Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Can you be held responsible for being inspirational?

There are people in my life who inspire me every time I interact with them. They are the fountain I keep going back to, they refresh me or they fire me up, they balance me, they challenge me, they nurture me.

Last night I received a long email from my Spiritual mother, mentor, Reiki Master and homeopath of 13 years. I love her more than I can ever say.

I love her because she nurtured me, she held me, she was on the phone when no one else was there.

I love her because she showed me how to be a good mother to my kids.

I love her because she held me accountable, she showed me that I was scared and angry, she forgave me when I was, she soothed me and taught me self respect.

I love her because she is a Goddess, she loves life, she is honest, she never hides her own struggles, she learns WITH you, not FOR you.

She showed me how to trust again.

She saw that I was a healer and she taught me her craft, from the heart.

Most of all, she saved my children from the quagmire of my own childhood. She created a future for me by giving my children a loving present and a future.

Ceridwin I love you!

Who inspired YOU? And more importantly: who do YOU inspire?

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