Saturday, May 23, 2009

Twitter is a Funny Thing

Twitter is a funny thing.
It's a boomerang: what you throw out there comes right backatcha!
And it is a mirror: what you feel and believe is reflected back even faster than in other parts of life.
Twitter is a wishing well: whatever I want in the morning always appears in my stream usually within minutes. Let me give you some examples of what I mean:

I have had instances of being on the phone with my partner, working through a work related issue for example and a tweet appears on my stream just after he spoke, repeating nearly word for word what he just told me!

Or I have had down days, you know, low energy, feeling aimless and one of three friends will swoop in and pick me right up (you know who you are!) as soon as I say Good morning, before I even stated my mood or need. I may not interact with them for days. But somehow they know to talk to me when I need them. I am creating real community on Twitter, as supportive and loving as in my small town!

I woke up one morning thinking "I wish I could meet people who practice Reiki with their kids" and that day I met Alice Langholt
of @ReikiAwakening, who is an amazing Reiki Mom, Reiki Master, internet entrepreneur and now also a powerful agent of change in my life. Whenever I become famous we'll have to remember what I am telling you today and credit her for it!

I have met my website designer, my coaches and my practice development mentors thanks to Twitter if not directly on Twitter.

Twitter has provided me with so many things over the past three months:

the best therapy ever
a cafe where I hang out with friends for tea and a chat
a cabaret: some of those tweeple are FU_NNY!
a library full of amazing resources with kind helpful librarians,
a search engine on ANY subject I could ever imagine,
a peer support group for me as a healer and therapist,
a marketing class,
company for my bouts of insomnia
the company of people outside of my lovely old fashioned town who think like me
an endless source of POSITIVE THINKING
so many great quotes to inspire me daily
access to famous, successful, busy people I would never normally come close to
a social commentary
better, faster news than on television
travel documentary
access to people from ALL OVER THE WORLD, in an instant
and of course the ability to be deep in 140 characters!

So it got me thinking: what is it about Twitter that makes it the best cafe-library-Google-therapist-travel agent ever?

Twitter is Quantum Chaos!

There are so many people on Twitter, 24/7, from all over the world, in every time zone, thinking so many different things (because most of them are crazy multi-tasking creative trend-setters) simultaneously that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. There are so many potential interactions, cross-references, so much happening all at once that if I wish for something, someone in my stream can deliver it to me instantly or maybe in a couple of hours.

Sounds like quantum chaos? I think so!

Particles (Tweeples) that randomly appears 'out of nowhere' , interact with each other and exchange energy in a way that is temporary, virtual and uncertain to exchange information and CREATE new energy fields? It sounds like quantum entanglement and it also describes Twitter very well! Tweeple come and go, like subatomic matter moving in and out of the Zero Point Field. Each tweet creates a tiny amount of energy but added together, they produce an infinite amount of energy!

Just like in the field quantum aggregates around conscious intelligence, around intention, on Twitter thought also aggregates around intention. What I want now or need to know creates itself around my intention. But it's fleeting. The next second someone else's intention creates a different pattern around themselves and I am happy to be a part of that and provide them with what they desire. So uncertainty is another characteristic Twitter shares with the quantum field.

And what about entanglement? What if once you have communicated meaningfully with someone on Twitter you are forever linked on the subatomic level in this holographic universe of ours. Have you thought about that? Have you REALLY thought about the possibility of hope for peace through collective work and through entrainment with people of good will, create daily, one 140 character tweet at a time?

Twitter is permanent motion,
constant energy vibrating through time and space,
illusion and reality all in one.
And on Twitter we are all in One,
creating a dynamic reality.

I find that the more quantum energy work I do, the faster what I wish for appears in my life generally. But on Twitter it's pretty much instant magic! This is what I tweeted on

"Twitter is officially my Magic World. Where the best most joyful things happen!! HA-PPY!"

What is YOUR experience of Twitter? Share it with me in your comments!

PS You can contact Alice here:


  1. I, too, have made many wonderful connections on Twitter. I enjoy your writing!

    Love & Light,
    Beth Layne

  2. Sophie,
    Thank you so much for the mention! I'm so glad to have connected with you and so many wonderful and inspiring people I've met on Twitter! You are amazing!! Keep up all of the ways you are bringing light to the world!

    With love and gratitude,

  3. Thank you for this post. I found it uplifting and your words left me feeling light and airy. Have a wonderful day.

  4. Hi, Sophie.
    Great post! I absolutely relate to what you're saying. When I'm feeling down, someone tweets exactly what I needed to hear. When I need information, it shows up faster than a Google search.
    The best thing about Twitter for me is that it has given me an outlet for sharing my journey and connected me with so many amazing you!
    The sense of community on Twitter is stronger than any othe rnetwork I've experienced. Perfect strangers have come together to help someone who was suicidal, raise money for a heart transplant, and let business and government know what the people really want.

    Thanks for your creative & enjoyable analysis!

  5. Sophie,
    I could not have said it any more clearer. The difference between facebook and twitter is that facebook are "friends" you've already know, and twitter are friends in waiting.

  6. Magic? Don't know. Connection? I know. I've read commentary lately that says Twitter is transient, inane chatter, not to be confused with real relationships. Hogwash. These are people who obviously know nothing of Twitter. I have met incredible minds on Twitter and connected with people there may have been no other way to connect with.

    You are correct; what you seek comes to you. The most incredible mastermind group on the planet and probably as close to universal connection as we'll ever find. Thoughts and ideas shared in real time across the globe. It's all there. Pick and choose what you want, only what's relevant to you, and leave the rest to meander by.

    Intention, however, is indeed important. If you are frivilous, you will get frivilous. If you seek wisdom and knowledge, it is there. "We magnetize into our lives that which we hold in our thoughts", or in this case, what we tweet about ;-) It's pretty awesome, in my opinion. @kelvinringold

  7. To Kelvin:
    I agree with you Kelvin: intention is paramount anywhere in life and that is reflected on Twitter even more so because Twitter is so fast! So our intention matters and materializes even faster than in other aspects of life.
    And yes, it IS awesome!

  8. Thank you all for commenting! It means A LOT to me. I love my Twitter fam!

  9. To Angelina:
    "friends in waiting" on Twitter! Beautiful! Thank you! And Friends in the making as well!

  10. To Jacqueline Stone:
    "When I'm feeling down, someone tweets exactly what I needed to hear." I am so glad that happens to other people as well! And I agree with you: searching on Twitter is faster than Google. More fun, more personal and more accurate me too!

  11. So, basically, is Twitter different and more beneficial than facebook? I don't want to join because I'm afraid of over stimulation and TMI in my face all the time. But if I can get what I need and give what is needed through it, I will join. Let me know :) It's great to see another Reiki blog up... more wisdom for me :)

  12. My hectic life took me away from Twitter for a couple of weeks... now that I'm back I have found inspiration that has lifted my spirit... it's great to be able to communicate with like-minded people. It's great therapy. I love Twitter!

  13. I have found the sense of community on Twitter to be strong. Information comes when I need it and support appears in amazing ways. It sounds so grandiose to say that twitter has changed my life, but it really has. And this is just the beginning.
    Many blessings