Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Do you know someone whose life was changed by Reiki?

I started as a healer
when I became a Reiki Master 11 years ago. I still use Reiki daily: it's in my hands so it goes into everything I touch, cook, draw, paint and use.I also use it for "hands on" and remote healing to reduce pain pretty much instantly. It can also be used to smooth conflict and harmonize relationships. Over time it has become second nature to me and I use it as naturally and automatically as I breathe.

I teach Reiki to social workers, medical doctors and to parents. I attune their kids and show them how to use it to strengthen their loving bonds, to repair trust, and to lessen physical pain.

There are so many different types of Reiki nowadays and Reiki combines so well with whatever spiritual practice you may have, the possibilities are truly infinite.

Join me on Sunday at 2pm EST to discuss what Reiki is and all the different types along with ways you can use it to improve your family's life. Even if you think you already know a lot about Reiki, I am sure you will still learn something!

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Of course we will start with a deep and powerful meditation so being on the call is as close to having an energy healing session with me. If you cannot make the call you are always more than welcome to book a one on one healing session with me.

"Second Sunday with Sophie" is my way to give back and to give EVERYONE a chance to work with me. So register BEFORE the call for as little as $17 or even $8. If you cannot make the call you can purchase the audio replay at only $25.00.

If you have a friend who you think will benefit from being with us on "Second Sunday With Sophie", please forward this to them.

Did you miss the previous calls? You can purchase a replay of these calls below.

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Of course if you need one on one you are always more than welcome to book a healing session with me.

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