Thursday, August 13, 2009

What is the Violet Flame?


The Violet Flame
  1. is a spiritual energy
  2. is perceived as a purplish/violet light
  3. has the qualities of:
  • letting go
  • forgiveness

The Violet Flame
  • was given to humanity by the Ascended Master Saint Germain
  • through Guy Ballard to whom he first appeared
  • in the early 1930s.

St Germain gave Ballard the first teachings on the Violet Flame to:
  • transmute negativity into positive energy
  • prepare us to enter the Age of Aquarius that we moved into in March 2009
  • give a tool to create peace, freedom and enlightenment

As a historical figure, St Germain lived in the royal courts of Germany, France and England in the 1700s and died in 1784. His origins and birth date are unknown. He was mysteriously wealthy and very educated so he had the means to study the occult and alchemy.


Alchemy was
  • the search for a way to transmute common metals into gold
  • it was a metaphor for self-transformation, spiritual wealth, truth, wisdom and compassion.

Because of its TRANSMUTATION aspect, the seventh Ray, or Violet Flame is associated with St Germain's work.


The Violet Flame is visualized as a flame or fire that
  1. is purple/violet in color
  2. burns negativity out of the person at cellular and quantum level
  3. releases extra space between the particles of matter, allowing more vital energy to flow so matter vibrates faster
  4. raises our vibration
  5. changes
  • negative energy into positive energy
  • darkness into light
  • fear and hatred into love
  • anxiety into peace

In doing all this the Violet Flame helps remove blocks and often allows situations to move on more smoothly.

When we carry less cellular memory of trauma, wounds, pain and resentment, we become more loving, compassionate and peaceful. We become more of who we really are.

If YOU want to be attuned to the Violet Flame and experience the positive changes it can bring into your life, join me on Thursday August 27 at 9pm EST.

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