Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ask an Angel

Because Planetary Awakening abilities are being revealed now, many of us are increasingly able to see, hear or feel angels. And we can talk about it openly. Some of us are also realizing that we have some angelic qualities even though we are still very human (see my November 2009 posts Angels Aren't Nice and Protecting Human Angels)

Working with Angels is so sweet. It is different every time. It is always very moving, emotional. Because your emotions 'move' you and are the gateway to your spirituality, so Angels move you into your spirituality in a variety of small and large ways.

But the main thing to remember when living with angels is that:

Angels NEVER interfere.
Angels only intervene when we intercede.

In other words angels respect your free will and they will guide and support only when you ask.

So ask. Angels are absolutely respectful & they listen to you: ask them for guidance and support, for protection, for miracles. But ask! Very rarely do angels intervene uninvited and that's usually in life and death situations.

How do YOU live with Angels?

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for reminding me that angels are around us and, although connected, interact with us only when asked. So now I'll ask more often and more specifically and watch what happens.
    Now you newly inspired me!