Saturday, May 8, 2010

Healers Leaping!

This week many healers, energy workers and enlightened individuals are reporting similar body sensations and a sense that "We are in the process of being "prepared" for Truth at a level not really experienced by the majority of the population." (Jeff Staebell)Something big is happening right now. Or has just happened maybe? I don't think it's over. It feels like we are right in the middle of it in fact, with today being the apex. This Mother's Day is going to be another powerful day for transformation if in your heart of hearts you are willing to leap at the crest of the wave.

First we felt confused, then great, peaceful and light. Later comes the realization of HOW MUCH we have changed and the need to ANCHOR the new energy we embody.

After the leap, it is imperative to stay more grounded. We are used to thinking of spiritual energy 'out there' but this week's shift is about anchoring spiritual energy down here. Anchoring the Light from Source down here in the third dimension will more available to people who are not yet so proficient with energy play.

If you need help with all this: call and make an appointment: I am having great fun with all of this and have already helped five clients and friends soothe and smooth the unsettled feelings that come with this profound shift.


  1. Because of a mutual friend, Dan Hays, I requested that we become friends on Facebook. Then I came here to your blog. I am glad that I did.

    Over the past two weeks things have been shifting for me in my recovery from incest. After many years of mostly calm, the past few weeks I have opened doors that I didn't even know existed before a recently ah-ha moment. Right after that I went through two days of major grieving. Now the shifting ground seems stable again. But like you said in your article, I don't feel that this is the end. I really think this is just the beginning with more to come. It is good to know that I am not the only one experiencing such major changes. Thank you.

  2. Thank you so much for reading my blog Patricia! I love working with Dan. His authenticity, universal love and courage are outstanding!

    I respect you and have so much tenderness for your choosing to recover. Yes, the past few weeks we have had the opportunity to learn things about us that we really did not know ere there! Not always pleasant. But so much better in the long run!

    I agree with you that this is "the beginning with more to come". Thank you so much because you inspired me to write today's post: Stand in Love

    I feel very close to you energetically. Thank you very much for standing by me.

  3. Sophie -
    You are so right! I had a Mother's Day that was a healing experience like nothing I have ever had before! I have been confronting for 3 years the old messages of a crazy Grandma who said if I grew up and became a famous writer, they would call me crazy and lock me up! To reinforce it, she shut me up in a darkened closet to show me what it would be like. I was 8 years old!

    Then Sunday, I did something that during all my work had never even occurred to me - I went into my closet, closed the door and sat down, to confront the "monsters in the closet." I came out healed in a very visceral way!

    I now have a Taj Majal of available new space in my world for things to expand and grow - and I too don't think there's an end in sight - just unlimited potential that can now be realized!

    Sophie, thank you so much for the protective and healing energy you sent me late Saturday night! I believe it gave me the strength and sense of safety to confront and defang those old messages at such a deep, deep level!

    And you and Patricia connecting - makes perfect sense!


  4. Dan, you continue to amaze me with your strength and courage. You give me strength to do the same with my own issues. I was never put into a small, dark closet but much of my abuse happened in the darkness of the night. Thank you both, Dan and Sophie, for befriending me at this time in my life. I strongly feel the strength radiating from each of us out to each other - very powerful feeling.