Saturday, February 27, 2010

Juice Feasting Day 2: Better Already

1- I woke up refreshed and with lots of energy

2- Headache is gone

3- Cold Symptoms Much Improved

I was fighting a sniffelling, puffy eyed cold since Wednesday night and this morning all that is left is a scratchy throat.

I can use my shoulder freely for the first time in 2 months!

In October my left shoulder started hurting. By Christmas it was really bad. I had an MRI a month ago and I need to start physical therapy as soon as my PT is available. Most days the pain was so bad on certain movements that I it brought tears to my eyes.
This morning I am able to move the arm freely and the pain in my hand is nearly all gone. I can only assume that the swelling & inflammation in the shoulder are subsiding already? I had no idea it could happen so fast!

Of course I am doing energy work at the same time as I am juicing which could be why I am improving so fast. Inflammation is the body's way of expression anger. And I started dealing with that yesterday (see here). So it all makes sense!

Till I have more news: keep warm!

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