Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Can You Feel the Planetary Awakening?

"I don't feel all the things that you describe in your blog" and "I feel some of what you describe but not as strongly as you do" I hear several times a week. "I know something is happening energetically but I can't make sense of it the way you do. What's wrong with me?"

There is nothing wrong with you.

In the New Age the key is going to be diversity. Starting with the way we all experience the transition with different symptoms and different degrees of intensity.

The visionaries, the channelers and the Human Angels are experiencing the energy changes more keenly at the moment. Is it because we are so special? NO. It's because:
  • we are very connected to Source by nature or by training
  • we are empaths who habitually feel energy strongly so we can help our clients
  • we are translators: our job is to tell you what is going on and make sense of it for you
  • we are the scouts, opening the way, learning the native language and reporting back what we are finding out about in this uncharted territory.
So we are just doing our job, what we incarnated for: we are opening the way and telling our clients and readers about what we are discovering.

Others are changing in their own way without necessarily understanding why, just observing how.

Sit back, relax and en-JOY the ride. It's all good, we are all going in the same direction, in our own way, at our own pace. However much of the Planetary Awakening you feel or don't feel is ok.

Let me know how YOU are living through this!

1 comment:

  1. By daily opening myself to energy and Source - I continue to experience the changes happening around me.

    And I am thankful.