many are wanting to fast so they can release old energies faster like we usually do in Spring
  • Grounding is challenging, but keep doing it: it's still the best way to keep safe in these changing times
  • Lots of feet tingling, leg itching and crown chakra buzzing for many

2- More specifically on Sunday July 26 the portal opened further. I am not an astrologer I am just telling you what I felt, saw and know. On Sunday August 2 the Divine Feminine came down to be anchored on earth with the Divine Masculine for the first time ever. It felt quite Divine and very soothing. Very healing. A taste of the future.
The work was archetypal and was felt by many. It was not subtle. It just happened and those of us who were involved had little control over it. We were mere channels.
Others had more personal but extraordinarily powerful experiences in how they felt the influx of light and energy: of angel visitations, being lifted out of their bodies, receiving downloads of energy etc.

3- Today was a great day to:
remember old wounds, feel the sadness, get to the root cause and let go of it.

I think it's because Tuesdays are good for establishing boundaries and asking for protection and the things that make us sad happened when our integrity was violated, our boundaries were disrespected, our hearts were compromised and our souls were disconnected from the Divine as a result.

4- Remember: there is still a need to nap, drink water, ground often, create support in daily life, eat well, all that good stuff that keeps us balanced when advancing rapidly!

I am surfing this amazing wave of planetary awakening and staying in balance the best I can, with the help of others.

How are YOU doing through all this? Together we learn and create: leave a comment for the benefit of all!

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  1. Love you Sophie. I knew if I log in I would receive clarity. I am so there with you, stomach pains, e-motions flowing, sudden sadness,irritability, itching head and feet, aching legs....so tired.....waves of warm loving feelings come over me and angels in my dreams. Such a challenge to stay grounded and even meditate. Sophie, keep the information coming! It's my safety net through these rapids. Much much love to all thank you