Saturday, June 20, 2009

How to Stay Comfortable During the Solstice

With this solstice, the heavens are really opening and reaching down to us. All we have to do is stand tall and our crown chakras will be brushing against them.

Physically, it can be a little uncomfortable: from a tingly sensation, to heaviness in the head and neck, which could turn to a full blown headache. Or heaviness in the legs. Vivid dreams, sometimes disturbing. Surprising, spontaneous, new found abilities.

The best way to avoid this headache is to:

- go into a safe meditative space,
- GROUND yourself into Mother Earth,
- connect to the Divine (Source/God/the Goddess),
- surround yourself with your angels, guides and guardians and say with all integrity: "may my energy system be open to receive what I am capable of learning and growing into at this point in time" . Then physically relax and let it happen.

(If you are not sure how to ground, I teach a fantastic groundng meditation: give me a call!)

Some of you will probably fall asleep at that point. Others will get the full blown technicolor show and others will feel like nothing happened but start noticing changes in their abilities or perceptions in the next few days.

Of course, having asked your body and your whole energy system to upgrade to a higher, finer version of itself, you have just asked it to release the molecules carrying the information of your old way of being. So DRINK PLENTY OF WATER to flush them out. Or the headache could be back. Not to mention the unpleasant feeling of being parched, light headed or having trouble focusing. All easily avoided with a few glasses of life-giving water! Isn't it SO worth it?

CONNECT WITH NATURE. Go for a walk, go camping, spend a while in the park, walk on the beach, sit by the river. Enjoy your backyard. But mostly: be mindful of your connection with the earth. Give her your weight and she will support you back during this transition.

And remember to also REST extra. Rest means:
- sleep,
- naps,
- sitting still doing nothing for a few minutes here and there.

Just take it eezzee as much as your life allows until June 24th. I know: you have kids, a job, money to earn, bills to pay, families to please and places to go. I understand believe me. I actually make the choice to create free space around special growth times such as the solstices and predicted planetary awakening downloads but it took me years to understand how important it was for me to do, so I could benefit fully from them.

Are you being self indulgent with all this thinking about yourself and looking after yourself? I think not: when you are strong you have more to give. When you take the time to learn and grow, you can pass on your newly acquired knowledge.

Well, having listened to the guidance that was bugging me about writing this post since Thursday night, MY own mild headache has suddenly and miraculously vanished as I was typing the previous paragraph!

I am going to be blogging about this process regularly until June 24th so come back here often: you never know what I might get up to!

How are YOU feeling through this solstice? I know many of you are feeling it because you have told me! Care enough to share? Make my day: leave a comment!


  1. Thank You so much for this post Sophie. I didn't understand the energy of the Solstice. It's an energy that I feel but didn't know why. Thank you for sharing your Love and Your Light.


    Love is the only True Source that sustains me.
    Love is the gift that heals.
    It breathes into me its cadence.
    I bask in its radiant light and I feel its warm embrace.
    It quenches my thirst and feeds my soul.
    I can accept this gift of love without reservation.
    It brings creativity to my life and awakens my spirit!
    Every part of me is gaining strength in Loves energy.
    I can feel Love!
    I can hear Love!
    I can see Love!
    I can smell Love!
    I can taste Love!
    I will walk today in loves light.
    It lifts me up and propels me forward.
    There is nothing more that I need, than Love to sustain me.

    Gena Livings

  2. Well, I feel like I may burst into a giant ball of fire at any moment. I think I shall have a couple glasses of wine although it is not on your recommended list. You are doing a good work and I thank you!

  3. Wow I have had this ache under my right shoulder blade for the last 3 days as well as a giant headache (usually never get headaches) and this morning I feel like a new person with so much energy I'm bouncing off walls!!

  4. Dear Sophie:
    ..I have been having very vivid dreams..sleeping more than usual...thinking about how to BE in my body again and LIKE IT. Heaviness a little in my legs.
    So interesting and important to read. Thank you. Please- keep informing us!
    (I'm still going to call you).
    Erin :)