Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Protectors

This post is a deep, heartfelt thank you to a man who is my friend, my client, my student, my colleague, my teacher, my astrologer, a family friend but most of all my protector.

What is different about this man is that he is not and has never been responsible for me in any official capacity as a brother, a father, a lover or a husband. He is married to one of my dearest and most powerful friends. And yet he loves me so deeply, so tenderly and so respectfully that whenever I need to be physically or emotionally protected he senses it and steps in for a short moment, sometimes together with his wife. Usually he/they step in energetically but they have also been known to appear with dinner to feed me and my kids!

He has protected me from a violent landlord, from the manipulation of a partner and from the negative beliefs I carried from my past.

What does he do that is so extraordinary and so effective? He just decides.
He is the perfect Quantum Healer:

- he listens to my story,
- hears the place in me that vibrates to the pain and
- vows to protect it.
- Then
he just decides that what hurts me and stops me from living in love needs to stop now.

His intention is so powerful that my physical circumstances change within 24 hours
: I receive a letter telling me the situation is resolved, a friend calls and offers to drive me to a life transforming workshop, I meet someone who invites me to teach. (This is exactly what I teach in my workshops by the way. He was just a natural at it.)

Beyond protection my friend and his wife have also made positive decisions on my behalf. Thanks to their pure, tender, generous hearts, I have been able to move from a place of secretly frozen, numb pain into flowing love, a thriving business, complete physical safety, abundance.

Last April while in a deep trance meditation, I was listening to some music they gave me two years ago. As a direct result of that meditation I have met a whole team of wonderful individuals who are currently assisting in the birthing of my work. Among them is another magical husband and wife team who understand me so well that every interaction with them enhances my life tenfold. They listen to me, read my mind (I swear they do !) protect me, teach me, make things happen for me.

I love all of you. I am SO grateful that you carry me forward. Thank you for being my extraordinary family. Thank you for being the shining examples of what loving working couples can be. Thank you for raising indigo and crystal children who are friends with my children. Thank you for creating the future with love and awareness. I am SO blessed to know you.

Who are YOUR protectors? Call them or write to them now and tell them you love them. And think about who YOU are protecting, fostering, tenderly supporting.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Post- Solstice Collective Awakening

Since the Summer Solstice two weeks ago, my world has completely changed. Again.

Compared with before the solstice, this is what is new:
  • I can hear guidance much more clearly.
  • I can see my clients patterns of health and dis-ease even more clearly.
  • I can tell what people think and really mean much more easily
  • I receive daily downloads of insights on how to create joy
  • I can feel the Divine presence around me all the time. It' s very very sweet and comforting.
  • What I want, I am aligned to & that does not hurt others in any way, manifests within minutes or hours instead of days or weeks
  • as a result of easier manifesting, I am really busy in all areas of my life!
So things are definitely happening faster and more easily. Which is great. I love it! This is what we have been asking for, praying for and working towards in the last 10 years. The Collective Awakening is finally happening for real! It feels like thge change is palpable, like there is literally electricity in the air.

Of course I am still roughly in the same body that I had two weeks ago so this is taking some adjusting and fine tuning!

This is what helps:
  • drink plenty of clear water
  • sleep more than usual
  • rest during the day if necessary
  • eat nutritious food & make sure you get enough B vit & magnesium!
  • keep a very clear intention
  • talk to other people who are going through this. Teach and support each other!
  • establish clear boundaries
  • take time for yourself, just to chill or have fun
  • energetically & psychically protect the new parts of you the have just grown. They are fragile like tender shoots.
  • ignore negativity. Disengage from it as soon as possible.
  • meditate daily or strengthen your spiritual practice
  • contact your healer or alternative practitioner early on if you feel you need support.
  • Listen to your guidance and within reason and with common sense, act on it asap!
This last point is particularly important. I keep hearing of individuals who are plagued with nightmares, migraine headaches, have accidents, have nervous breakdowns or argue with loved ones.

The energy is good, the upgrade is good but if you have blocks in the way or if you resist the change that you asked for and programmed yourself for way back when, the resistance can create pain. So be good to yourself and save yourself the pain! Come join me and jump straight into the bliss of the joyful eternal present!

What changes have YOU noticed in the last week or two? How are YOU keeping balanced in this time of change?

PS: As an example of what I mean: I was told by my guides to write this post last Friday. I have had 3 really busy days with clients and kids so I kept pushing off the writing. Today I woke up tired and with a mild migraine headache. Now I have written the migraine has completely disappeared. Could have acted on guidance 3 days ago and saved myself 8 hours of pain...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Is Quantum Healing a Little Strange?

If you think that Quantum Healing sounds fanciful, far fetched and a little strange, look at what I just found on Twitter today: a link to an article of the Science Snapshot of USA Today:

physicists have started experimenting with something called quantum teleportation, in which the characteristics of light particles appear to transfer instantaneously across great distances, a phenomenon that cryptographers have proposed for impossible-to-eavesdrop communications.

In 2007, University of Vienna physicists described sending messages this way using telescopes 89 miles apart at an American Physical Society Meeting." by Dan Vergano. (Posted 3 days ago it seems)

What it reminds me of is Harry Potter quite frankly! You know, apparating in and out of strange places. Or the other classic: "Scotty, beam us up!" Pure science fiction. Except it's not: some seriously educated people are currently spending some serious money on serious research in the quantum field. Even though: "What I am going to tell you about is what we teach our physics students in the third or fourth year of graduate school.... It is my task to convince you not to turn away because you don't understand it. You see my physics students don't understand it.... That is because I don't understand it. Nobody does."(Richard Feynman Quantum Mechanics Physicist 1918-1988)

I know that we don't know. And I understand that some scientists think it's unfair to use scientific data to make metaphysical points or unreasonable to extrapolate from their findings without solid proof of what we are describing. Since we DON'T know, we owe it to scientific inquiry to keep an open mind, like true scientists who do not pre-judge or exclude possible findings before they can be demonstrated either way.

Remember: fire existed before man used it. Electricity existed before we could harness it, explain it or measure it. There was a time when we thought the earth was flat. So how do you know that what you believe to be real now IS real? How do you know for sure that what the healers and channelers tell you they can see, feel, manipulate and make happen with energy is not real? How do you know that Quantum Healing is not real? How do you know exactly HOW people are getting better (for getting better they are).

Just because we don't have a machine sensitive enough to measure healing yet, does it make it unreal? More unreal than quantum teleportation?


What do YOU think about all this? Where is YOUR comfort zone with reality? Is energy and healing 'real' in YOUR world?

Monday, June 22, 2009

A Midsummer Night's Dream and the Light of the Solstice

My readers, my clients, my students and my Twitter friends have been asking: Why is the solstice important? Why do we feel we have this opportunity to change fast and deeply, in ways we don't even really understand? Why are we having these vivid, sometimes disturbing dreams? Why is this all happening at this time of year and not any other?

It all starts with how much light is available.

Experiments show that light comes in discrete packets, called photons. A photon is a discrete bundle or QUANTUM of electromagnetic or LIGHT energy. Photons are always in motion, carry energy and momentum and can have particle-like interactions (i.e. collisions) with electrons and other particles. Photons are absorbed one at a time by molecules in vision cells in your eye.

The pineal gland does not have the capacity to respond directly to light. Rather, light controls it through a system which includes the lateral eyes, central and peripheral neural structures and neurochemical transduction mechanisms within the gland. All vertebrates appear to synthesize melatonin rhythmically on a 24h basis.

The pineal gland measures the rhythm of light change throughout the year and in conjunction with the hypothalamus regulates our hormones and therefore our circadian rhythms, including sleep, activity and our reproductive systems.
The pineal gland is also called the third eye and is linked to the 6th chakra, the energy center for intuition and clairvoyance (seeing clearly).

My understanding is that light is divine energy made manifest in the quantum field. That's why we call Source energy "the Light" or "Divine Light". As a clairvoyant or a mystic, that is exactly what you see: light. After all, it is called en-LIGHT-enment for a reason!

So Divine energy, or quantum, in the shape of photons/light, reaches our eyes. This energy controls our pineal gland where it is made manifest and becomes melatonin which informs our wake/sleep patterns and therefore our DREAMS and our photoperiodic (seasonal) functions. The pineal gland also works in harmony with the hypothalamus gland which directs the body's thirst, hunger, sexual desire and the biological clock that determines our aging process.

There you have it: here through the pineal gland/third eye, we grow, dream and create, divinely and humanly.

The amount of light coming into the pineal gland increases regularly and incrementally from Dec 24 until June 21 which is the longest day of the year then the light stops increasing. On June 24 the light starts decreasing. From June 21 to June 24 there is a pause, a stopping or standing still of the sun, called the solstice.

Something clearly happens at the point where the quiet regular rhythm of increase (or decrease in winter) changes. Something about the BREAK in that regular pattern appears to shock our system. Some say it causes the pineal gland to become more active for a few days. (Any info supporting this, please send my way)

What I know from personal experience is that the 3 days leading to the 21st (June or December) are usually a time to reflect, to take stock, to understand underlying patterns, to dismantle what is redundant or not working, to clear blocks. It's like a great big clean out, sometimes quite upsetting. Arguments, tension and tears are not necessary but more likely to happen!

The days of the lull, 21 to 24 are the most important: having cleared the deck, it's time to dream what we want to build next. It is vital to think positive in those days. What you think now you create, even more strongly than usual. These are 4 days of quantum ovulation, when the image held in the imagination can most easily be sown. For some reason that we do not yet fully understand or measure, the quantum field lays wide open for us and the connection is easier than usual. The solstice feels like a portal to the Divine. A moment when the world holds its breath for us to speak up and place our order!

Down here in our physical reality, the Summer Solstice (June in the Northern hemisphere or December in the Southern hemisphere) is the time when the daylight starts to get shorter, when nature starts its movement into the feminine, yin, receptive, fertile cycle of the year. In the next 6 months, crops grow and are harvested, food is plentiful, abundance makes life easier and more carefree. Everything grows easily in nature and therefore in us as part of the natural world. It is the time for nurturing, for sowing the seeds of what you want to harvest in your life.

It is the time to DREAM. To remember your deepest dream or to create new dreams that become the seeds of your reality. Then all you need to do is to align your actions with your intention. But the magic has happened on a very deep unconscious level as well as in the quantum field. Through dreaming deep you will remember your true nature and wake up from illusion.

Sleep per chance to dream....filled with passion and compassion, for your solstice vision will bring what you truly love to have in your life.

What is YOUR dream for your life? What is YOUR vision for the next few months/years? What are YOU sowing during this unusually powerful solstice of 2009?

Note: Some of this information was researched, some was channeled and some was generously shared with me by @WilliexEmanuel, Priest extraordinaire to the self-realizing Divine. He has been practicing conscious Solstice creation for over 20 years and is currently writing about it: watch this space! I might even convince him to teach this for the next Solstice in December!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Earthing the New Energy

I explained in my previous post that the only way to benefit from a download of powerful spiritual energy is to EARTH it, to ground it, like you do with a lightning bolt.

I am not being metaphorical: energy travels inside your body in the form of minute electric signal so a sudden load of energy coming from the outside can easily overload the system. That's where the dizziness, light headed-ness and strange physical sensations come from. You really don't want to 'blow a fuse' or 'short circuit' while the universe is trying to give you a free upgrade of the best goodies currently available to the human race! You want to have fun and enjoy the ride! For that you need
to be more in your body . Eating fruit, dancing to loud music and jogging seem to be really helping me this week end! And sleeping extra of course!

That's also why being hydrated matters so much: water is the conduit and helps the electricity travel through your body.

The reason you need to be in your body so much is so you can anchor your dreams and turn them into reality, through your body. You are going to birth your dreams. More about that in my next post.

What are YOU doing to keep your body balanced this Summer Solstice?

Spontaneous Attunements

Part of the Planetary Awakening and the Cosmic upgrade is that when

you are ready for the change of healing,
you are willing to do the work that needs to be done now,
you have enough support in place in your life to allow you to do this safely,

you will receive spontaneous attunements on a regular basis at the moment. I currently receive about one every couple of days.

Particularly is you are working with a Master, a teacher or a healer who is open and growing fast at the moment, you get upgraded every time they do and you all float to the top together, at the same time, supporting each other in the process.

What does it feel like? Anything from light-headedness to tingling, to feeling energy course through your body, to orgasm, to completely leaving your body and merging into the light is possible and have happened to me as well as many of my students.

How do you feel afterwards? "Different" is the best way to describe it. Remember: there are no rules, no prescribed way of becoming: you are just becoming more of who you are, which is pure Divine Love in creation and in motion. So whatever you feel and are is right. The power of intention is paramount. Hold a clear, pure, loving intention with a strong sense of responsibility and accountability then let go, let God and enjoy the BLISS!

Create, create, create and en-JOY!

Have YOU experienced a spontaneous attunement or upgrade of your energy? Connect with me on Twitter or Email me with your story and we can talk about it and I would love to post some of them here as well! sophielhoste@gmail.com

Saturday, June 20, 2009

How to Stay Comfortable During the Solstice

With this solstice, the heavens are really opening and reaching down to us. All we have to do is stand tall and our crown chakras will be brushing against them.

Physically, it can be a little uncomfortable: from a tingly sensation, to heaviness in the head and neck, which could turn to a full blown headache. Or heaviness in the legs. Vivid dreams, sometimes disturbing. Surprising, spontaneous, new found abilities.

The best way to avoid this headache is to:

- go into a safe meditative space,
- GROUND yourself into Mother Earth,
- connect to the Divine (Source/God/the Goddess),
- surround yourself with your angels, guides and guardians and say with all integrity: "may my energy system be open to receive what I am capable of learning and growing into at this point in time" . Then physically relax and let it happen.

(If you are not sure how to ground, I teach a fantastic groundng meditation: give me a call!)

Some of you will probably fall asleep at that point. Others will get the full blown technicolor show and others will feel like nothing happened but start noticing changes in their abilities or perceptions in the next few days.

Of course, having asked your body and your whole energy system to upgrade to a higher, finer version of itself, you have just asked it to release the molecules carrying the information of your old way of being. So DRINK PLENTY OF WATER to flush them out. Or the headache could be back. Not to mention the unpleasant feeling of being parched, light headed or having trouble focusing. All easily avoided with a few glasses of life-giving water! Isn't it SO worth it?

CONNECT WITH NATURE. Go for a walk, go camping, spend a while in the park, walk on the beach, sit by the river. Enjoy your backyard. But mostly: be mindful of your connection with the earth. Give her your weight and she will support you back during this transition.

And remember to also REST extra. Rest means:
- sleep,
- naps,
- sitting still doing nothing for a few minutes here and there.

Just take it eezzee as much as your life allows until June 24th. I know: you have kids, a job, money to earn, bills to pay, families to please and places to go. I understand believe me. I actually make the choice to create free space around special growth times such as the solstices and predicted planetary awakening downloads but it took me years to understand how important it was for me to do, so I could benefit fully from them.

Are you being self indulgent with all this thinking about yourself and looking after yourself? I think not: when you are strong you have more to give. When you take the time to learn and grow, you can pass on your newly acquired knowledge.

Well, having listened to the guidance that was bugging me about writing this post since Thursday night, MY own mild headache has suddenly and miraculously vanished as I was typing the previous paragraph!

I am going to be blogging about this process regularly until June 24th so come back here often: you never know what I might get up to!

How are YOU feeling through this solstice? I know many of you are feeling it because you have told me! Care enough to share? Make my day: leave a comment!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cosmic Upgrade

Tonight on Twitter I playfully tweeted "Dear Universe, please take a vacation and stop challenging me." and it was re-tweeted many times! Do you know why? Because we have all been feeling this accelerating change and spiritual learning for the past decade and particularly for the last 7 months. The December 08 winter solstice was unsettlingly powerful and kicked the cosmic doors open even more so than the consciousness upgrades of the previous 6 years. And now this coming summer Solstice is pushing us beyond what most of us can comfortably accommodate!

It started last week. It is going to increase until June 22 and peak 22 to 24. Do NOT think that it is finished on the 21st. The 22, 23 and 24 are the days to CREATE your future, our future. Your INTENTION/s on those 3 days is/are going to manifest in the following 6 months. So be very conscious what you ask for because if you are the kind of person who reads this blog, you WILL make it happen.


This is the time for women to heal. Deep healing. World patterns. Ancestral patterns are being healed. This is the Goddess awakening. The Feminine aspect of God in creation and in motion. The rebalancing is happening. We are collectively chosing to move out of the pain of duality and into Loving Oneness, which can only happen when the male and the female energies are in balance on all levels of existence.

You can have your own personal goals of course but things will probably go better for you if you go WITH the flow because it is a very powerful flow, a huge WAVE that is part of the Planetary Awakening for sure.

Pay attention to how you feel. Listen to guidance. Don't think you're going crazy.

"We are with you" is the message I am receiving from Guides, Angels and energies. "These energies are stronger than you have ever felt them. If you can feel them it means that you are ready and just GO WITH THEM. You do not need to act in any specific way. Just FEEL the wave
of power
of awakening
of possibilities
of love
of knowing.


Allow yourself to receive the spontaneous attunements, the free upgrades that are being made available to you. Those who do not feel it are simply not ready. Do not be attached to what you feel or resentful towards those who don't.

STAY FOCUSED ON POSITIVE THOUGHT and remind each other of this daily.

We cannot emphasize enough how much your thoughts and your words are creating at the moment. Much more so than you realise.

There is no blueprint, no pre-ordained divine order: you are the divine and you are ordaining/ordering now as you think. We are not telling you this to scare you but to urge you to act as responsibly and as lovingly as possible. Enough said, you know what you need to know if you just pay attention."

The energy is so strong that you are likely to feel heady, slightly ungrounded, tired, scattered. So remember the basic that we have been training in for years now:







There is nothing new or tremendous in this advice. The tremendous new thing will be when we ALL DO IT TOGETHER and then we will LEAP! We are certainly not behaving like the human beings that we were a year ago! It feels like we are surfing a tsunami of Divine Love manifesting.

What are YOU feeling is happening at the moment? Share with us in the comments below! And remember: You matter and I LOVE YOU!

Love for Myself Is

Love for myself is being aware.

Love for myself is walking away from abuse, however subtle and however familiar.

Love for myself is spending time with people who BUILD ME UP!

Love for myself is being aware of my boundaries.

Love for myself is being aware of the little things that make me joyful.

Love for myself is doing work I love.

Love for myself is surrounding myself with people who SUPPORT me.

Love for myself is forgiving myself, God and my mother!

Love for myself is creating a safe space for myself.

Love for myself is listening to my intuition and acting on it.

Love for myself is being joyful.

Love for myself is marching to my own drum.

Which one of these ways to love YOURSELF resonates with you today? Let me know in your comment!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Romantic Mystics

Let's start with a quote from my favorite mystic poet, lover of the Beloved:

"What was said to the rose that made it open,
was said to me here in my chest."

Some of the quotes are mine and others, as indicated, are from Adam Fyre . A beautiful soul and
Twitter friend. He sings his love song from the Heart of God. He knows the feminine face of the Divine. Follow him on Twitter for he will soothe your heart every day. Thank you Adam for being the most open, generous, sweetest, loving heart I know!

Love created us, out of Love, out of Itself, for itself. As a mother loves her newborn, Love adores us.(

Love is the intelligence that guides our hearts, that heals our bodies, that breathes us.

Love is Divine creation in motion, experiencing.

So don't think about it: just love. Love him, love her, love yourself & before you know it, you love God

Love is a verb.

Surrendering to love, all love, that is the way to the Heart of God.

When you hurt, love some more. When you are lost, love some more. When all else fails, love some more.

Because Love is not an emotion. Love is what we ARE. It is our deepest nature....
Love Is the very essence of life

Love Is.

So many colors, so many shades, so many smiles, so much life, all one heart.....
Each one of us is a facet of the Divine Diamond.....

Together we are love.

Sweeten your lips and speak softly to your lover for they are God itself.

Love with all your heart and before you know it you will be loving into the heart of God!

Love cannot but adore us. We are hers. Even if we don't see it, believe it, or acknowledge it, we are adored, always.(@Adamfyre)

If you were a blossom, Love, I would inhale you day and night.
If you were the ocean, I would immerse myself in you forever. (@Adamfyre)

How are YOU going to BE love today?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Being With the Kids IS the Spiritual Workshop

Of course family comes first and children' s needs come first.

I know: I am a Mom to 3 and a step mom to 2.

I was pregnant, breastfeeding or homeschooling for over 16 years, non-stop: that's kids 24/7 !!
During that time: I was earning an income from home. I became a Reiki Master, a kinesiologist and a Quantum Healer . I moved my family across continents 3 times. Unfortunately I was a single mom for about half of that time. I am still smiling and happy. So are my kids. They are healthy, popular, compassionate, respectful and well adjusted contributing members of their community. Of course they are Indigo and Crystal children so that helped!

Do you know how I did it?

By turning what I did everyday with and for my family into my core spiritual practice.

By applying all the spiritual precepts and energy tools I was studying in books right here and now in my family life. By using all the healing tools I was learning to keep my kids healthy and emotionally and spiritually balanced: to keep fevers down, to strengthen immune systems, to help with sleep, to transmute jealousy, anger, sadness, to create joy, cooperation and sharing. We are a Reiki family and a Quantum Healing family.

And family gives you plenty of opportunities to be Loving, which is being spiritual. Through loving each other, we love the Divine and create more divine experience.

Your family is creation in motion. Your family is everyday spiritual practice.

U have everything u need right there: your children are your teachers and you are given plenty of opportunities every day to practice patience, compassion, love, self-love, service, forgiveness. Sounds to me like rigorous spiritual training!

Nowadays I attune whole families to Reiki. I support children and parents in keeping balanced and healthy. I am passionate about supporting parents and creating loving cooperation through everyday spiritual awareness.

You do not need to go to the temple, the monastery or the top of the mountain. YOUR home is the new sacred place, the new spiritual workshop.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What Quantum Healing Can Do For Children

Tonight I was called to help with a 6 year old boy who had a bad reaction to his steroid medication combined to some other medication. His asthma was bad. His pulse was erratic. "Sometimes 19, sometimes 25" said his mother and that is what prompted her to call me. After about 15 minutes of quantum energy healing, his heart rate was steady. After another 15 minutes his breathing was still shallow but regular and he had stopped moaning. His father, who had looked after him the previous night, felt things were better enough that he could go and get some rest.

Tonight's healing session got me thinking about how we can create love and health for our children with healing:

About the 18 months old with lead poisoning. After only one Quantum Healing session where we found the root cause of the problem in his father's ancestry and removed it from their family's energy signature, he tested clear at the following test.

About my 8 year old stepdaughter who had been agitated and talking in her sleep with flu and a fever, falling into a deep peaceful sleep after 5 minutes of Seichem energy running through her.

About the 7 year old boy who had never slept well and didn't know how to fall asleep peacefully ever. His mother had one kinesiology and Quantum Healing session with me and I worked on him through her as a surrogate. Their energies were very linked anyway! 3 days later she emailed me VERY excited: "He falls asleep easily and peacefully, every day, I can't believe it! I wish I had known about you 7 years ago!"

About the 10 year old who was very dyslexic. She was treated with Young Living Oils blends and energy. She laughed then cried. Then was suddenly quiet. She resumed her homework and could read and understand instructions and write down her answers easily for the first time ever.

About the 2 and 4 year old brothers who stopped fighting so much after their family was attuned to Reiki.

About the 1 year old and the 5 years old who had a stomach bug and had been listless all day, very sick and not eating anything. Both got up and went back to walking around with only 10 minutes of energy healing (Reiki and Seichem that time).

About the college kid who stabbed her finger with sharp scissors while helping with the girl scouts. The bleeding was not stopping after several minutes and the little ones were becoming alarmed. With Reiki the bleeding stopped within seconds.

These are all true stories and they happened exactly as simply as I describe it.

Energy healing is very practical and can have direct positive consequences to make children's, parents' and families' lives easier, safer and more loving, without side effects and without heavy financial investment.

Do YOU know a family who could use some healing energy? Talk to them about it or send them my way: I love supporting families and have been doing so for over 11 years!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Seed People

Every so often you meet someone who has so much to offer you that they are

a summary of the best from your past

tenderness in a bud

life-giving laughter

teachers even when they are your students

the reminder that we give because

the strength of a safe present

a reflection of your power and potential

the embodiment of Divine love

the hope of all possible futures

forever creating with you in the eternal present

Those are SEED people. It feels like the whole of your life lies in the your interaction with them. You can grow a whole forest, a whole world from those seeds.

The seed for this post was planted in my heart in a session with one of my coaches: Paul Zelizer
@MoneyMakeover2 so I dedicate this to him!

Recognize your seed people, value them, respect them, share with them, suppport them, receive from them, love them. THANK YOU to each one of you!

Who are YOUR seed people? Give them a call or a hug, send them an email and share the gratitude of having each other in your lives! Do it now.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Self love

One lazy Sunday afternoon on Twitter, @jawar asked : How do you define self-love?

And he got me thinking, because this Quantum Healer always has love and self love and Divine Love on the mind!

So we had Self Love Sunday.

Self love is...

Self love is choosing health over an old destructive habit.

Self love is saying no when u know that saying yes will hurt in the long term.

Self love is making the positive choice to walk away before it gets ugly.

Self love is being self aware.

Self love: setting good boundaries so my talent can flourish joyfully.

Self love is asking for what I need, clearly and respectfully.

Self love is surrounding myself with positive people who build me UP!

Self love is taking time for yourself specially when things get busy.

Self love is investing in yourself.

Self love is loving others, because they are our mirrors!

We love God when we love people.
We self love and self-realize when we love each other.

Self love is forgiving. Even myself, even God.

Self love is learning to listen to your intuition.

Self love is loving others, because they are our mirrors!
( You're right: I just said it. But it is SO worth repeating!)

Self love is looking in the mirror to find God's love through tHis creation. (No typo)

Self-love is SEEING myself not LOOKING AT myself. (@jacoutofthebox)

Self love is allowing myself to receive.

Self love is a paradox. When attention is off of self and serving others self love grows! (@holymully)

@Marielhemingway Self love is making choices that support your health and environment bcz both r where you live!

Self love is doing what you enjoy.

Self love is fulfilling your higher purpose.

Self love is knowing what's in your heart.

What is YOUR definition of self love?
Tell me in your comments: your sharing will inspire others!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Why Do I STILL Feel Stuck?

Why do still feel stuck if I have been doing all the right things for so long?

I hear you: you have been meditating for YEARS. You have grown so much through it, learned so much from it. You have changed, evolved, become more self aware. And that is all good. It is the foundation to your new positive life creation. I meditate daily myself.

So you realized self awareness was not enough: you needed to take all that good peaceful knowledge into your interactions with others. You watched yourself in your relationships, followed the pain, cried, puzzled, read the books.

The issues became clearer but that was not enough so you spent money on workshops. Wow! The workshops were GOOD! MAGICAL! How much we learned in the workshops. The amazing teachers we fell in love with. The wonderful unique individuals we met. We were not alone any more; every one was on the same path as us it seemed.

So you learned all those great tools. You changed the way you talked to people. Then you changed the way you thought about people. And your relationships improves vastly. So much easier to relate to each other nowadays. We really have changed and come a long way. I meet lovely people wherever I go now. Open minded, friendly, cooperative, been on the path a long time. Beautiful men and women who really 'get' it.

The next layer of course is when we realize that it's not really about others, that it can only ever be about us. But our ego has been tamed by now so we can say it without pride or selfishness. We know that we are all connected in the web of life and when we say it's all about us, it is because through changing ourselves we are changing the whole world, in a cosmic way.

Phew! That was a lot of work. We're all good by now.


So what about the nagging heart ache? What about the puzzling repetition of self-defeating patterns? And the occasional emotional bomb that explodes in our face and makes us forget everything we know?

Unresolved personal karma. Family karma (believe me: there IS such a thing). Soul decisions, made eons ago. Vows. oaths, curses. Information written in your DNA because of decisions made by your ancestors in completely different times. You don't even know those things are there unless you are trained to see them. And even when you suspect they are there, how do you change them? How do you remove them? How do you create sound foundation?

Because I believe that we can live without pain I have spent a life time learning how to use quantum healing to track down and delete the very hidden negative patterns that rule our lives. So we can go back to our true nature: Divine Love.

Do YOU think that you might carry some ancient pattern that is stopping you from loving in the now? If you suspect that you might be suffering from a hidden pattern that creates heart ache in your life, email me and let's talk about it!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday Flow of Abundance

Today is Friday so it really is the day to think about flow!

Flow of life, flow of love, cash flow: they are all one and the same thing!

Today's best meditation is to go to the River. Find a stream, flowing water.

Dance with the river, let her flow love into your life.
Meditate on the quality of the river:

how it always appears to be the same but the water is forever changing
"No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man."Heraclitus

how water always finds a way: the easiest way and the point of least resistance

how the water is always DANCING on the rocks like a whirling dervish dancing into the Heart of God

how the light is always dancing on the water like passion in your lover's eyes

how the water reflects the light in a million diamonds like so many facets of the creation

Ask for life to flow

Ask for the flow of life to bring you abundance.



Give and receive

Remember to RECEIVE so you can carry on giving!

So, how are YOU going to flow today? What is life going to bring into YOUR life?
How much of the Friday Flow are you willing to receive?

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Expanding Your Consciousness

Today is a great day to expand your consciousness. It's just there: within reach, ready to be picked!

I have talked about it on Twitter as well as in this blog: we are currently in the middle of a huge wave of planetary awakening and every day brings its own aspect to the mix.
Today is Thursday so it is a good day for connecting to universal consciousness.

Easy for the Quantum Healer to say, you're thinking: that's HER job! huh huh! It's everybody's job! For YOU as well, this is a good day to:

1- meditate, particularly on the larger, more cosmic issues: use mandalas, think of world peace, ask to be shown how the Universe works! (Well, how will you be given the answer if you never ask?)

2- let your mind wander into the web of life and see what you will be shown: where do you fit in? Where are you headed to on a spiritual level?

3- practice compassion. Random compassion, compassion with specific individuals, compassion just because!

4- pay attention to the larger picture in your life on a more practical level: who are you connected with and does it bring you the community support and human warmth that you need and deserve?

5- use your intuition and think about what YOUR role is in this leap of consciousness we are all creating together

6- relax into love. Listen to music that makes your heart swell up with love and tenderness for everyone you know

7- tell people you love them. They will love you for it and everyone's the winner and together you are creating more joy. It' so easy!

So can you feel it now, this awe inspiring wave of universal love that connects you to the whole, to the fabric of your life, to your true nature that is pure joyful love?

How are YOU going to connect to the web of life today? How are YOU going to contribute to our planetary awakening?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Seeing the Unseen

Today is definitely an intuition day, a day for seeing the unseen.

And because it is also Wednesday, and the 3rd of the month to boot, I will predict that it is also a great day for people and new ideas crossing your path.

Today if you pay attention you will be shown how your thinking shapes your life. So look out for details: be mindful of who pops up in your Twitter stream or on your FaceBook page. What mail you receive and what feedback people give you about your work.

When you allow your eyes to go out of focus, you start seeing inwards. All of a sudden underlying patterns softly emerge. Memories feel safe to come out of hiding. And as in a kaleidoscope of overlaid patterns and fragments of lights and colors, a completely new perception of life emerges. Images that your unconscious understands. In that state of out of focus images, you can gently release old unnecessary memories. And create a new pattern, a new picture, with a new focus.
Today is a great day to re-arrange quantum and create healing around a new intuition or new intention!
It is a great day to let go of old underlying thought patterns and to create a new focus. That is what I do every day as a Quantum Healer so trust me on that one and TRY IT!

What patterns are YOU noticing today? What new focus are YOU choosing for YOUR life today? Let me know in your comments!

Monday, June 1, 2009

What does a Quantum Healer Do?

I remove pain and replace it with love.

That's what I do in a nutshell: take away the pain, erase the trauma and create joy.

We all have our history, and our stories, that we carry around: it is now proven that the body remembers everything that happened to it since conception (some would say before that: past lives, family karma, DNA). Whenever we have a strong emotion, positive (pleasure, love) or negative (fear, lack, jealousy), a chemical reaction happens that the body remembers. Sometimes we store some of the chemicals away in fat or in vital organs and they keep on telling that same old story, making us feel 'stuck' .

When the trauma is strong, the meridians, energy pathways and normal bodily functions can be disturbed, causing dis-ease on some level.

As a healer this is what I do :

1- I read your energy to find where the blocks are.

2- I ask your body, your soul or the Divine to show me/tell me the story: what happened? Why did it become the way it is now?

3- I ask your body how it wants to be for optimum health.

4- I dissolve the trauma, the bad memory or the negative pattern back into love (remember: energy never disappears, it can only be transformed into something else).

5- We download into your body the positive patterns needed for health.

Et voila: love is back. And love always flows. So as soon as the body is back to being love, its energy starts flowing back to health. Re-balancing.

Some clients experience pain relief from the moment I see or describe the pattern of their dis-ease, some feel the work as it is happening and others experience relief after the work is done. (Some individuals have changed just from meeting me on Twitter!)

That is what a Quantum Healer does: love you very much, talk to your body and listen to its story, transmute pain into love and send you home happy, to lead an easier life.

And why do I call it 'Quantum' Healing'?

Because when I work I see energy patterns. I watch them transform as you heal and they look very much like what quantum and string theory physicists describe both at sub-atomic level and out there in the universe.

Depression, for example, feels and looks to me like what scientists describe as a black hole. Past lives make a mockery of what we think of as 'time'. When I look at diabetes, I see crystals of insulin frozen by trauma like some strange chemical that cannot stay fluid under extreme conditions.

According to the physicist Jan Zaanen, "String Theory tells you that there are deep relationships between the nature of space and time and quantum physics."
(Jessica Griggs, New scientist, 1 June 2009)

And the depth of healing I am comfortable and fluent with tells you that there are deep relationships between the nature of space and time and quantum matter and your everyday life, your health and your happiness!

Stay tuned: I'll be discussing this in more details, this is why I created this blog

Remember: YOU can be pain free and have more love and joy in YOUR life as well. If you're in pain, this is for YOU!!