Monday, June 22, 2009

A Midsummer Night's Dream and the Light of the Solstice

My readers, my clients, my students and my Twitter friends have been asking: Why is the solstice important? Why do we feel we have this opportunity to change fast and deeply, in ways we don't even really understand? Why are we having these vivid, sometimes disturbing dreams? Why is this all happening at this time of year and not any other?

It all starts with how much light is available.

Experiments show that light comes in discrete packets, called photons. A photon is a discrete bundle or QUANTUM of electromagnetic or LIGHT energy. Photons are always in motion, carry energy and momentum and can have particle-like interactions (i.e. collisions) with electrons and other particles. Photons are absorbed one at a time by molecules in vision cells in your eye.

The pineal gland does not have the capacity to respond directly to light. Rather, light controls it through a system which includes the lateral eyes, central and peripheral neural structures and neurochemical transduction mechanisms within the gland. All vertebrates appear to synthesize melatonin rhythmically on a 24h basis.

The pineal gland measures the rhythm of light change throughout the year and in conjunction with the hypothalamus regulates our hormones and therefore our circadian rhythms, including sleep, activity and our reproductive systems.
The pineal gland is also called the third eye and is linked to the 6th chakra, the energy center for intuition and clairvoyance (seeing clearly).

My understanding is that light is divine energy made manifest in the quantum field. That's why we call Source energy "the Light" or "Divine Light". As a clairvoyant or a mystic, that is exactly what you see: light. After all, it is called en-LIGHT-enment for a reason!

So Divine energy, or quantum, in the shape of photons/light, reaches our eyes. This energy controls our pineal gland where it is made manifest and becomes melatonin which informs our wake/sleep patterns and therefore our DREAMS and our photoperiodic (seasonal) functions. The pineal gland also works in harmony with the hypothalamus gland which directs the body's thirst, hunger, sexual desire and the biological clock that determines our aging process.

There you have it: here through the pineal gland/third eye, we grow, dream and create, divinely and humanly.

The amount of light coming into the pineal gland increases regularly and incrementally from Dec 24 until June 21 which is the longest day of the year then the light stops increasing. On June 24 the light starts decreasing. From June 21 to June 24 there is a pause, a stopping or standing still of the sun, called the solstice.

Something clearly happens at the point where the quiet regular rhythm of increase (or decrease in winter) changes. Something about the BREAK in that regular pattern appears to shock our system. Some say it causes the pineal gland to become more active for a few days. (Any info supporting this, please send my way)

What I know from personal experience is that the 3 days leading to the 21st (June or December) are usually a time to reflect, to take stock, to understand underlying patterns, to dismantle what is redundant or not working, to clear blocks. It's like a great big clean out, sometimes quite upsetting. Arguments, tension and tears are not necessary but more likely to happen!

The days of the lull, 21 to 24 are the most important: having cleared the deck, it's time to dream what we want to build next. It is vital to think positive in those days. What you think now you create, even more strongly than usual. These are 4 days of quantum ovulation, when the image held in the imagination can most easily be sown. For some reason that we do not yet fully understand or measure, the quantum field lays wide open for us and the connection is easier than usual. The solstice feels like a portal to the Divine. A moment when the world holds its breath for us to speak up and place our order!

Down here in our physical reality, the Summer Solstice (June in the Northern hemisphere or December in the Southern hemisphere) is the time when the daylight starts to get shorter, when nature starts its movement into the feminine, yin, receptive, fertile cycle of the year. In the next 6 months, crops grow and are harvested, food is plentiful, abundance makes life easier and more carefree. Everything grows easily in nature and therefore in us as part of the natural world. It is the time for nurturing, for sowing the seeds of what you want to harvest in your life.

It is the time to DREAM. To remember your deepest dream or to create new dreams that become the seeds of your reality. Then all you need to do is to align your actions with your intention. But the magic has happened on a very deep unconscious level as well as in the quantum field. Through dreaming deep you will remember your true nature and wake up from illusion.

Sleep per chance to dream....filled with passion and compassion, for your solstice vision will bring what you truly love to have in your life.

What is YOUR dream for your life? What is YOUR vision for the next few months/years? What are YOU sowing during this unusually powerful solstice of 2009?

Note: Some of this information was researched, some was channeled and some was generously shared with me by @WilliexEmanuel, Priest extraordinaire to the self-realizing Divine. He has been practicing conscious Solstice creation for over 20 years and is currently writing about it: watch this space! I might even convince him to teach this for the next Solstice in December!


  1. I will definitely be thinking about this blog post as I say my prayers. Thank you for sharing.

    Blessings galore!

  2. This, my freind, is an amazing post filled with information, passion and a definite call to action.

    Dream, you say, for the time is now. The solstice is providing a time to envision and plan. It's a time to set the mark for what we will reach throughout this fertile, feminine period.

    Thank you Sophie for the information and especially for the call to action.

    I'm dreaming and acting.

    Frank Dickinson

  3. Very powerful information and also inspiring...I am most definitely in the midst of an often times turbulent transition. The process of identifying the need for great and important change in my life recently has been painful, both physically and emotionally, and came to a great climax of sorts yesterday. This resulted in tears, feelings of defeat and ultimately a sense of a new beginning, a potential rebirth of me. For these next few days my intention is to heal, renew, and believe in the possibility of good to come. My dream right now is to feel well, to be and choose health and to therefore be more alive, which may seem vague but is really a simple a basic way for me to begin this new life and leaves the doors open to great things.
    Thank you Sophie!

  4. Hi, I'm visiting from MBC. Great blog.

  5. Amy, I feel you. I thought I was done with the physical manifestation when my headache vanished overnight but last night I cried fr over an hour, like I haven't in a year! Wow! It was due to something that happened and went further into my pain that I thought it would.

    And this morning a lot is becoming clear: what I need to heal, how and why. I'm taking on your intent "For these next few days my intention is to heal, renew, and believe in the possibility of good to come." as mine too!

    Thank you, Tia

  6. this was so powerful, thank you! i have been dreaming much more vividly and feel like there are messages from beyond (and within) that are screaming to get my attention. i've been so sensitive and been cleaning, this makes so much sense and inspires me to really focus on what i want to create and manifest. beautiful stuff, i'm so happy to have read this...nothing is coincidence.