Sunday, November 29, 2009

Foundation of All Life

Sitting on top of the world
The horizon so distant
the space between me and an infinity of possibilities so vast
my breath relaxes and expands at last
i sigh with relief
shame evaporates in an instant
peace settles
and i remember human dignity
I am aware only
of the Love this place was built upon
of the Love that is the foundation of all life

If YOU know of a place like this please share in a comment below!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Choosing that Love Matters

Last night my kids were chatting in the car: What are you going to say you are thankful for tomorrow at Thanksgiving dinner?"
They kept going for quite a while, it ranged from"I LOVE my life!" to "Actually, I am REALLY thankful for these shoes!"
They meant it.
And so do I: thank you for being here, for changing the world and for choosing that love matters.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thank You For Sharing!

In the past month three Twitter followers have told me that my tweets and this blog 'held them together' during 'dark times'. One said that it 'saved his life'. I love them with my whole heart! I am SO thankful that they shared with me and made me feel valued and so thankful that I am a part of their life.

So thankful that I myself received the love and support I needed so that I can be here today.

I was not always happy. I too used to have very dark times from the age of 7, in my teens and 20s. As well as the depression and PTSD I was diagnosed with gout, endometriosis, pre-cancer, IBS and asthma. In my 30s I refused to be diagnosed but had all the symptoms of breast cancer at the same time as Crone's disease.

I spent 6 years rebuilding my body holistically (no medication) and I have been re-patterning my emotions and thoughts DAILY for about 12 years.

I am now completely symptom free and am joyful most days and I have gone from a size 10/12 to a size 4 in a year, without trying and without dieting. I can even eat wheat bread again! Hooray!!

I am thankful that the love I received from so many over the years is being passed on and is blossoming into the lives of my beloved brothers and sisters. Thank you for sharing your lives with me!

Please leave YOUR comment. Together we heal!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sane is Safe

When we start developing healing powers, we are often scared by the information we are given, by our new abilities or by our power.

This is no small matter as rapid or deep change can really
  • unsettle our self image
  • disorganize our thinking
  • make us doubt ourselves
  • create depression
  • put pressure on our relationships with others

Of course this is all good because through the cracks new patterns emerge. That is how we create.

But at the same time, you need to keep yourself sane because that is the best way to keep yourself safe energetically. So:
  • take it easy
  • change gradually
  • do whatever is familiar and reminds you of who you are used to being while consciously changing certain parts of your life/thinking/being.
What is YOUR story of changing spiritually and growing into your power?

Monday, November 23, 2009

What I Am Worth

I really got it this week end: how much I earn and what kind of relationships I have with people have little to do with my skills, my ability or what I want. Instead they are a direct reflection of what I UNCONSCIOUSLY believe I am worth or I deserve.

My childhood programming, unresolved past life memories and soul choices combine in my unconscious to create a vibration that I am not even aware of most of the time. That vibration attracts situations and people that are a compatible match and that mirror me.


1- I can stop blaming myself for 'messing up' because in most cases I am not aware I am doing it

2- I am now watching myself to catch what I really believe unconsciously, in spite of my best conscious intentions

3- I am even more grateful than before for all the wonderful people in my life who are my mirror, whether what they bring me looks positive or negative: they are only pointing me towards my truth. And that truth is that I am Love, finding my way back to the Divine. And it's much easier to see what is going on with me when I look at others than when I try to look at my own nose, which is really hard to do if you've ever tried!

What do YOU think?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Protecting Human Angels

Tuesday is always such a good day to think about protection and healthy boundaries. I had so many great comments after my Angels Aren't Nice post. Thank you everyone! I love it when my thinking aloud in a blog turns to dialog.

Two main points have come from all this:


if you are a human angel, or earth angel, the more you accept both parts of yourself: the angel AND the human, the more people around you are likely to accept them as well and allow for you to have a range of reactions without always expecting you to be sweet and angelic or on the other hand, super logical and grounded.
I am really hoping to be able to mesh both aspects of myself into ONE functioning whole.

of course everyone needs to have good boundaries but because angels in their original disembodied state are programmed, designed, willing to always help and be of service, to always say "Yes, I will protect and support you" it is VITALLY important for human angels to learn r to say no so we don't burn out.
While in angel form we are nimble and can keep going endlessly. While in a human body, we must protect the body in order to thrive. And it does NOT come naturally to most of us angels.

So these are the two ways I am practicing to protect my energy as a human angels.

What do YOU think? Leave a comment below and let me know!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Angels Aren't Nice

Angels aren't nice.

They are compassionate. They are helpful. They are disembodied and therefore more nimble in their actions.

Angels love you more than you will ever comprehend
while in a human body.

Angels will save your life or your children's. Whisper guidance in your ear. Sing to you as you awake. Embrace you when you need to be held. Give you a parking spot if that is what you really desire. They can be very funny at times.

But their aim is not to be 'nice'. Their aim is to do what's right and to support you.

At times that might mean being tough, making hard choices, yielding power.

The wrath of an angel can be as vast as its love.

The same of course goes for human angels.

People often feel my love for them first. I send healing their way, remove pain, help with a 'miracle' and they say: "You are an angel". They are right of course since I could be described as a human angel. I have been called various things: a spiritual Master. An Awakened Goddess.
Even a Saint in some traditions. Such a wonderful varied world of perception out there!
All being a human angel means is that I can read someone's energy, know what they feel then think a positive thought and remove their pain. It's just a normal human ability, that most have not uncovered yet.

But back to my point. Then my new friend or client realizes that I am quite happy to speak the truth and use my sword to cut through the knot of ignorance if need be. My foul mouth surprises some. I am happy to love all of creation. All of my creation. I embrace and love the shadow of each individual as much as their Light, their sweetness as well as their bitterness. And I feel personally responsible for all of who they are in my world since they are a mirror of me and we are One.

Angels aren't nice. They are real. And multi-faceted, just like everybody else!

In the beautiful words of @
LeeHiller : "Angels are strong fierce and often battle ready but are kind, compassionate and want us to do well they are complex beauty. There are days I wear my battle Amour & feel like am an Archangel. Other days made of Love & light. Yes the gentle soul & fierce warrior it's all one. I often find it a conflict within my own heart."

Lee's deep comments are making me think that I need to be better at accepting both aspects within myself so that it is better accepted by those who interact with me. Thank you Lee!

Do YOU have a story about an angel who was more than 'nice'?

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Void Becomes a Flow of Love

There will be more coming up about all this in my upcoming ebook but in short and to help you all through these few days:
  1. the past 3 weeks were a detox of resentment and OLD HIDDEN poisonous thoughts
  2. yesterday was a portal out of self defeating patterns and opening the way into a future where we create respectfully and protect each other
  3. today is a day of Truth, Balance and Order as the basis for Universal Love so PLEASE ride that wave! Today will take you as far as you are willing to go into healing and Oneness
  4. tomorrow, well, I don't know what to tell you about tomorrow before it happens. I have a feeling we are looking at an A-tom bomb of love, beauty and creative inspiration flowing through our world. If you do nothing else, go sit by the river or imagine that you are. Actually it just came to me to tell you this:

and depending on how sensitive you are to that strand of creative energy in the world, it might just knock you out with bliss!

So please remember that you are human and stay
  • grounded
  • hydrated
  • rested
in that order.

I apologize for being so inarticulate about the beauty of these 3 days.
I am in dumbstruck and in AWE.
I am SLEEPING for hours on end, dreaming the world into 'reality'

This is really just a quick update to let you know that what you are feeling is real. Please
  • trust
  • let go
  • surrender
  • create
  • enjoy
  • delight in the Bliss!
Your response to my 11.11 Portal post has moved me to tears as I read so many beautiful stories of trust, surrender, honesty and transformation. I will publish them here as soon as I can think straight.

What are YOU experiencing at the moment? Leave a comment below or send me an email at Together we Create.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

11.11 Portal

I was raised and learned to think in a most rational, Cartesian environment. So I am a true skeptic. But 5 years ago, I noticed strange things started to happen in my life every August, every 11.11 and every Easter. A couple of websites gave me useful information. Mostly I had to relax into feeling what was happening and pay attention.

Those times are portals in our Western culture. A portal is a place of choice. You can stay on the side that you are on or you can cross over to the other side. Into the unknown, the new experience, the potential. 11.11 even looks like two pillars on either side of a portal.

Four years ago I changed continents on 11.11 without having consciously planned it ahead because I left on the 10th but landed on the 11th. And that landing was the beginning of 18 months of the deepest (and most painful!) transformation in my life, that culminated in my body being completely healed and my finding Oneness with the Divine. I knew when I landed on 11.11 and got off the plane that I had landed into a new life, another reality. And it proved to be true.

Around this time last year I met and became friends with someone who took me to a whole new dimension of my spirituality, all the way into the Void of Creation.

This year I am living through 11.11 with a whole team of amazing individuals who understand my work and support me into creating here what I brought back from the Void.

11.11 marked the end of the WWI. The end of horror on the largest scale in human memory at that time. Every year on 11.11 we honor our veterans (it's Remembrance Day in the UK, Armistice day in France). And in being reminded of what soldiers go through we are given the choice every year:

- to take action towards peace
- to set respectful, workable boundaries
- to ascend higher towards Oneness
- to create a future we really want to be a part of

Every year on 11.11 you can walk into the Light, into Mastery, without dying.

Mostly the detox work happens during the 3 weeks preceding the portal. All you have to do today is let yourself be, dream your future, ascend. Honor your protectors and the protector in you.

I hope that YOU enjoy 11.11.2009! Be part of my support team and email me ( to tell me what peaceful respectful future you are creating today! I'll post the stories here on my blog.

Monday, November 9, 2009

It's Not Just You!

In the past 3 weeks the universal energies that facilitate our awakening and ascension have been very intense again. Someone mentioned 'crazy energy fluctuations'

It has created physical and emotional detox leading to more clarity. Of course where there is clarity more Light can come in, which is the whole purpose: to be lighter and more enlightened.

This is what I have been hearing from clients, friends and family:

- Arguments, negotiating new boundaries, experimenting with different roles, healing co-dependency with some people taking more responsibility and others letting go of their burden have been common.

- Needing to rest

- Needing to sleep so we can dream, receive new information and re-arrange our thoughts

- Lots of new insights about the hidden truth in our lives

All this leads to increased self-respect, increased respect in our dealings with others, better communication, more time and space to love, play and have fun instead of going round the same old defeating patterns.

We are being made ready for 11.11 in a couple of days. More about that in my next post.

Have YOU been feeling the unsettling detox of the past three weeks?

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Raw Chocolate Truffles

As some of you know I eat 'high raw' which in my case means 80-90% raw food. It gives me more energy than I have ever had. Usually only my last meal of the day, shared with my kids, is partly cooked food. If you know me you will also know my passion for good tasty food and in particular for everything chocolate! Raw cocoa is packed with magnesium and I need a lot of that for all the energy play I do every day!

Today I wanted to have fun and improvised some Raw Chocolate Truffles (loosely based on a Raw Chocolate Fudge a friend gave me 3 weeks ago. )

Quantities are
approximate, depending on how much you want to make and how sweet you like your chocolate.

2 thirds cup raw cocoa powder
pinch of maca (careful: it can be an aphrodisiac!) or any superfood of your choice
1 tbs raw coconut butter (NOT the coconut oil)
1 tsp raw cocoa butter, grated or shaved with a fork
1 tbs raw honey
Agave powder and liquid agave to sweeten to taste (yes, just taste it! LOL!)
2 tbs Tahini, enough to turn the above ingredients into a paste
1 tsp cocoa nibs and 6 chopped raw cashew nuts if you want to add some crunchy consistency.

refrigerate for 15 minutes.
Spoon into truffle shape and roll into more cocoa powder, either neat or sweetened with agave powder.

Improvise, improve and let me know! Have fun!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Emotional Detox With the Flu

I think we only really suffer from things like the flu if we have been resisting an emotional or spiritual change so the physical body takes over and 'grounds' us to force us to think about the consequences of our actions like a parent does with a reckless teenager!

And while each individual person reacts to a 'bug' in a different way, each illness also has its own general purpose and challenges us in specific areas of our lives to give us a chance to heal them.

Which brings me to the current 'swine' flu. It has all the usual flu symptoms but some are unusual or unusually strong.

1. very high fever, repeatedly: that's good because a fever is a great purifying fire that burns away toxins in your body, including old emotional toxins. As well as creating an environment in which it is difficult for the virus to thrive of course. Fever can also alter your perception and allow you to see things you don't usually notice.

2. vomiting and diarrhea in some people. Unusual for a flu, but more detoxing right there!

3. of course this flu gives you the usual shivers. But it is also particularly painful in your JOINTS which means that it is cleaning impurities in there, for those of us who have control issues and don't let go easily.

4. deep breathing issues with this flu, which is about repressed and unexpressed SADNESS. It seems to clean old, very old sadness, all the way to the bottom of your lungs. (unless you had done that part of the work before of course!)

5. violent, painful sinus infection: that's about not crying when you need to as well as irritation with someone who is close to you. So let go, cry and say what you have to say to your loved ones!

6. lasting in many cases 3 to 5 weeks, this flu is unusually long and tiring and therefore really debilitating: again that's about letting go. When you are so tired that you are disabled, the only thing you can do is let go, allow other people to help and learn to receive!

7. the swine flu keeps coming back. Every time you think you're getting better, it comes back, with another twist, another layer, a deeper issue: it feels like the Divine Hand grabbing you back and saying: "Not so fast! There's more: LOOK DEEPER! SURRENDER into it instead of fighting it!"

8. Because it is such a serious illness, you really need to REST. In our society of super heroes who can keep going for ever, this flu only goes away when you SLEEP A LOT. For days.

9. It makes you hungry. Unusual isn't it? Most flus spoil your appetite or numb your taste buds. This one makes you feel like you want to EAT. Makes sense to me: it goes well with REST

With this particular virus spreading so fast and affecting so many I really think that swine flu is supporting Planetary Awakening by guiding us to:
  • detox sadness
  • detox resentment
  • detox toxic relationships
  • eat
  • rest
Truly deeply happy people (and therefore most children) avoid it all together or have it more lightly and recover much faster than sad or resentful individuals is my observation.

The Divine and our bodies are so wise and always find a way to get us to let go and grow!

I hope for YOU that you can learn all those lessons gracefully and WITHOUT getting the flu!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Do you know someone whose life was changed by Reiki?

I started as a healer
when I became a Reiki Master 11 years ago. I still use Reiki daily: it's in my hands so it goes into everything I touch, cook, draw, paint and use.I also use it for "hands on" and remote healing to reduce pain pretty much instantly. It can also be used to smooth conflict and harmonize relationships. Over time it has become second nature to me and I use it as naturally and automatically as I breathe.

I teach Reiki to social workers, medical doctors and to parents. I attune their kids and show them how to use it to strengthen their loving bonds, to repair trust, and to lessen physical pain.

There are so many different types of Reiki nowadays and Reiki combines so well with whatever spiritual practice you may have, the possibilities are truly infinite.

Join me on Sunday at 2pm EST to discuss what Reiki is and all the different types along with ways you can use it to improve your family's life. Even if you think you already know a lot about Reiki, I am sure you will still learn something!

Donation Options

Of course we will start with a deep and powerful meditation so being on the call is as close to having an energy healing session with me. If you cannot make the call you are always more than welcome to book a one on one healing session with me.

"Second Sunday with Sophie" is my way to give back and to give EVERYONE a chance to work with me. So register BEFORE the call for as little as $17 or even $8. If you cannot make the call you can purchase the audio replay at only $25.00.

If you have a friend who you think will benefit from being with us on "Second Sunday With Sophie", please forward this to them.

Did you miss the previous calls? You can purchase a replay of these calls below.

August ~ "Why Grounding and why it matters"?

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September: ~ Tools to be Aligned to Your Personal Purpose

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October: ~ "Breathing & Alignment with Harmon Hathaway"

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Of course if you need one on one you are always more than welcome to book a healing session with me.


There is something about commitment that reveals the truth.

Of course commitment is great because
  • it brings us to action
  • it provides a safe structure
  • it allows for continuity

But also as soon as we commit to something, it does not matter how big or how small, the TRUTH ABOUT IT IS SUDDENLY REVEALED.

Watch it happen in YOUR own life and tell me what you think. Share a story when you leave a comment!