Thursday, May 27, 2010

Today is a Strong Goddess Day

It is a special GoddessCreation day
It falls on a full moon
It falls on a Thursday for Universal Love
So pay attention to:
  • your emotions as they guide you
  • small details as they give you clues
for today much will be revealed from the Invisible to us. I am certainly looking forward to it!
Let me know what happens with you today!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Raphael or Gabriel?

I had an interesting experience a few days ago. I was being visited by an archangel. When I asked who he was, he said: "Raphael". We talked. When he left a different but similarly large presence stood by me. We chatted and I asked who he was. "Gabriel" he said.

For the next thirty minutes or so (hard to tell the time when you are visiting with archangels) Raphael and Gabriel kept switching places. I was very quietly joyful as I always am in their presence but after a while my logical mind started wanting to make the difference between them. You know, 'be clear who I was talking to' kind of thing.

Being a modern girl I was going to look them up on Google! (I am laughing with you right now) or maybe in a Doreen Virtue book. But Gabriel, who was with me at the time I had that thought said: "Do NOT go to the computer now. Why do you want to learn about us through somebody else? Why do our differences matter? Learn us through your own experience of us." There was a sense that in my own experience was my own power.

Of course he is right! That is exactly how I learned to recognize Archangel Michael and Archangel Uriel: by spending time and visiting with them. My experience of them may be very common or it may be unique, I don't really know, because I never checked. But it doesn't matter. What matters is that I have a personal working relationship with them.

So: I have been told! And now they wanted me to tell you , so I did. And with this post written, I feel the wonderful, caring, tender love they always wrap me in when I work with them and I have followed their guidance.

Thank you to both Raphael and Gabriel and thank YOU for reading!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Removing Energy Shields

Recently I have found myself doing some new work for many of my clients: I am removing energy shields.

As you know I can see energy as clearly as I see the furniture in my living room and recently dense structures have been shown to me in several clients' energies.

They are definitely shields that were created earlier on in life and that are a habbit from lifetimes of protecting oneself from oppressive energies. Like an outer shell allows the center to remain soft and tender. But now that energy healers and people of good will are safe to work without being victimized by the church or their neighbors, the shields
  • are not necessary anymore
  • are holding us back

They are heavy and stopping us from leaping during this Planetary Awakening
They are also rigid and are stopping us from growing and expanding.
They isolate as much as they protect and are stopping us from experiencing Oneness

So after years of
  • clearing past lives
  • removing curses and limiting oaths and vows
  • clearing family karma
  • changing archetypal issues
I am now removing unnecessary energetic shields.

I LOVE healing energy work! It just keeps unfolding into completely new areas I could not have predicted!

Friday, May 21, 2010

You Can Make Anything Happen

You need to do this really fast

No second guessing.

Here is a magic spiritual wand.

You have one wish.

You can make anything happen RIGHT NOW.

What is it?

Let me know in a comment below

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mind Chatter

Another change brought by the recent energy upgrade is that I am now keenly aware of my mind chatter. I have been training myself for years so I am really good at consciously thinking positive. And after 20 years of Buddhist meditation training, I thought I could control my mind and at least be aware of negative thoughts. But last week my subconscious thoughts sounded like a constant stream of complaints, criticisms and self defeating stories!

I was AMAZED at how many times a day I caught myself going off track and back into some kind of familiar but uncomfortable negative, complaining or critical stream of comments, to myself. Not the kind of things I would ever say or that I ever knew I was thinking until a few days ago.

So I kept doing the energy work to eliminate, transmute and replace all that old garbage. I felt lighter and more able to think clearly by the hour! Alleluia!

I am so grateful I spent the past 12 years consciously training to be an energy healer and learning to facilitate the attunement of the soul to increasingly high levels of consciousness! It is coming in very handy this year!

Tell me your story in a comment below!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

More Tears? Release Pain!

Last Sunday was hard on a lot of people. It brought up:
  • more tears
  • depression
  • accidents
  • feelings of loneliness or isolation
Where did it come from? From:
  • having old issues come up again when we thought they were solved
  • being faced with the consequences of poor choices
  • experiencing the consequences of complacency
  • the need to let go of our old stories about ourselves
Because as we are being birthed into a new level of consciousness (that is why your head feels squished) we absolutely MUST RELEASE our habit and memory of PAIN, from this life and from past lives.

What if we don't?

As we open up so Divine Light can come in, our energy circuits, chakras, meridians, nervous and endocrine systems, that hold onto old, heavy, stuck energy that is not compatible with pure Divine light, those circuits will be FRIED by the charge of so much pure energy.

What to do:
pain is a heavy vibration. Like bags of sand around your ankles, in your kidneys (fear), in your liver (anger), in our lungs (sadness). It is stopping you from leaping, from ascending, from soaring.

So LET IT GO! And open up to the Light.
Allow yourself to be attuned to a higher vibration.

Yes, it feels weird, yes you also let go of some people, yes you don't recognize your world for a while. Yes, that too can feel lonely for a while.

But better things are coming. This is a birth: new life! So push with me through that birth canal and I'll see you on the other side, where there is more Light.

Let me know what you are going through in a comment below!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Staying Balanced During the Shift

Many of us are feeling like the sheer SPEED and DEPTH of the shift is leaving us:
  1. still feeling disoriented
  2. like we need to re-evaluate how we respond to life (yes, again)
  3. like we are getting used to doing things differently
  4. that as our vibration rises, we are not compatible with some of the people in our lives and some of our friends are dropping out along the way. It can be painful and sad.

The positive for the above are:

  1. we can learn a new balance
  2. we are still open to change and growth
  3. we are moving into a new way of being, for good
  4. it is VERY clear at the moment who in our life is on a similar path and who is not and we are making new friends who really support our growth. That is what creates more joy in the end.
So if you still feel like your wires are still somewhat 'fried', how can you go back to a more settled feeling? Here are some of the things that I find usually help:

  • Keep grounding yourself (bring roots into the ground from the sole of your feet)
  • Breathe!!
  • Drink a lot of pure water daily of course
  • Rest
  • Smell essential oils of lavender to re-balance you (You can also use it in a hot bath)
  • Be, ride the wave, don't try to be too analytical
  • Eat 'superfoods' such as spirulina, wheatgrass juice, raw cocoa, goji berries, kombucha tea etc
  • Eat berries and any raw nuts that your body is happy with, salads, raw foods
You need to do your own food research as I am NOT a nutritionist: I am speaking purely from personal experience! But overall, you are aiming to recharge in minerals and vitamins in the most natural way possible.

You can purchase a recording of my grounding meditation, with comprehensive details of how to rebalance through it here:

Much Love and Joy to each one of us!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Another Little Story About Enlightenment

Before enlightenment: chop wood, carry water.

After enlightenment: chop wood, carry water.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Being or Doing?

We are human BEINGS some say. All that doing and running around gets you nowhere fast.

All that being and knowing who you are is pointless: you need to TAKE ACTION.

When is a girl to meditate and when is she to take action with all this conflicting advice?

I think both are right. The question is not about Being Versus Doing, it is about

effective doing

When all these are aligned, everything falls into place. You can easily follow your own rhythm of being, meditating, dreaming,
creating in the mind, overcoming fear and doing/taking action. Meditation in action. Mindfulness in movement.
  • The being becomes sweeter because it is guilt free.
  • The notion of 'hard' work disappears as more peace permeates your life.
  • The doing becomes more effective because when it is aligned to your soul/core purpose, it becomes more targeted and you need to do much less for much better/more effective/greater results/rewards
That's when manifesting becomes fun! En-JOY!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Restoring Integrity

When the integrity of who we are is raped or violated in any way, physically, emotionally, spiritually or psychologically, it sets us on a course
  • of wanting to hide the wound
  • then the shame
  • of wanting to hide the part of us that has become vulnerable because we think it is going to protect us to do so
  • of wanting to hide our confusion when we try to tell and are told that our reality is 'not true'
  • of lying to placate the people who violated us
Others start wondering why we tell stories out of integrity and stop trusting us. They often think of us as aloof, distant, unloving and start withdrawing from loving interactions.
In a complex world of mirrors we lose the truth of the love we were meant to embody, to give and to receive.
  • We bend ourselves out of our energetic and often also out of physical shape
  • We start lying, most often unconsciously, to ourselves about what we like and want so we don't have to use the vulnerable/wounded part of our being
  • We start lying to others about what we really want from our lives and from our interaction with them
All it takes to break the cycle is for us to trust one person long enough and to allow that person to love us deeply enough that their love reminds us of the love of our Creator and RECONNECTS us, attunes us to the love of our Creator.

We KNOW this so deeply that abuse survivors are often desperate to be loved and held in love. Unfortunately they also unconsciously choose their loving partners from a place where the wound wants to play out again, be heard and create a different outcome this time, it hopes. This can lead to a series of painful relationships, either romantic or friendship, and break ups that create their own layers of violation and rejection.
  • Some of us were lucky to find the loving friend or spouse that loved us back to Love.
  • others work their way through self help books
  • or are visited by an angel who transforms them
  • or have a life experience that forces them to remember or to face their truth in a dramatic way (near death experience, life threatening illness, loss of a loved one a career or a home etc).
  • Some need the help of a trustworthy and compassionate healer or therapist (yes, you can call me and set up an appointment, I am an abuse recovery expert and have gone through it myself).
Most of us who recovered from the violation of abuse did so through a combination of all the above to create self love and restore our integrity.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Spiritual Beings Having a Human Experience

We have all heard the phrase: "We are spiritual beings having a human experience." I have known this to be true for years and until today I thought 'incarnating' (of the Latin 'carne' meaning flesh: coming in the flesh) meant that my spirit had come into a body, was choosing to use a human body as a vehicle. In the same way that my physical body uses a car and drives it. Which could explain why I have driven myself (and my body) so hard. My old way of looking at it is reflected in many creation myths where the Divine creates the earth and later creates humans out clay then blows spirit into them. (in-spir-es them)

But today I feel I have a completely new understanding of the phrase "I am a spiritual being having a spiritual experience": my spirit is not IN a human body. My spirit IS the physical body.

When I move, sing or dance, I am Spirit in action.

My spirit can choose to exist at so many levels of density, on so many different vibrational levels. At the moment I am choosing to exist at a denser vibration that is manifesting in the shape of a human body. Which explains why I remember so clearly the physical experience of having been angels of various sizes in the past. It was just me being in different ways.

It's so simple.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Little Story About Enlightenment

The student goes to the Master and asks: "If I apply myself, how long till I reach enlightenment?"
"one year?" says the Master.
"Ok, I will try hard then!" replies the student.
"Oh, if you try hard, then two years" warns the Master.

Make sure YOU have fun on the way!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Why Can't I think Straight After a Big Aha Moment?

Oftentimes after a blinding enlightening experience, a resounding aha moment or a raise in our vibration, we can't think straight, use our cognitive skills, reason, articulate the experience or communicate. Why is that?

So we can rest and integrate:

1- We are tired.
Raising the spiritual vibration of a human body uses up a lot of energy. We burn energy as fuel for the transformation. Like studying for and sitting finals or running a marathon. You just need to rest, hydrate and eat well for a few days afterward to regain our balance.

2- Our circuits are fried.
The fact that a much higher current just ran through an antiquated system really stretches and taxes that system for most people. Again, rest, hydration and good food are the answer.

3- To preserve and integrate the upgrade
It would be easy for our 'logical' thinking to go into overdrive to try and control what just happened (some people call it the controlling ego). When we are 'too tired to think' the upgrade integrates in our energy system without being slowed down or stopped by our old thoughts.
By the time we feel better, the change has occurred and has become permanent so even our thinking is different by then. The new patterns are in place.

4- To receive more information
When we are asleep our critical conscious mind shuts down and our unconscious is open. It is a great time for the
Divine, angels and Guides to come and whisper in our ear, give us information, communicate with us through dreams and images or to take us other places where we can learn more while the body is at rest. Ever woken up feeling like you suddenly knew something completely new or had the company of angels in your sleep?

En-JOY the integration!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Mothering Patchwork Quilt

The mothering I received growing up was patchy to say the least. And just plain not enough for who I was and what I needed.

For many years I was extremely sad, sometimes even bitter or angry about it. And my heart was often cold.

Eventually I decided that I was a more pleasant person when I was happy so I decided to forgive. That took care of the angry bitterness but it did not keep my heart warm.

An Australian friend told me of a tradition where mothers sew a patchwork quilt for their child out of that child's favorite clothes, for years, adding the items one at a time. And the quilt grows with the child.

I started imagining the love my mother had given me as being a baby blanket that is the center piece of my patchwork quilt. Clearly that center piece was much too small for who I was as an adult so every time I met a woman that I felt was a good mother or who mothered me for a while, or gave wonderful hugs,

I imagined adding a patch of their loving mothering energy to my quilt.

I was creating my Mothering Patchwork Quilt,

not only in my mind but as a real energy of love around me.

My mothering patchwork quilt is quite big now. And very colorful. It is soft, comfortable. It keeps my heart and my whole energetic body warm, wrapped up in a comfy blanky of wonderful mothering love!

It has got so big that I can even share it with my kids, friends and clients.

If the mothering you received was insufficient, you can add to it any time, starting today, till you receive what your heart desires! En-JOY!!

What does YOUR mothering Patchwork quilt look and feel like?

Tell me in a comment below!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Stand in Love

Thank you so much for being with me in this current wave of Planetary Awakening. In this life time I have been consciously aware of our current awakening for 11 years. Most of that time I traveled with one, maybe two friends by my side. So meeting so many wonderful individuals who are on the same path feels like true abundance and gives me great joy!

I have trained with such grounded, powerful, awe inspiring healers, spiritual masters and religious leaders that I am very confident in my abilities to read a situation or a person's energies. I know when what I know is true. I also know when I am not sure and I am not afraid to say so.

It is wonderful, inspiring and heart warming to witness humanity become aware of its own power at last.

My message today is that THERE IS NO END IN SIGHT. We can stop wishing that 'things would slow down' or 'become clearer' or be easier. They are not going to be for while. What we are going through is evolution of the same magnitude as when humans started walking erect or our thumb became oppositional to the fingers. But this time we are reshaping our endocrine system, our chemical balance, our emotions and our access to our spirituality and to the unused corners of our brains.
We are changing in order to adapt to new circumstances and it is not going to stop. if it did we would probably not survive as a race. At the very least we would stop thriving and learning. There is no space for stagnant complacency in our universe. Complacency breeds death. So here is what works at the moment:

  • Breathe deep
  • Sleep as much as you can
  • Ground yourself as often as you can/remember
  • Eat healthy nutritious foods
  • Open your minds to new possibilities
  • Trust your intuition
  • Learn as many healing techniques as you need
  • Make friends who understand what you are going through
  • Create a supportive spiritual community for yourself
  • Be prepared to lose everything you know or have in order to be reborn and hopefully you won't have to go through all that.

This is by no means the end of the world but it most certainly is the end of the world as we have known it in our recorded history.

I am constantly given glimpses of the future and the future is not scary. It is potentially more peaceful, more creative, more aware, more enlightened. We still need to let go of the old in order to give birth to the new.

Stand in your power.

Stand in your JOY.

Stand in love for yourself

Stand in love for others

Stand in the Heart of God

Those are the keys.

With much Love,


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothering Second Sunday With Sophie, May 2010

is back! Of course the topic today was Mother's Day> And it's all in the audio of this great call:
  • a deep, 30 minute meditation to bring in the Divine Light and to practice RECEIVING
  • the importance of being a good enough mother/father/parent
  • how beyond your best there is nothing but a breaking point
  • a good mother is a supported mother and how YOU can change the world once you understand that
  • Why you need to practice receiving

Today is also a deeply significant Goddess Day and I am sure the Divine Feminine. She was most definitely present to support us in raising our vibration today.

Listening to the recording and going into the meditation is enough to raise your vibration and to attune you to a higher frequency so follow the link download the audio and relax, breathe and reconnect! The recording is here:

Love you !

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Healers Leaping!

This week many healers, energy workers and enlightened individuals are reporting similar body sensations and a sense that "We are in the process of being "prepared" for Truth at a level not really experienced by the majority of the population." (Jeff Staebell)Something big is happening right now. Or has just happened maybe? I don't think it's over. It feels like we are right in the middle of it in fact, with today being the apex. This Mother's Day is going to be another powerful day for transformation if in your heart of hearts you are willing to leap at the crest of the wave.

First we felt confused, then great, peaceful and light. Later comes the realization of HOW MUCH we have changed and the need to ANCHOR the new energy we embody.

After the leap, it is imperative to stay more grounded. We are used to thinking of spiritual energy 'out there' but this week's shift is about anchoring spiritual energy down here. Anchoring the Light from Source down here in the third dimension will more available to people who are not yet so proficient with energy play.

If you need help with all this: call and make an appointment: I am having great fun with all of this and have already helped five clients and friends soothe and smooth the unsettled feelings that come with this profound shift.

Friday, May 7, 2010

I am Abundance, Prosperity and Wealth

I am abundance, prosperity and wealth.

I am the abundance of time I have with my children as I am raising them. I am the abundance of friends who have loved me and my family throughout my life. I am the abundance of space, nature and fresh air that surround me daily. I am the abundance of support, mentoring, advice, love, patience that I have received all through my life. I am the abundance of freedom that I live with.

I am the prosperity of the peace and beauty that surround me in my village. I am the prosperity of my family's health. I am the prosperity of my spiritual growth, like a tree reaching for the Light. I am the prosperity of the nourishment I offer others who are also growing spiritually.

I am the wealth of opportunities that have come my way throughout my life. Opportunity to travel, to learn, to share, to love, to work, to rest.
I am the wealth of knowledge and wisdom I have gathered over the years. I am the wealth of remedies, flower essences, crystals, energy tools and love I use to support you in creating health, wealth, prosperity and abundance in YOUR life.

I can honestly say that I have done what I wanted with my life.

In 1989, 10 years out of high school and having lived in large cities though Europe, traveled and learned a lot already, I was walking through a beautiful English park with my then husband. I dreamed of traveling some more, of living somewhere safe, peaceful, quiet and beautiful, of working from a home we owned in a job where my clients would feel welcome (I thought I was going to run an inn, I did not know I was going to be a healer). I wanted my dog and my cat by me all day long. Those were my dreams.
Now I have all of that. Plus amazing kids that I did not know I wanted, plus my being a healer, that I did not know I was, plus living in the USA, that I did not know I would love!

In my life I have had or created the opportunity to do anything I wanted to. I have traveled to all the places I really wanted to go to. I have raised my kids exactly as I wanted to even though it was rather unconventional. I have been free when I wanted to be. I have been loved beyond measure. I am safe, held, blessed, abundant, prosperous and wealthy in SO many balanced ways that all weave into each other!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Wending Season

Wending means:
to direct one's course
to proceed on one's way. "Wending our way"

It is the wending season. There are so many possibilities open to us at the moment, so many potential paths. We literally create as we think right now.

There are portals open to allow us to cut through history and be in the eternal now.

Time to clear all negative patterns and to think positive thoughts only.

Time to really think about what we want. Do YOU know?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Practical Oneness

Feeling confused with what's going on in your life right now? Wondering why nothing is working like it used to? Please don't tell me it's because Mercury is retrograde: this goes way beyond that!
Wondering what to plug into where?

For everybody out there who is struggling with the current pushing and shoving that the Universe is lovingly making available to us to get us out of our old patterns and into more joy: hang in there, you are not on your own!

Right now many of us seem to be receiving very mixed messages:

love more, but NOT like before
let go BUT build at the same time
flow with intuition BUT remember how important structure is

That kind of thing.

It seems to me that life/the Divine is trying to show us a third way in everything that matters to us. Shaking us to shed our old dualistic ways of thinking and doing things. Pushing us to shed our "either/or" attitudes and habits to create a more unified, complex, subtle, rich, INCLUSIVE way of being and doing.

We are definitely being given PRACTICAL lessons into ONENESS!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Trust Meditation

Just had a wonderful meditation where I was imagining my path showing up in front of me just as I need to find it to take my next step.

Some fear arose. I asked what it was and realized that I was scared that if I trusted completely, the Divine would lead me to the edge of a metaphorical cliff and push me over the edge to show me that I could fly. I could see myself being ABLE to fly but really not enjoying the feeling.

Then the message came loud and clear: "We would never ask yo to do that"
"Why not I asked?"
"Because we know you don't like flying sensations. We will get yo where you need to go in a way that is comfortable for you"

I cried with joy.

Even now I still forget how much the Divine loves me. Loves all of us. I forget how much tenderness and support is available!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Joyful Creation Machine

Two weeks ago I had a new download of enlightening energy. It came as a result of YEARS of energy healing work, a very clear intention to be a channel for Divine Light in this world and 2 excellent chiropractic adjustments from my wonderful friend Nancy. I also know my boat is being floated by the general wave of Planetary Awakening occurring in the past month or so.

I woke up the morning after the first adjustment to find that the Light I used to go up to was sitting right on top of my head. I was being attuned to a higher vibration again! My head was tingling like mad. After a few hours, the Loving Light entered through my crown chakra. Over the next 2 weeks it gently moved down through my body, transforming each cell, clearing and balancing chakras in the most powerful way I have ever experienced, transmuting much negativity into pure joy.

An unexpected side effect is that my memory, which became very hazy when I was very ill 8 years ago has come back.

Another side effect is that when I tried to think about what was hapening, talk about it or move away from my beautiful corner of peaceful nature I had a nasty migraine. The migraine cleared up as soon as I stopped thinking, sat back or walked in nature and just went with the flow! Easy!

The Light and Love energy is in every cell of my body now, all the way to the sole of my feet. So now I can, more then ever, see the good in every one and I truly love every one on this planet and beyond. In the whole universe really.

I also feel more respect for my body as a beautiful expression of the Divine. I am not talking about how pretty or how thin, more what an amazing complex perfect CREATION MACHINE it is. And for the first time in my life I am finding it easy to honor that.

I am choosing joy as my daily experience. Whirling into the Heart of God and embodying the Light is why I am here.

The Light and my new body vibration are taking about 3 weeks to integrate into my life. i am finding a new balance again. I feel that I am now fully into the Heart of God. Which of course does not make me by any mean perfect or special. Just more joyful!

In my every day practical life, because there are only 24 hours in a day and I live mostly (though not always!) in the present and through this body, I spend time in places and choose to interact with people who harmonize with Light, Joy and Respect so we can flow and create together.

Together we learn, love, flow and create!