Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Protectors

This post is a deep, heartfelt thank you to a man who is my friend, my client, my student, my colleague, my teacher, my astrologer, a family friend but most of all my protector.

What is different about this man is that he is not and has never been responsible for me in any official capacity as a brother, a father, a lover or a husband. He is married to one of my dearest and most powerful friends. And yet he loves me so deeply, so tenderly and so respectfully that whenever I need to be physically or emotionally protected he senses it and steps in for a short moment, sometimes together with his wife. Usually he/they step in energetically but they have also been known to appear with dinner to feed me and my kids!

He has protected me from a violent landlord, from the manipulation of a partner and from the negative beliefs I carried from my past.

What does he do that is so extraordinary and so effective? He just decides.
He is the perfect Quantum Healer:

- he listens to my story,
- hears the place in me that vibrates to the pain and
- vows to protect it.
- Then
he just decides that what hurts me and stops me from living in love needs to stop now.

His intention is so powerful that my physical circumstances change within 24 hours
: I receive a letter telling me the situation is resolved, a friend calls and offers to drive me to a life transforming workshop, I meet someone who invites me to teach. (This is exactly what I teach in my workshops by the way. He was just a natural at it.)

Beyond protection my friend and his wife have also made positive decisions on my behalf. Thanks to their pure, tender, generous hearts, I have been able to move from a place of secretly frozen, numb pain into flowing love, a thriving business, complete physical safety, abundance.

Last April while in a deep trance meditation, I was listening to some music they gave me two years ago. As a direct result of that meditation I have met a whole team of wonderful individuals who are currently assisting in the birthing of my work. Among them is another magical husband and wife team who understand me so well that every interaction with them enhances my life tenfold. They listen to me, read my mind (I swear they do !) protect me, teach me, make things happen for me.

I love all of you. I am SO grateful that you carry me forward. Thank you for being my extraordinary family. Thank you for being the shining examples of what loving working couples can be. Thank you for raising indigo and crystal children who are friends with my children. Thank you for creating the future with love and awareness. I am SO blessed to know you.

Who are YOUR protectors? Call them or write to them now and tell them you love them. And think about who YOU are protecting, fostering, tenderly supporting.


  1. Thanks so much Sophie for sharing this part of your personal story.

    It is such a wonderful thing to have powerful and loving Protectors. I am fortunate to have one of my own.

    You are a powerful healer,an amazing person and a great blogger!

    Love and Light,

  2. I read your post and was feeling wow! We do have to say "I love you" more often. I see how difficult it is for people to express this feeling openly. I see it in my life (even though I have come from a loving family. Sweet Sophie I love you. Thank you for being one of my protectors :)

  3. Thank you Frank for seeing me. I know that you and your wife are protectors where you live. I know that your presence always makes me feel safe and calm on Twitter!

  4. I love you Nancy! You are a most amazing protector woman, wife, mother, friend, healer, community builder!