Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Protecting Human Angels

Tuesday is always such a good day to think about protection and healthy boundaries. I had so many great comments after my Angels Aren't Nice post. Thank you everyone! I love it when my thinking aloud in a blog turns to dialog.

Two main points have come from all this:


if you are a human angel, or earth angel, the more you accept both parts of yourself: the angel AND the human, the more people around you are likely to accept them as well and allow for you to have a range of reactions without always expecting you to be sweet and angelic or on the other hand, super logical and grounded.
I am really hoping to be able to mesh both aspects of myself into ONE functioning whole.

of course everyone needs to have good boundaries but because angels in their original disembodied state are programmed, designed, willing to always help and be of service, to always say "Yes, I will protect and support you" it is VITALLY important for human angels to learn r to say no so we don't burn out.
While in angel form we are nimble and can keep going endlessly. While in a human body, we must protect the body in order to thrive. And it does NOT come naturally to most of us angels.

So these are the two ways I am practicing to protect my energy as a human angels.

What do YOU think? Leave a comment below and let me know!


  1. Hi Sophie; I agree with that connection, and also have challenges to integrate the two. One visual image that came to me, is imagining our lives to be like a river, but one that is actually above the surface of the land - one that we can change and divert the flow any where we want, depending on our choices.

    Our boundaries are like the dikes on both sides, that both determine, and contain the flow of the river which is light and love that is from divine source. No boundaries = water on a flood plain. A breach in a boundary/dike causes the river - our divine energy, to be leaked - to go where perhaps we may not want it to. By maintaining appropriate boundaries, we are able to get that much more of our energy and divine resources to where we choose we want them to go.

    Love and Light!

  2. Thank you Jeremy! I love the image of the river as the flow of Divine life and its banks as boundaries.
    It's funny because I was using this analogy of the river in a session with a client this afternoon!
    Love and Light!

  3. first i want to say thank you for sharing. for myself personally i have learned the hard way trying to balance my human self and Pure Spirit self. i wasn't always able to say no, i did always know how to make sure i had enough to share of myself and that led me into a very dark path but now i am much stronger and Wiser. i like to think i'm invisible. i do not grip hold of anything. be it good or bad experiences i simply continue forward taking only the lesson learn t. also now i give to those who deserve it, but only if i have enough for myself first. Life truly is interesting! 1LOVE