Sunday, June 7, 2009

Self love

One lazy Sunday afternoon on Twitter, @jawar asked : How do you define self-love?

And he got me thinking, because this Quantum Healer always has love and self love and Divine Love on the mind!

So we had Self Love Sunday.

Self love is...

Self love is choosing health over an old destructive habit.

Self love is saying no when u know that saying yes will hurt in the long term.

Self love is making the positive choice to walk away before it gets ugly.

Self love is being self aware.

Self love: setting good boundaries so my talent can flourish joyfully.

Self love is asking for what I need, clearly and respectfully.

Self love is surrounding myself with positive people who build me UP!

Self love is taking time for yourself specially when things get busy.

Self love is investing in yourself.

Self love is loving others, because they are our mirrors!

We love God when we love people.
We self love and self-realize when we love each other.

Self love is forgiving. Even myself, even God.

Self love is learning to listen to your intuition.

Self love is loving others, because they are our mirrors!
( You're right: I just said it. But it is SO worth repeating!)

Self love is looking in the mirror to find God's love through tHis creation. (No typo)

Self-love is SEEING myself not LOOKING AT myself. (@jacoutofthebox)

Self love is allowing myself to receive.

Self love is a paradox. When attention is off of self and serving others self love grows! (@holymully)

@Marielhemingway Self love is making choices that support your health and environment bcz both r where you live!

Self love is doing what you enjoy.

Self love is fulfilling your higher purpose.

Self love is knowing what's in your heart.

What is YOUR definition of self love?
Tell me in your comments: your sharing will inspire others!

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  1. This is such a good post. I recently conducted a corporate wellness seminar and we discussed the notion of wellness, and what wellness is. In the end, wellness is loving acceptance of yourself. Once that happens, you can begin to embark on a lifestyle of wellness and happiness.