Thursday, February 25, 2010

Beloved Divine

Sometimes the Divine speaks to me directly because I need to be silent, I need peace and quiet, I need to regroup, re-balance, walk alone.
The voice is very clear at such times:
  • I can tell the difference between various angels.
  • I know which archangel is holding me in its embrace or singing to me.
  • I know which guide is talking to me.
  • The visions are very vivid
  • The words are very clear
  • I can even hear music sometimes.
At such times I wish I was an accomplished painter and musician so I could render and share with you what I see and hear! Maybe when I am not a mother of young children I can become an artist!

  • I am also keenly aware of Divine presence.
  • I can 'hear' Divine inspiration.
  • Synchronicities are obvious, clear and strong.
  • The signs are easy to read.
  • I feel oneness with all of creation, I feel that my conscious and my unconscious are aligned with my Divine purpose.
  • I sleep a lot at such times (so my conscious critical mind does not satnd in the way of miracles) and I am taught a lot in my sleep.

Then inevitably all this clarity dims. I used to think that I had 'done something wrong' or 'lost it' when that happened and I used to feel very sad, like a neglected lover.

But now I know what the lack of clarity in my direct communication with the Divine means:
  • I have to go out into the world and make connections with others.
  • I need to create community.
  • I need to receive guidance and protection from the people I love.
  • I need to trust other healers, mentors, friends, beautiful inspirational people who have their own connection to the Divine and who are happy to share it with me.

So it is a process of expansion and contraction. Like breathing: in, out. Like a love affair: you get closer then you need a little distance, you need to go see your friends again.

My primary love, my joy, my pleasure in life is to sit in the Heart of God of course. Just my Beloved and I. And as in all intense love stories, I need to create some space, to see the face of my Beloved reflected in all the faces of Creation while knowing that my Beloved is absolutely the Source of my Joy.

How does that process of expansion and contraction show in YOUR life?

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  1. I appreciate this lovely way of expressing the balance between life in the spirit and life in the world, going within and reaching out, prayer and service-- all part of the whole. Thank you.