Friday, November 13, 2009

Angels Aren't Nice

Angels aren't nice.

They are compassionate. They are helpful. They are disembodied and therefore more nimble in their actions.

Angels love you more than you will ever comprehend
while in a human body.

Angels will save your life or your children's. Whisper guidance in your ear. Sing to you as you awake. Embrace you when you need to be held. Give you a parking spot if that is what you really desire. They can be very funny at times.

But their aim is not to be 'nice'. Their aim is to do what's right and to support you.

At times that might mean being tough, making hard choices, yielding power.

The wrath of an angel can be as vast as its love.

The same of course goes for human angels.

People often feel my love for them first. I send healing their way, remove pain, help with a 'miracle' and they say: "You are an angel". They are right of course since I could be described as a human angel. I have been called various things: a spiritual Master. An Awakened Goddess.
Even a Saint in some traditions. Such a wonderful varied world of perception out there!
All being a human angel means is that I can read someone's energy, know what they feel then think a positive thought and remove their pain. It's just a normal human ability, that most have not uncovered yet.

But back to my point. Then my new friend or client realizes that I am quite happy to speak the truth and use my sword to cut through the knot of ignorance if need be. My foul mouth surprises some. I am happy to love all of creation. All of my creation. I embrace and love the shadow of each individual as much as their Light, their sweetness as well as their bitterness. And I feel personally responsible for all of who they are in my world since they are a mirror of me and we are One.

Angels aren't nice. They are real. And multi-faceted, just like everybody else!

In the beautiful words of @
LeeHiller : "Angels are strong fierce and often battle ready but are kind, compassionate and want us to do well they are complex beauty. There are days I wear my battle Amour & feel like am an Archangel. Other days made of Love & light. Yes the gentle soul & fierce warrior it's all one. I often find it a conflict within my own heart."

Lee's deep comments are making me think that I need to be better at accepting both aspects within myself so that it is better accepted by those who interact with me. Thank you Lee!

Do YOU have a story about an angel who was more than 'nice'?


  1. Great post Sophie and an interesting perspective. I expected something else when I clicked on the link. I am not familiar in speaking or listening to Angels. Perhaps I should take this on.

  2. Sophie - Thank you so much for saying what I have struggled to explain. It's why sometimes I 'push people into the pool.'

  3. What did you expect Megan? I would love to answer what you expected to see here!

  4. Thank you for your comment Gayle! Yes, angels find it hard to say no. Then we need space and we 'push people in the pool'. Been there... :o)