Sunday, February 28, 2010

Juice Feasting Day 3: Higher Vibration

Today I feel that I am in a higher, finer vibration. I am:

1- more peaceful:

I barely felt the full moon last night. I am usually affected by the full moon, in an intense, heightened sort of way but last night's full moon was the most peaceful one I've had since my teens I think.

2- more keenly aware. Which means that
  • I feel emotions more fully, both positive and negative. But the emotions also pass through much more easily and I return to center much faster than usual. So more peaceful overall as nothing lingers in my system
  • and I am more accurate and able to read energy: I'll give you an example: this morning, out of the blue, I saw in my mind's eye a friend of mine meeting with his sister today, which would be unusual. Then his text said: "Getting ready for church". I instantly knew what church he was going to and that was his mother's, not his sister's. When I called in the afternoon, I felt her presence so strongly around him that I thought he was at her house. No: she had come to the church I saw him going to, for an event I knew nothing about! I had to laugh!

3- more able to move my shoulder.

4- grateful that 2 hours after I wished for a better juicer a friend offered to lend me one and to bring it to me. I love you Nancy!

5- determined to follow my intuition to the letter again. For the past 2 months I have tried to be more 'reasonable' and logical. I am now keenly aware that it does not work for me. I end up being miserable and making all sort of mistakes when I think mostly with my head.
For instance: last Wednesday my guidance told me to travel. It ignored it because I just got home on Sunday and it was more 'reasonable' to apply the money to a bill.
It turned out that
  • I missed an important event by not going
  • I was alone instead of with friends for the full moon manifestation of a project
  • I ended up in a bitter disagreement that would not have happened had I traveled
  • my kids spent most of the week end away from home and did not really need me here
So I am back to thinking from the heart. It works much better for me and things fall into place when I do. And even if they did not, I would have no regrets. And THAT is worth all the money in the world!

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