Monday, December 14, 2009

Everyday Intuition

What does it mean to be an energy healer, an intuitive, an empath?

In my case it means that I receive a lot of information all the time, which can make everyday life much easier and simpler.

For example recently a friend of mine was looking for a work position in a scarcely populated rural area where very few jobs come up. Last week I woke up from a nap with a very clear voice saying: "look in X town for such positions and tell her it's ok to move there".

My rational mind thought "Right. Sure! " The voice became more insistent and said "Tell her that".

I was secretly going to dismiss the direction to inform her because I did not know how she would take it so the order came really clearly: "TEXT her, NOW!!"
When I hear that tone of voice I have learned from experience that it is much better if I do as I am told.

So I texted my friend with the information. She was touched that I would want to do so. So it was worth it just for that.

She also checked in that town and there was a position. Past the deadline. Phone call: job still open. She applied yesterday.

I guess the 'voice' knew something I did not.

And before you tell me that I knew of the vacancy because I had heard it on the news or read it in the newspaper, forgotten it and stored it as a dormant memory: I don't read the paper or listen to news ever. So it had to come from somewhere else!

Do YOU have a similar experience you would like to share?

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Second Sunday With Sophie Dec 09

Today is Second Sunday With Sophie for December. (2pm EST)

I am going to:
  1. share a deep grounding meditation to keep us centered during the hustle and bustle of the holidays
  2. do some great energy work around the emotions and DESIRES of the Holidays and the Solstice
  3. share some of my journey of amazing spiritual growth in 2009
  4. answer your questions about what happened this year with Planetary Awakening

As usual before the teleclass you can register for as little as $8.00 with the Paypal button below.
Later on this week the audio goes into my library and costs $25 (which is still amazing value for the quality of energy work that I offer in them!)

So register NOW and listen later even if you cannot attend live. It's yours to keep and listen to again and again!

register now: (details of the calls will be emailed on receipt of payment)

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See you on the call at 2pm EST today!

Friday, December 11, 2009

The Acid Test

My acid test, the one question I always ask myself when I make a decision is: "Would I do this if I was going to die in a year from now?"

I find that it focuses the mind wonderfully and automatically sets priorities.

Have YOU tried it? Let me know in a comment below: you know I LOVE hearing your story!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Eating Raw

I mentioned in a Thanksgiving post that I dropped from a size 10/12 to a small 4 in 9 months without trying and without 'dieting' (meaning that I was eating as much as I wanted, whenever I wanted and a very varied diet). I was asked how it happened. The answer is really simple:

1- I started eating 90 % raw (that's because I choose to eat some meat, fish and eggs that I prefer to cook and a little bread)
2- I detoxed on and off for those 9 months (I was using Colonix at times but that is a matter of personal choice)
3- I also detoxed through juicing for several days at a time.
4- I did a lot of energy work to heal the negative emotions that came up as I stopped stuffing them down with food. Four years ago I successfully overcame an addiction to spending so I knew I could do it with food as well.
5- I eat A LOT of green leafy veggies (even hide them in my morning smoothie)

I eat 90% raw when the weather is warm.

I eat 70 or 80% raw when it gets cold because
  • I find it easier to stay warm when I eat warm food, which tends to be cooked. When my body feels spring coming I will be craving more raw food again and it will be a natural transition.
  • Eating is a very sociable activity in my life and I enjoy eating with my friends and family around the holidays.
  • You can't beat the smell of soup in the house on a snowy day!

The higher the proportion of raw food the more I can honestly say that I can eat as much as I want because when you eat raw, you get hungry very suddenly but when your body has had what it needs, you just don't want any more from one mouthful to the next. So most people don't over eat on raw. I know I don't.

The benefits of eating high raw have been for me:
  • increased vitality : this is why I went raw
  • end of low blood sugar episodes
  • vastly improved moods, generally joyful now
  • vastly improved sleep patterns
  • clear skin
  • weight loss (a welcome side effect)
  • deeper, more accurate intuition
  • easier, faster energy work
  • improved taste and smell

I have been eating high raw for 18 months now. It's a lifestyle. This is purely a personal account and my personal opinion. I had the support of a friend when I got started. Now I have the support of other friends who saw how much I changed for the better and who are eating raw or more raw. Support makes a big difference when you start eating raw.

There is a ton of information online. I personally found Matt Monarch's monthly newsletter very informative and helpful. (The Raw Food World)

Feel free to comment! I know uncooked food can be a hot topic!