Friday, May 8, 2009

How do I know it's my Intuition?

How do I know it' s my intuition and not some crazy thought? How do I know I am being guided? How do I know my mind is not playing games with me?

Practice. That's the high-tech, woowoo, deeply spiritual answer: PRACTICE.
There is no secret to intuition: it's simple and it's useful. Anything that is useful is PRACTICAL. So the more you practice it, the more practical it becomes!

How do you practice listening to your intuition? In baby steps. Remember how you learned to walk? One small step at a time. And how you learned to ride a bike? A little bit at a time, first on a tricycle, then with the trainer wheels, then all on your own! If you had gone really fast straight away on the 'big bike' any mistake would have had disastrous consequences. And it's exactly the same thing with intuition: if you made a mistake before you really understand how your intuition works, that could have disastrous consequences. So you take it easy and slowly. You keep the trainer wheels on for as long as you need to.

Small ways to practice your intuition are: tuning in to see if you can guess who is calling when the phone rings. Listening to the voice that says: "Take THIS road, not that one." "Buy TWO pints of milk, not one."
Guessing a number that can be verified. It does not matter if you get it wrong and you can easily check if you were right to listen.

Start intuiting with your body, involve as many senses as you can. A body sensation is clearly NOT a crazy thought. My kids have learned to hold things in their hands and the one that feels warm and comfortable in their hand is the one they need/ want/ are attracted to. They have learned to trust that their body knows what they need.

Later on you can listen to the voice that says: "Book your ticket for this specific date." "Buy this car, not that one" "Call this Realtor, they have the house you want". You are practicing with larger decisions but your logical mind can still understand, check what is happening and stay in control if need be.

Through months and years of practicing in that way, you do two things:

1- you gather evidence that your intuition is right and you learn to TRUST it

2- even more importantly, you learn WHAT INTUITION FEELS LIKE in your body. Do you feel it in your heart area? in your your solar plexus? in your gut? Is it a tightening or a relaxing?
Fluttering butterflies? A 'voice' in your ears? Do you always have a certain smell associated with strong intuition? Or a sign, image or symbol just before, like a warning, or just after, like a confirmation? The possibilities are truly endless and only YOU will know what is true for YOU. That is why you need to practice! With as many senses as you can involve.

The next stage of intuition is when you feel that you need to do something that is not logical and cannot be justified by your mind but it comes with the signs and body feelings that you have learned always lead you to where you need to be. So by now you trust your intuition and follow it safely. There is no right and there is no wrong. There is just experience in the now.

There is NO mystery to intuition: it's a normal human ability, it's a skill and YOU can learn (remember) how to use your intuition just like everyone else.
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