Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Psychic Protection

"I want to be more Psychic." "I want to be more intuitive" are frequent requests from my clients. No problem: just give me a second to find my magic wand.

Ok seriously: what does it take to be more psychic or intuitive?

1. It takes TRUST in your own abilities
2. It takes CONFIDENCE that you are safe to experiment and to get it wrong sometimes
3- Trust and confidence come from PRACTICE.

So you practice until you trust your instincts and your intuitive abilities. You get to the point where you are getting some psychic hits: you just know who is on the phone before it rings, where that tumor is, how your client is feeling. And you are right!

You grow in confidence. You are right more and more often, in ways you cannot even explain.

And then one day:

  • something happens to scare you. You feel like you have been psychically attacked
  • Or you acquire some unexplained 'bad luck'. It's like nothing is working anymore
  • You start having minor accidents and losing things
  • Mild headaches hang around like a bad fog
  • Or you can't read your clients anymore, the information is all scrambled.

Yikes! What just happened?

Your light is brighter, you are capable of handling more healing energy than ever before and you have become a recycling plant for negativity, you are attracting 'bad stuff' again just like you did BEFORE you were a healer but even more so sometimes.

What do you do now?

PSYCHIC PROTECTION is what you need!

Iron-clad, fool proof, tried and tested psychic protection, which is exactly what I taught for you in my
Psychic Protection teleclass
on Thursday August 27

And I recorded it so you can still purchase the whole class, go through the exercises and practice at home every day until it becomes second nature!
Click on the link at the bottom of the page to purchase the recording and I will send it to you in less than 24 hours.

I am a fairly powerful healer and I deal with some hard core issues like horrendous past lives, seriously negative karma, sometimes even curses. Some days I see up to 4 clients in one day, all with different issues, each bringing in a host of energies. And I work from home so I don't want any of that negativity floating around my kids! I have been developing this psychic protection systems for 11 years. If it's out there, you can pretty much guarantee that I've dealt with it.

Because I think it is vitally important that every healer and every emergent healer has the best tools available to do the work that they came here to do, I am offering this teleclass at a ridiculously low price. For the price of a book, you can spend an hour with me learning the finest tricks of the trade!

In this teleclass you will learn:
  1. Grounding meditation
  2. How can Angels help?
  3. Tracking down the cause or the origin of the problem
  4. Protection: the pyramid, the hand, the Violet Flame: WITH ATTUNEMENT!
  5. Intention
  6. What happens when I grow spiritually?
  7. How can I stay protected all the time, everywhere?

Did you notice those 2 words? "with attunement" ? That means that I will attune everyone who is PRESENT on the call to the Violet Flame, one of the most powerful tools for protection and transmutation available to us. Psychic friends and healers have SEEN the angels of the Violet Flame around me and I know they work with me all the time.

The Violet Flame attunement will
  1. raise your vibration
  2. raise your level of protection
  3. give you a new simple yet powerful protection tool.
The next thing I want you to do is to buy the replay of this fantastic Psychic Protection call so you can learn to do this yourself! Just clik below:

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  1. Thank you Sophie for a wonderful experience of the violet flame in this teleclass. It's presence of the warmth lavender essence felt amazing. The class also provided me with more powerful insights and tools to enhance my spiritual resources and recognize the different methods of protection available to everyone against negative energies that we can come in contact with every day. I look forward to the next teleclass with you..Much love and gratefulness