Friday, May 29, 2009

Loveshine Sunshine Friday

This is a collection of today's Twitter Quantum tweets!

The absence of love on some level is the source of all dis-ease.

Trauma separates us from love and creates hell. Restore love to remove pain.

The absence of love on some level creates illness. Be it human loneliness or anger at the divine.

Love is what we are so separation from love is the ultimate pain.

We love God when we love people. We self-realize when we love each other.

Don't tell me u're on a spiritual quest if you can't love people!

Surrendering to love, all love, that is the way to the Heart of God.

Find the Heart of God.
It's right there, under your nose.
Relax into it.
It will happen if you let it.

Don't think about it: just love.
Love him, love her, love yourself.
And before you know it, you love God!

Through loving each other absolutely we dissolve into the Divine.

I don't know what else to tell you but : love, love, love!

Write a book they say!
A book?
Here it is: "Love... Then love some more"

trying our best,











Are YOU being LOVE today? Are YOU being Divine? Leave a comment and tell me how!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Twitter is a Funny Thing

Twitter is a funny thing.
It's a boomerang: what you throw out there comes right backatcha!
And it is a mirror: what you feel and believe is reflected back even faster than in other parts of life.
Twitter is a wishing well: whatever I want in the morning always appears in my stream usually within minutes. Let me give you some examples of what I mean:

I have had instances of being on the phone with my partner, working through a work related issue for example and a tweet appears on my stream just after he spoke, repeating nearly word for word what he just told me!

Or I have had down days, you know, low energy, feeling aimless and one of three friends will swoop in and pick me right up (you know who you are!) as soon as I say Good morning, before I even stated my mood or need. I may not interact with them for days. But somehow they know to talk to me when I need them. I am creating real community on Twitter, as supportive and loving as in my small town!

I woke up one morning thinking "I wish I could meet people who practice Reiki with their kids" and that day I met Alice Langholt
of @ReikiAwakening, who is an amazing Reiki Mom, Reiki Master, internet entrepreneur and now also a powerful agent of change in my life. Whenever I become famous we'll have to remember what I am telling you today and credit her for it!

I have met my website designer, my coaches and my practice development mentors thanks to Twitter if not directly on Twitter.

Twitter has provided me with so many things over the past three months:

the best therapy ever
a cafe where I hang out with friends for tea and a chat
a cabaret: some of those tweeple are FU_NNY!
a library full of amazing resources with kind helpful librarians,
a search engine on ANY subject I could ever imagine,
a peer support group for me as a healer and therapist,
a marketing class,
company for my bouts of insomnia
the company of people outside of my lovely old fashioned town who think like me
an endless source of POSITIVE THINKING
so many great quotes to inspire me daily
access to famous, successful, busy people I would never normally come close to
a social commentary
better, faster news than on television
travel documentary
access to people from ALL OVER THE WORLD, in an instant
and of course the ability to be deep in 140 characters!

So it got me thinking: what is it about Twitter that makes it the best cafe-library-Google-therapist-travel agent ever?

Twitter is Quantum Chaos!

There are so many people on Twitter, 24/7, from all over the world, in every time zone, thinking so many different things (because most of them are crazy multi-tasking creative trend-setters) simultaneously that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. There are so many potential interactions, cross-references, so much happening all at once that if I wish for something, someone in my stream can deliver it to me instantly or maybe in a couple of hours.

Sounds like quantum chaos? I think so!

Particles (Tweeples) that randomly appears 'out of nowhere' , interact with each other and exchange energy in a way that is temporary, virtual and uncertain to exchange information and CREATE new energy fields? It sounds like quantum entanglement and it also describes Twitter very well! Tweeple come and go, like subatomic matter moving in and out of the Zero Point Field. Each tweet creates a tiny amount of energy but added together, they produce an infinite amount of energy!

Just like in the field quantum aggregates around conscious intelligence, around intention, on Twitter thought also aggregates around intention. What I want now or need to know creates itself around my intention. But it's fleeting. The next second someone else's intention creates a different pattern around themselves and I am happy to be a part of that and provide them with what they desire. So uncertainty is another characteristic Twitter shares with the quantum field.

And what about entanglement? What if once you have communicated meaningfully with someone on Twitter you are forever linked on the subatomic level in this holographic universe of ours. Have you thought about that? Have you REALLY thought about the possibility of hope for peace through collective work and through entrainment with people of good will, create daily, one 140 character tweet at a time?

Twitter is permanent motion,
constant energy vibrating through time and space,
illusion and reality all in one.
And on Twitter we are all in One,
creating a dynamic reality.

I find that the more quantum energy work I do, the faster what I wish for appears in my life generally. But on Twitter it's pretty much instant magic! This is what I tweeted on

"Twitter is officially my Magic World. Where the best most joyful things happen!! HA-PPY!"

What is YOUR experience of Twitter? Share it with me in your comments!

PS You can contact Alice here:

Friday, May 22, 2009

Trust my Intuition.

In my earlier post How Do I Know it's my Intuition? I told you that intuition is all about practice. I still practice with my intuition daily and I am always learning how it works in my life.

Today was our first really hot summer day so I decided to stay at the dojo during my daughter's karate class instead of going on my usual walk. Sometimes I am the only parent waiting. Didn't feel like meditating today. A picture of me eagerly reading a book I really enjoy flashed through my mind. Ok: grab a book and I'll read it there. I always have several on the go. None of them gave me the eager wanting to read I felt in my vision so I muscle tested to decide which one would be optimum for me to read today but all tested negative. I quickly checked in again: still a picture of me reading a book. Not a newspaper or a brochure. Annoyed by the contradiction between: "You will eagerly read a book" and "DON'T take a book with you" I just picked one I like from the top of my pile.

At the dojo, book closed on my lap and no impulse to open it, I the newspaper... chat with other parents... daydream... until a friend I had not seen in over a month walks in and says: "I have this book I promised to lend you last month. It's in my car, I'll get it for you!" I rarely see her at the dojo. I had forgotten about her offer to loan me a book. I had no way of knowing she would be there TODAY. But as soon as she gave it to me I felt eager to read this fascinating book and recognized the intense feeling from my intuitive flash of information!

So my intuition WAS right: I was at the dojo, eagerly reading a book and I did NOT need to bring my own. Those little practical, very concrete stories remind me to TRUST MY INTUITION.

Are YOU practicing trusting your intuition in the little things so you know what it feels like to count on it for more important situations? To learn more about intuition, listen in!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Turn the Shame Into Love

I am in agony of pain. It doesn't happen often anymore. But today I am in agony of pain. On Twitter I am known as 'Happy Sophie', 'Wise Sophie', 'Wonderful Sophie'. All the loving things people say about me. I love Tweeples for saying all this and I love myself for bringing all these friends into my life, for creating a supportive reality on line as I already have in my beautiful little New England town.

My life is gooood in so many ways!

But today, another layer is being uncovered, another veil is being lifted. I was reading today's post on the Violence Unsilenced site and I remembered. It all came back flooding through me, through my body once again.

Of course
I have forgiven. Many times.
I bear no grudge. Anymore.
I understand why it happened. It was mostly PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)
I want no revenge. The best revenge is to live well.
I know we are born good. Then stuff happens.

But this one sentence in today's post: "I think I was a very smart little girl to freeze the natural love a child feels for a parent because he was a violent, scary man." had me unexpectedly howling with pain as I realized how true that was of my own childhood. And in the next second I understood, in every cell of my body, why both my marriages failed: because as an infant I 'froze the natural love a child feels' and promptly became ashamed of myself for 'not being nice'. Because where love cannot be, other things take hold, like fear, shame, anger and distance. When we freeze love, normal flowing interactions stop. And that is exactly what happened in my parents home. I worked on it for years, healed many many layers and aspects of this horrendous mess. But today I realized that the last layer was shame. A shame so insidious, so much a pervasive part of who I have thought I was that it prevented me from seeing that sometimes the love is still frozen and I create or attract unnecessary distance in my life.

I am going to go to bed early. And in the morning Happy Sophie will work her magic, remove blocks, change patterns, dissolve shame into love and download joy. And I will be held and guided through it: two wonderful, sweet, supportive, compassionate, safe men are already scheduled to spend time with me tomorrow to coach me on how to move my life forward. They are exactly what I need and they are very typical of the men I bring into my life nowadays: sweet support. Fixers, not destroyers.

My life is good.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for hearing and seeing me. That is exactly what the victims, ex-victims and recovering soldiers of violence need: they need to be seen so that THE ABUSE STOPS. And I posted this today so that my shame stops here and now and is transmuted into love. So be it.

What are you going to do to dissolve shame into love for yourself or the people around you?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Think From Your Heart Teleclass

Whether you are new to energy healing or a lightworker, energy healer or coach already, this workshop is for YOU. Learn to deepen your natural talent and to stay balanced while growing it.

I am offering one of my workshops over the phone:
The "Think From Your Heart" Teleclass
starts Tuesday, May 26, 2009 at 7pm EST.

These three 90 minute calls over 3 weeks will absolutely transform the way you look at yourself, approach energy and understand yourself.
This is an EXPERIENTIAL workshop where I will guide you through energy exercises for YOU to transform yourself and become more of who you are.


Week 1
Learn to ground yourself properly. I mean really ground yourself.
Learn to connect with Source RELIABLY.

Week 2
Learn to muscle test ACCURATELY.
Learn to listen to your intuition and to trust it.

Week 3
Strengthen your intuition.
Learn to to think with your heart and feel good about it.

The class fee is $100 and you can register here:

Friday, May 8, 2009

How do I know it's my Intuition?

How do I know it' s my intuition and not some crazy thought? How do I know I am being guided? How do I know my mind is not playing games with me?

Practice. That's the high-tech, woowoo, deeply spiritual answer: PRACTICE.
There is no secret to intuition: it's simple and it's useful. Anything that is useful is PRACTICAL. So the more you practice it, the more practical it becomes!

How do you practice listening to your intuition? In baby steps. Remember how you learned to walk? One small step at a time. And how you learned to ride a bike? A little bit at a time, first on a tricycle, then with the trainer wheels, then all on your own! If you had gone really fast straight away on the 'big bike' any mistake would have had disastrous consequences. And it's exactly the same thing with intuition: if you made a mistake before you really understand how your intuition works, that could have disastrous consequences. So you take it easy and slowly. You keep the trainer wheels on for as long as you need to.

Small ways to practice your intuition are: tuning in to see if you can guess who is calling when the phone rings. Listening to the voice that says: "Take THIS road, not that one." "Buy TWO pints of milk, not one."
Guessing a number that can be verified. It does not matter if you get it wrong and you can easily check if you were right to listen.

Start intuiting with your body, involve as many senses as you can. A body sensation is clearly NOT a crazy thought. My kids have learned to hold things in their hands and the one that feels warm and comfortable in their hand is the one they need/ want/ are attracted to. They have learned to trust that their body knows what they need.

Later on you can listen to the voice that says: "Book your ticket for this specific date." "Buy this car, not that one" "Call this Realtor, they have the house you want". You are practicing with larger decisions but your logical mind can still understand, check what is happening and stay in control if need be.

Through months and years of practicing in that way, you do two things:

1- you gather evidence that your intuition is right and you learn to TRUST it

2- even more importantly, you learn WHAT INTUITION FEELS LIKE in your body. Do you feel it in your heart area? in your your solar plexus? in your gut? Is it a tightening or a relaxing?
Fluttering butterflies? A 'voice' in your ears? Do you always have a certain smell associated with strong intuition? Or a sign, image or symbol just before, like a warning, or just after, like a confirmation? The possibilities are truly endless and only YOU will know what is true for YOU. That is why you need to practice! With as many senses as you can involve.

The next stage of intuition is when you feel that you need to do something that is not logical and cannot be justified by your mind but it comes with the signs and body feelings that you have learned always lead you to where you need to be. So by now you trust your intuition and follow it safely. There is no right and there is no wrong. There is just experience in the now.

There is NO mystery to intuition: it's a normal human ability, it's a skill and YOU can learn (remember) how to use your intuition just like everyone else.
If you want help in understanding this in more detail, email me

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Why Everything Matters

Life is made up of small things. It is a collection of small things, one after the other, one instant after an other. When we look back or look ahead we see the whole and call it 'my life'. But really there is no such thing as 'my life' since it is only my consciousness going for one moment to another and each moment is over in a second.

When I look at 'my life' in that way it reminds me of the quantum, existing individually next to each other. With intention, Intelligence (Divine) creates a FOCAL POINT of energy. Quantum aggregates around the focal point and creates an energy pattern, then light, then a shape, and later maybe a more 'solid reality' such as a planet or a person or an object etc. But at the core of the object we see is really nothingness, emptiness, just like at the core of the time that I call 'my life', there is nothing solid.

This spaciousness means several things to us as strands of consciousness having a human experience on earth:

1- every moment, every little thing matters because every moment and every little thing is all we really have. There is no moment greater than another. Some moments have a stronger desire or intention in them and so they have further reaching consequences. But they have no superior value as such.

2- between 2 instants there is SO MUCH SPACE (and therefore time) that we can change our 'whole life' in that infinite space. That is where 'instant healing' , also called Quantum Healing, happens. That is what we call a 'miracle'. That is why we can literally change our life in an instant.

3- our intention is paramount because it is the focal point around which the quantum and the moments that make up our 'life' aggregate and organize themselves. Every little thing matters because every intention becomes matter.

So our intelligence creates intention which is a focal point. Quantum and moments of 'time' aggregate around our focus. The addition of those moments is what we perceive as our life. But really it is a forever changing, forever in motion, forever dynamic creation. The good news of course is that if we don't like what we have in 'my life', just can change it, in an instant!

Are YOU having the experience of a lifetime in this moment?

If you want to change your focal point and change your experience of each instant
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Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Time is Now

"I have kids so I can't do my spiritual work now."
"I am responsible for a family so I need to have a job and I can't dedicate myself to my life's work at the moment.'
" I know I have a higher purpose in life but I can't make it happen now because I need to work to pay off my loans."

I have heard the same story so many times and in so many guises! And that is what it is: a story. It's a story we tell ourselves because we believe that our spirituality and our every day life are two separate things. But how could that be? Spirituality is the practice of Love: loving ourselves, loving the Divine, loving others as much as ourselves, recognizing the Divine in others. Being truly spiritual is all about LOVING. And how do you feel about your kids and your family? LOVING! So where exactly is the problem? Seems to me it's all about the same thing: it's all about LOVING.

No, I did not say it's all about Love. I purposefully said "Loving", which is love as a verb and the verb creates. The verb is action. So Love in action. Loving action.

I'm not teaching you grammar, I am making a very very important spiritual point here: because Love can be without action.
Love can be felt while sitting for hours in a temple. I have done it a lot and I really enjoy it.
Love can be reached through contemplation and prayer. I have done it a lot and I really enjoy it.
Love for the Divine, the universe and the beauty of creation can be felt while communing with nature on a beautiful walk, in the sunset, by the sea, in the forest. the Divine is so present to us in natural beauty. So easy to access in silence. I have gone to beauty and silence often to dissolve myself in the awesome beauty of infinite Divine Love.

In fact I spent the first 46 years of my life in near constant pain, aching for the perfect beauty and peace of the Divine. Longing to the point of tears for Heaven, for my soul mates, for ... for something 'out there'.

But what I was learning at the same time was that 'out there' is right here. That love can be Love in Action. Loving action.
Loving is the perfect beauty in my messy child covered in paint or flour or mud. When my daughter says to me with delight in her voice: "Look at the blossom on our apple tree",
in that moment not only do I commune with the Divine in natural beauty, I also commune with my child's heart. More Loving. In her awe, wonder and joy, I find even more of the Divine.

It's the same nature, the same sunset, the same forest, the same ocean on our own or with company: so why do we believe that we need to have alone, quiet time to really access the Divine?

I think it' s because for centuries (millenia?) we collectively chose to experiment with such a heavy vibration of physicality and duality that the individuals who wanted to transcend these conditions and reach a higher, finer vibration had to isolate themselves, go to a monastery, sit on top of a mountain. Preferably in Egypt or in Tibet. Only kidding! It takes a whole society to allow the chosen few to access the Divine in a meaningful way with this priesthood or monastic system.

But now we are collectively and consciously making a different choice: we are choosing that all can access the Divine. So that is going to mean you and me, right now. With the rent, the mortgage, the taxes, the job, the wife or husband and the kids.

Of course family comes first and children' s needs come first. I know: I am a Mom to 3 and a step mom to 2. I have been pregnant, breastfeeding or homeschooling for over 16 years, non-stop. I was earning an income from home AND I became a Reiki Master, a kinesiologist and a Quantum Healer at the same time. Do you know how?
By turning what I did every day with and for my family into my core spiritual practice. By applying all the spiritual precepts and energy tools I was studying in book right here, right now in my family life. And family gives you plenty of opportunities to be Loving, which is being spiritual.

Reiki? Sure: it's the best thing to relax children, stop fights in their tracks, heal grazed knees, strengthen the immune system and drop a fever in 5 minutes.
Buddhist Loving Kindness and 'patience as a virtue'? Sure: you can practice that when your 2 your old asks "why" for the 60th time that day & you answer lovingly
Compassion? Sure: you can practice that when a toddler hits your perfect child on the head for no apparent reason!
Buddhist 'no gossiping' rule: sure! You can practice that at the school gates or at the office any time! You don't need to be a monk or a nun to do that! And if you don't gossip in front of your children, they learn to be respectful as well.
I will go through all these principles and how to make your family your spiritual practice in my next post.

What I want to say here is that you can become enlightened at home with kids, a partner and a mortgage. You do not need to delay your spiritual quest for anyone. You can learn as much as you need, practice as much as you want and grow all you desire right here and right NOW!

Your time to do your spiritual work and to answer your higher calling is NOW!

What are YOU going to do about it today?

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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Planetary Awakening

The veil between our physical 3D reality and what is often referred to as 'the other world' has been thinning fast for over a century. It is part of our planetary awakening.

Around the 1900s we learned to converse with the deceased more easily and a substantial number of seekers became aware of the fact that we never really die. Instead, the soul survives and is able to communicate with the 'living' after the death of its body. This was confirmed more recently by a substantial number of people reporting their 'near death experiences'.
For me the significance of near death experiences is not to establish whether the individual actually died or actually saw God or only had a normal, boring, physical reaction caused by oxygen deprivation or by a change in body chemistry.
What I think is significant with a near death experience is that the individual invariably comes back emotionally, psychologically and spiritually transformed. Calmer, more confident, more joyful, free of fear, wanting to have a life of service and full of love for others, aware of the common good, selfless.
The other significant fact is the similarity in the transformation regardless of the patients' age, sex, educational or religious background.
Thirdly it seems that people who were NOT religious prior to the near death experience come back describing an experience that many spiritual and religious individuals have in the course of their practice without having to come close to death. We call it prayer, meditation, spiritual ecstasy, enlightenment. With the publicity given to those experiences, more and more people are coming forward and openly discussing what is to them a very real experience of communicating with their deceased loved ones or with angels and other benign or helpful entities.

For most healers and psychics it is now very common place to communicate with disembodied souls and with angels in the course of their work. The information is usually accurate, often helpful and always reassuring.

After WWI easier travel allowed westerners to come into contact with Eastern philosophies. After WWII we started really learning from Eastern Masters and experiencing their meditation and exercise techniques. We learned how to be aware of the subtle energies in our body. Acupuncture has now been scientifically proven. As have the effects of meditation on brain function and heart health. While observing the physical effects of such energy manipulation techniques on our physical body and on our emotions, Western science still treated the more metaphysical aspect of the meditative or spiritual experience as poetic nonsense, a mere flight of fancy. Caused this time, not by oxygen deprivation but by over-oxygenation. Yes, I am smiling!

And now suddenly, quantum physics describes a world very similar to the visions of the mystics of all times: the infinitely small is the same as the infinitely large; there is no beginning and no end to the universe; there is a consciousness, an intelligence, that organizes matter at will; light becomes matter and matter is really made up of nothingness at its core. In spiritual language: the world is born of the void, matter is the void at its core and when we merge with the void we become one with it and are suddenly part of everything at once. The goal of Eastern practice was called "enlightenment" before quantum physics popped into our consciousness and ...guess what? it turns out we are all made out of light that becomes particles of matter when they change frequency. So en-LIGHT-enment was a pretty accurate description to start with!

Thousands of us now meditate daily, practice qi-gong, acupuncture and Reiki or modify our brain frequency at will. All these practitioners live in a world where subtle energies are experienced, seen and felt as strongly and accurately as the physical. It took dedicated, focused training. We worked at this for years, practiced intensively. Often starved ourselves of food, social contact or sexual intimacy for extended periods of times to alter our perception, to make ourselves 'lighter' (there's that light again!). That is because we were born with an old style body and were trying to remember the Light, our true nature. In the process we developed psychic and healing abilities, compassion and forgiveness. We learned to let go and to let God. We became generally nicer, less aggressive people. But Boy! oh Boy! did we earn all this!

What we see now are adults being spontaneously activated and suddenly becoming aware of increased intuition or healing powers. Most of them did not particularly ask for this, they really are not sure what to do with it or how to use it. They have not been trained on how to focus this newly found energy or ability and it often makes a mess of their lives. Either because they try to repress it and become physically ill or because they try to use it without guidance or protocol and end up with TMI (Too Much Information).

For the past 20 years we have also had and increasing number of children being born with psychic and healing powers. They are natural healers. When they escape ADD medication and are supported at home, they work deeper, faster and more efficiently than any trained adult healer I know. We call them the Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children. When their generation is in charge, they will make the world a very different place!

So if you have been changing recently, finding it easier to meditate, to manifest, to be clairaudient or clairvoyant, to use your intuition, to communicate with Spirit or spirits, be assured that you are one of many. You are part of the planetary awakening that is taking place with the thinning of the veil.

What part are YOU playing in our planetary awakening?
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