Monday, May 10, 2010

Stand in Love

Thank you so much for being with me in this current wave of Planetary Awakening. In this life time I have been consciously aware of our current awakening for 11 years. Most of that time I traveled with one, maybe two friends by my side. So meeting so many wonderful individuals who are on the same path feels like true abundance and gives me great joy!

I have trained with such grounded, powerful, awe inspiring healers, spiritual masters and religious leaders that I am very confident in my abilities to read a situation or a person's energies. I know when what I know is true. I also know when I am not sure and I am not afraid to say so.

It is wonderful, inspiring and heart warming to witness humanity become aware of its own power at last.

My message today is that THERE IS NO END IN SIGHT. We can stop wishing that 'things would slow down' or 'become clearer' or be easier. They are not going to be for while. What we are going through is evolution of the same magnitude as when humans started walking erect or our thumb became oppositional to the fingers. But this time we are reshaping our endocrine system, our chemical balance, our emotions and our access to our spirituality and to the unused corners of our brains.
We are changing in order to adapt to new circumstances and it is not going to stop. if it did we would probably not survive as a race. At the very least we would stop thriving and learning. There is no space for stagnant complacency in our universe. Complacency breeds death. So here is what works at the moment:

  • Breathe deep
  • Sleep as much as you can
  • Ground yourself as often as you can/remember
  • Eat healthy nutritious foods
  • Open your minds to new possibilities
  • Trust your intuition
  • Learn as many healing techniques as you need
  • Make friends who understand what you are going through
  • Create a supportive spiritual community for yourself
  • Be prepared to lose everything you know or have in order to be reborn and hopefully you won't have to go through all that.

This is by no means the end of the world but it most certainly is the end of the world as we have known it in our recorded history.

I am constantly given glimpses of the future and the future is not scary. It is potentially more peaceful, more creative, more aware, more enlightened. We still need to let go of the old in order to give birth to the new.

Stand in your power.

Stand in your JOY.

Stand in love for yourself

Stand in love for others

Stand in the Heart of God

Those are the keys.

With much Love,



  1. Sophie, I was directed to your blog a couple of weeks ago by my friend Dan Hayes. He and I have been sharing similar journeys, and he suggested your posts reflected our experience, so I came here to check them out. My spiritual practice, as I understood it, has not embraced many of the concepts you talk about, but what you are describing is what I have been experiencing for more than a year. A year ago something, I don't really remember what, made me aware of some self-imposed limitations and prompted me to set out on a journey to move beyond those limitations. By the end of 2009, I had indeed moved beyond each of those limitations of which I had been aware, and thought my work was finished.

    It turns out, just as you have been saying and just as you repeat so clearly here today, that it is not finished. I feel I am transforming exponentially and see no end in sight. I feel as if I've been surfing a wave and every time I get near the shore, the shore recedes into the distance.

    So, it is reassuring to have your posts and your perspective. Thank you,

  2. your reference to the endocrine system is most interesting. another healer friend told me that is why there are so many autoimmune syndromes...that it is part of our evolution. also she said to put tincture of iodine on the soles of our feet...that it would help with the evolutionary process...

    and yes, to standing in Love. what else is there? i mean, we all know the alternatives aren't working so well any more. right?

    with Love

  3. Thank you so much for your comment Carl!
    The miracles that happen when we remove self imposed limitations! Shows that we really are the creators of our own reality, with the support of the Divine's infinite love!

    There is no end to Creation. We are just beginning to learn that I think.

    Thank yo so much for being here with me!

  4. Carl, I feel the same way as you. Sophie, yes to all of what you said. I feel it too. I have learned to trust my intuitive abilities and they tell me this is just the beginning for a lot of us. It is wonderful to find a spiritual community such as you have built here and on Facebook. Thanks for including me in that community. I have been standing in my power for awhile now. My recent radio interview was just another way of doing that. I have been so blessed with the people that have come into my life since I started blogging almost 3 years ago. Limitations are falling away and new doors are opening. I love your article. Thank you.

  5. Sue: I agree with your friend that we have so many auto immune diseases at the moment because as a race we are trying new ways of being and different ways of balancing skills and abilities in human beings. Same reason we have ADD, ADHD, autism etc. We are trying different ways to evolve as a race so certain skills are emphasized in certain individuals, often to the detriment of other abilities. And that creates unusual individuals that we have not yet learned to relate to successfully. For sure the key is going to be in the endocrine system, which is where the Divine becomes matter.

  6. Patricia: can you please leave your blog's url in a comment here so my readers can find you as well?
    Many thanks!

    "I have learned to trust my intuitive abilities and they tell me this is just the beginning for a lot of us. " Tears of relief came to my eyes when I read this! You speak the truth!

    "Thanks for including me in that community." You bet! It's all Dan Hays' good work! hehe!

  7. Spiritual Journey Of A Lightworker

  8. Sophie, I feel so blessed to know you. All you say is what I feel, I see, I hear, I know, I am!

    Much love, Caryl ♥

  9. Sophie,

    Your posts always enlighten and inspire me to think beyond what I experience to tune in deeper, and consider where I am and where I'm headed. Thank you for that.