Friday, May 22, 2009

Trust my Intuition.

In my earlier post How Do I Know it's my Intuition? I told you that intuition is all about practice. I still practice with my intuition daily and I am always learning how it works in my life.

Today was our first really hot summer day so I decided to stay at the dojo during my daughter's karate class instead of going on my usual walk. Sometimes I am the only parent waiting. Didn't feel like meditating today. A picture of me eagerly reading a book I really enjoy flashed through my mind. Ok: grab a book and I'll read it there. I always have several on the go. None of them gave me the eager wanting to read I felt in my vision so I muscle tested to decide which one would be optimum for me to read today but all tested negative. I quickly checked in again: still a picture of me reading a book. Not a newspaper or a brochure. Annoyed by the contradiction between: "You will eagerly read a book" and "DON'T take a book with you" I just picked one I like from the top of my pile.

At the dojo, book closed on my lap and no impulse to open it, I the newspaper... chat with other parents... daydream... until a friend I had not seen in over a month walks in and says: "I have this book I promised to lend you last month. It's in my car, I'll get it for you!" I rarely see her at the dojo. I had forgotten about her offer to loan me a book. I had no way of knowing she would be there TODAY. But as soon as she gave it to me I felt eager to read this fascinating book and recognized the intense feeling from my intuitive flash of information!

So my intuition WAS right: I was at the dojo, eagerly reading a book and I did NOT need to bring my own. Those little practical, very concrete stories remind me to TRUST MY INTUITION.

Are YOU practicing trusting your intuition in the little things so you know what it feels like to count on it for more important situations? To learn more about intuition, listen in!

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