Friday, May 7, 2010

I am Abundance, Prosperity and Wealth

I am abundance, prosperity and wealth.

I am the abundance of time I have with my children as I am raising them. I am the abundance of friends who have loved me and my family throughout my life. I am the abundance of space, nature and fresh air that surround me daily. I am the abundance of support, mentoring, advice, love, patience that I have received all through my life. I am the abundance of freedom that I live with.

I am the prosperity of the peace and beauty that surround me in my village. I am the prosperity of my family's health. I am the prosperity of my spiritual growth, like a tree reaching for the Light. I am the prosperity of the nourishment I offer others who are also growing spiritually.

I am the wealth of opportunities that have come my way throughout my life. Opportunity to travel, to learn, to share, to love, to work, to rest.
I am the wealth of knowledge and wisdom I have gathered over the years. I am the wealth of remedies, flower essences, crystals, energy tools and love I use to support you in creating health, wealth, prosperity and abundance in YOUR life.

I can honestly say that I have done what I wanted with my life.

In 1989, 10 years out of high school and having lived in large cities though Europe, traveled and learned a lot already, I was walking through a beautiful English park with my then husband. I dreamed of traveling some more, of living somewhere safe, peaceful, quiet and beautiful, of working from a home we owned in a job where my clients would feel welcome (I thought I was going to run an inn, I did not know I was going to be a healer). I wanted my dog and my cat by me all day long. Those were my dreams.
Now I have all of that. Plus amazing kids that I did not know I wanted, plus my being a healer, that I did not know I was, plus living in the USA, that I did not know I would love!

In my life I have had or created the opportunity to do anything I wanted to. I have traveled to all the places I really wanted to go to. I have raised my kids exactly as I wanted to even though it was rather unconventional. I have been free when I wanted to be. I have been loved beyond measure. I am safe, held, blessed, abundant, prosperous and wealthy in SO many balanced ways that all weave into each other!


  1. I feel your abundance, prosperity and wealth Sophie! Great reminder of how precious life is and how to fully enjoy what we have now and who we have become :)

  2. Who we are becoming, every day, Soul Sister!