Friday, August 7, 2009

Flow Into Oneness

Today drink from the flow of life. Open up to the Heavens and receive blessings. There is nothing much to do: just surrender, open up and enjoy.

Your vibration is being raised fast. Clairaudient and clairvoyant gifts are acute. The seventh chakra is vibrant and the eighth chakra (interpersonal) is actively searching for positive connections.

She is whispering, Her song is like the mist above the river at the dawn of a hot lazy day. Her mist song is everywhere around you and yet none can grasp it. Elusive, flirtatious, She dances in and around your consciousness, teasing you to the limit, enticing you to let go into a new way of being.

Flow with Her.
Let Her fog your mind, cloud all your judgements, mist your eyes.
Let Her flow from nowhere and everywhere into your Heart.
She is the Divine Feminine that created you.
Follow Her flow into Oneness.

Forever hidden from human eyes, She whispers the world into being. Can YOU feel her?

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