Sunday, February 28, 2010

Juice Feasting Day 3: Higher Vibration

Today I feel that I am in a higher, finer vibration. I am:

1- more peaceful:

I barely felt the full moon last night. I am usually affected by the full moon, in an intense, heightened sort of way but last night's full moon was the most peaceful one I've had since my teens I think.

2- more keenly aware. Which means that
  • I feel emotions more fully, both positive and negative. But the emotions also pass through much more easily and I return to center much faster than usual. So more peaceful overall as nothing lingers in my system
  • and I am more accurate and able to read energy: I'll give you an example: this morning, out of the blue, I saw in my mind's eye a friend of mine meeting with his sister today, which would be unusual. Then his text said: "Getting ready for church". I instantly knew what church he was going to and that was his mother's, not his sister's. When I called in the afternoon, I felt her presence so strongly around him that I thought he was at her house. No: she had come to the church I saw him going to, for an event I knew nothing about! I had to laugh!

3- more able to move my shoulder.

4- grateful that 2 hours after I wished for a better juicer a friend offered to lend me one and to bring it to me. I love you Nancy!

5- determined to follow my intuition to the letter again. For the past 2 months I have tried to be more 'reasonable' and logical. I am now keenly aware that it does not work for me. I end up being miserable and making all sort of mistakes when I think mostly with my head.
For instance: last Wednesday my guidance told me to travel. It ignored it because I just got home on Sunday and it was more 'reasonable' to apply the money to a bill.
It turned out that
  • I missed an important event by not going
  • I was alone instead of with friends for the full moon manifestation of a project
  • I ended up in a bitter disagreement that would not have happened had I traveled
  • my kids spent most of the week end away from home and did not really need me here
So I am back to thinking from the heart. It works much better for me and things fall into place when I do. And even if they did not, I would have no regrets. And THAT is worth all the money in the world!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Juice Feasting Day 2: Better Already

1- I woke up refreshed and with lots of energy

2- Headache is gone

3- Cold Symptoms Much Improved

I was fighting a sniffelling, puffy eyed cold since Wednesday night and this morning all that is left is a scratchy throat.

I can use my shoulder freely for the first time in 2 months!

In October my left shoulder started hurting. By Christmas it was really bad. I had an MRI a month ago and I need to start physical therapy as soon as my PT is available. Most days the pain was so bad on certain movements that I it brought tears to my eyes.
This morning I am able to move the arm freely and the pain in my hand is nearly all gone. I can only assume that the swelling & inflammation in the shoulder are subsiding already? I had no idea it could happen so fast!

Of course I am doing energy work at the same time as I am juicing which could be why I am improving so fast. Inflammation is the body's way of expression anger. And I started dealing with that yesterday (see here). So it all makes sense!

Till I have more news: keep warm!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Juice Feasting Day 1: Grumpy

1- Grumpy

First thing I noticed today, Day 1 of juice feasting was that I was grumpy. As in the phrase 'grumpy gut' I guess!

Every time I was grumpy or hurting emotionally (it was a challenging day!) I wanted to reach out for food I like. It's all good stuff: organic, wholesome, mostly plant based. Nothing wrong with the food itself. I have no guilt around wanting or eating that kind of food. So look further.

Then it dawned on me that I was not hungry. I wanted to chew. I wanted to put my teeth together and remembered that:

- I was told recently that when I repress anger I speak through clenched teeth. I had never noticed personally but to my horror it turned out to be true!

- I realized a few days ago that I am much more angry and more often than I had previously acknowledged to myself. I vowed there and then that the anger had to go, which is probably why I am now guided to detox again.

I stayed with that feeling of wanting to chew. Chew someone's face off? Maybe the face of the people who first fed me solids as a baby instead of holding me and loving me? It felt like endless repressed rage grumbling in my belly. I realized the reason I am not normally aware of that dormant rage is because I appease it by eating however healthily I eat.

Stay with the anger. Past the anger is this awful feeling of emptiness, loneliness. Like a world without the beloved, without the Beloved. I am reminded of how difficult it is to be incarnate sometimes, how the body separates us. The clenched teeth, the anger, the wanting to eat, however healthy the food, a cover up for sadness and for the pain of loneliness.

2- Speak the truth

The second thing was that because I was not 'stuffing things down' I was feeling and telling my truth and not being placated or scared out of it.

3- Needing More Sleep

I was suddenly exhausted and slept for over 4 hours in the afternoon. I remember this happening the first time as juice feasted as well.
Which is why I started on a snow storm Friday I was not working knowing I had 4 days ahead of me without serious obligations.

4- Thumping Headache

Often happens at the beginning of a fast. Hope it does not last long. Drinking more water by mixing it half and half in the juices.

5- Needing More Heat

Of course drinking juice cools the body, which is why we drink so much of it in summer. So it's not ideal food for a snow storm in New England. I am keeping the house a little warmer than usual to be comfortable.

The first time I fasted 2 years ago I got off my couch after 5 days a completely different person, much calmer and more peaceful. Hopefully it will happen again this time and I will reach another level of peace when all the old toxins that still hold the painful memories are gone.

Juice Feasting

I have been fasting, juicing and eating mostly raw for close to 2 years now.

Last September my guidance was very clear and said: "Detox now. Start today."
I ignored it because I had had yet another long detox in the spring and was not emotionally ready to start again. So I forgot that being a spiritual seeker often puts you on a rigorous training program and I babied out of it.

I should not have though because a week later I had swine flu, which was a severe detox in itself for about 7 weeks! It turned out that getting sick was a much harsher way to give my body what it was asking for than a controlled detox program! You can read all about it here.

Last Saturday a friend mentioned juicing to me. Then a friends' tweet took me to a great article on juice fasting and at the same time a colleague mentioned on FaceBook that she is on a Blessed Herbs Detox. This time I am going to listen to the message (it is loud and clear enough) before the Cosmic Hammer falls on my head or lungs again!

I prefer the idea of feasting, which is abundant, to fasting, which sounds like famine and deprivation really. And I am not deprived since I can drink all the fruit and vegetable juice that I want. Bring on the vitamins and minerals and out with the toxins!

I started juice feasting today Friday. Let's see how far I go with it. I'll keep you posted.

Do YOU want to join me? leave a comment here of email me if you do.

PS: Here is the article on juice fasting

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Beloved Divine

Sometimes the Divine speaks to me directly because I need to be silent, I need peace and quiet, I need to regroup, re-balance, walk alone.
The voice is very clear at such times:
  • I can tell the difference between various angels.
  • I know which archangel is holding me in its embrace or singing to me.
  • I know which guide is talking to me.
  • The visions are very vivid
  • The words are very clear
  • I can even hear music sometimes.
At such times I wish I was an accomplished painter and musician so I could render and share with you what I see and hear! Maybe when I am not a mother of young children I can become an artist!

  • I am also keenly aware of Divine presence.
  • I can 'hear' Divine inspiration.
  • Synchronicities are obvious, clear and strong.
  • The signs are easy to read.
  • I feel oneness with all of creation, I feel that my conscious and my unconscious are aligned with my Divine purpose.
  • I sleep a lot at such times (so my conscious critical mind does not satnd in the way of miracles) and I am taught a lot in my sleep.

Then inevitably all this clarity dims. I used to think that I had 'done something wrong' or 'lost it' when that happened and I used to feel very sad, like a neglected lover.

But now I know what the lack of clarity in my direct communication with the Divine means:
  • I have to go out into the world and make connections with others.
  • I need to create community.
  • I need to receive guidance and protection from the people I love.
  • I need to trust other healers, mentors, friends, beautiful inspirational people who have their own connection to the Divine and who are happy to share it with me.

So it is a process of expansion and contraction. Like breathing: in, out. Like a love affair: you get closer then you need a little distance, you need to go see your friends again.

My primary love, my joy, my pleasure in life is to sit in the Heart of God of course. Just my Beloved and I. And as in all intense love stories, I need to create some space, to see the face of my Beloved reflected in all the faces of Creation while knowing that my Beloved is absolutely the Source of my Joy.

How does that process of expansion and contraction show in YOUR life?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Can you be held responsible for being inspirational?

There are people in my life who inspire me every time I interact with them. They are the fountain I keep going back to, they refresh me or they fire me up, they balance me, they challenge me, they nurture me.

Last night I received a long email from my Spiritual mother, mentor, Reiki Master and homeopath of 13 years. I love her more than I can ever say.

I love her because she nurtured me, she held me, she was on the phone when no one else was there.

I love her because she showed me how to be a good mother to my kids.

I love her because she held me accountable, she showed me that I was scared and angry, she forgave me when I was, she soothed me and taught me self respect.

I love her because she is a Goddess, she loves life, she is honest, she never hides her own struggles, she learns WITH you, not FOR you.

She showed me how to trust again.

She saw that I was a healer and she taught me her craft, from the heart.

Most of all, she saved my children from the quagmire of my own childhood. She created a future for me by giving my children a loving present and a future.

Ceridwin I love you!

Who inspired YOU? And more importantly: who do YOU inspire?

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ask an Angel

Because Planetary Awakening abilities are being revealed now, many of us are increasingly able to see, hear or feel angels. And we can talk about it openly. Some of us are also realizing that we have some angelic qualities even though we are still very human (see my November 2009 posts Angels Aren't Nice and Protecting Human Angels)

Working with Angels is so sweet. It is different every time. It is always very moving, emotional. Because your emotions 'move' you and are the gateway to your spirituality, so Angels move you into your spirituality in a variety of small and large ways.

But the main thing to remember when living with angels is that:

Angels NEVER interfere.
Angels only intervene when we intercede.

In other words angels respect your free will and they will guide and support only when you ask.

So ask. Angels are absolutely respectful & they listen to you: ask them for guidance and support, for protection, for miracles. But ask! Very rarely do angels intervene uninvited and that's usually in life and death situations.

How do YOU live with Angels?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Healing Valentine

A Healing Valentine

I am sure you have all noticed that Valentine's day is upon us. Hard to avoid, right?

I really like these portal days where the collective puts its attention onto a specific aspect of life. I find it makes it a lot easier to do energy work around that issue and to personally move forward with it.

If you are in a couple, well, it's easy: you enjoy the day with your loved one, soak up the attention, enjoy loving, practice receiving. Bask in desire.

Desire and love are at the core of life force after all.

If you are happily single, you have the same opportunity to concentrate your energy on desire and love. Your desire for life and love for self.

And if being single is uncomfortable or downright painful, it's ok, you can tell me: I've been there! If you are still hurting, still feeling the heartache of previous relationships, Valentine's Day is as good as an anniversary to work on removing some of the past hurts and to think about what it is that you do want.

I love days when old pain and confusion are so raw and obvious that it is really easy to catch and heal them.

Whatever your situation, if you want to free yourself from a heartache issue and from the shadow of the past, call me, book a session and use this universal day of Love to your advantage: heal and move forward lovingly! Click Here To Send Me An Email or 413-884-2543

Happy Valentine's Day!

Second Sunday with Sunday

It so happens that Second Sunday with Sophie falls on Valentine's Day this year. Which is very fortunate since my spiritual and healing practice is all about bringing more love in my life and yours!

This month the meditation will be about bringing more Divine Love into your life and finding the connection between that and every day love, including romantic love.

And in the second part of the call, my guest is Kelvin Ringold, "Mr. Positive," sharing with you how he learned to be positive EVERY DAY and how that helps him in every relationship in his life. He is a dynamo of realistic, focused positive energy!

I invite you to join us this Sunday, February 14th on Second Sunday with Sophie.

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