Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Mothering Patchwork Quilt

The mothering I received growing up was patchy to say the least. And just plain not enough for who I was and what I needed.

For many years I was extremely sad, sometimes even bitter or angry about it. And my heart was often cold.

Eventually I decided that I was a more pleasant person when I was happy so I decided to forgive. That took care of the angry bitterness but it did not keep my heart warm.

An Australian friend told me of a tradition where mothers sew a patchwork quilt for their child out of that child's favorite clothes, for years, adding the items one at a time. And the quilt grows with the child.

I started imagining the love my mother had given me as being a baby blanket that is the center piece of my patchwork quilt. Clearly that center piece was much too small for who I was as an adult so every time I met a woman that I felt was a good mother or who mothered me for a while, or gave wonderful hugs,

I imagined adding a patch of their loving mothering energy to my quilt.

I was creating my Mothering Patchwork Quilt,

not only in my mind but as a real energy of love around me.

My mothering patchwork quilt is quite big now. And very colorful. It is soft, comfortable. It keeps my heart and my whole energetic body warm, wrapped up in a comfy blanky of wonderful mothering love!

It has got so big that I can even share it with my kids, friends and clients.

If the mothering you received was insufficient, you can add to it any time, starting today, till you receive what your heart desires! En-JOY!!

What does YOUR mothering Patchwork quilt look and feel like?

Tell me in a comment below!

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  1. Thanks Sophie... this is beautiful.... I am inspired... thank you once again for the brilliant love & light that shines forth from your very being.... As i said I'm inspired....