Friday, June 12, 2009

Romantic Mystics

Let's start with a quote from my favorite mystic poet, lover of the Beloved:

"What was said to the rose that made it open,
was said to me here in my chest."

Some of the quotes are mine and others, as indicated, are from Adam Fyre . A beautiful soul and
Twitter friend. He sings his love song from the Heart of God. He knows the feminine face of the Divine. Follow him on Twitter for he will soothe your heart every day. Thank you Adam for being the most open, generous, sweetest, loving heart I know!

Love created us, out of Love, out of Itself, for itself. As a mother loves her newborn, Love adores us.(

Love is the intelligence that guides our hearts, that heals our bodies, that breathes us.

Love is Divine creation in motion, experiencing.

So don't think about it: just love. Love him, love her, love yourself & before you know it, you love God

Love is a verb.

Surrendering to love, all love, that is the way to the Heart of God.

When you hurt, love some more. When you are lost, love some more. When all else fails, love some more.

Because Love is not an emotion. Love is what we ARE. It is our deepest nature....
Love Is the very essence of life

Love Is.

So many colors, so many shades, so many smiles, so much life, all one heart.....
Each one of us is a facet of the Divine Diamond.....

Together we are love.

Sweeten your lips and speak softly to your lover for they are God itself.

Love with all your heart and before you know it you will be loving into the heart of God!

Love cannot but adore us. We are hers. Even if we don't see it, believe it, or acknowledge it, we are adored, always.(@Adamfyre)

If you were a blossom, Love, I would inhale you day and night.
If you were the ocean, I would immerse myself in you forever. (@Adamfyre)

How are YOU going to BE love today?


  1. How my heart believes these words and finds such beauty in them! And yet, something in me, and I believe in others too, so often pushes back against love. Is it wounds of the past or fear of the future (perhaps both) that keeps us from loving ourselves, others, and God? Love is the answer. I know it with every part of me and still, part of me rejects it. I just wonder why but most importantly how to no longer do so.
    Possibly as I read more here, and focus more on not seeking outward signs of love, but focus on being love, I will find it.
    Bless you.