Thursday, November 5, 2009

Emotional Detox With the Flu

I think we only really suffer from things like the flu if we have been resisting an emotional or spiritual change so the physical body takes over and 'grounds' us to force us to think about the consequences of our actions like a parent does with a reckless teenager!

And while each individual person reacts to a 'bug' in a different way, each illness also has its own general purpose and challenges us in specific areas of our lives to give us a chance to heal them.

Which brings me to the current 'swine' flu. It has all the usual flu symptoms but some are unusual or unusually strong.

1. very high fever, repeatedly: that's good because a fever is a great purifying fire that burns away toxins in your body, including old emotional toxins. As well as creating an environment in which it is difficult for the virus to thrive of course. Fever can also alter your perception and allow you to see things you don't usually notice.

2. vomiting and diarrhea in some people. Unusual for a flu, but more detoxing right there!

3. of course this flu gives you the usual shivers. But it is also particularly painful in your JOINTS which means that it is cleaning impurities in there, for those of us who have control issues and don't let go easily.

4. deep breathing issues with this flu, which is about repressed and unexpressed SADNESS. It seems to clean old, very old sadness, all the way to the bottom of your lungs. (unless you had done that part of the work before of course!)

5. violent, painful sinus infection: that's about not crying when you need to as well as irritation with someone who is close to you. So let go, cry and say what you have to say to your loved ones!

6. lasting in many cases 3 to 5 weeks, this flu is unusually long and tiring and therefore really debilitating: again that's about letting go. When you are so tired that you are disabled, the only thing you can do is let go, allow other people to help and learn to receive!

7. the swine flu keeps coming back. Every time you think you're getting better, it comes back, with another twist, another layer, a deeper issue: it feels like the Divine Hand grabbing you back and saying: "Not so fast! There's more: LOOK DEEPER! SURRENDER into it instead of fighting it!"

8. Because it is such a serious illness, you really need to REST. In our society of super heroes who can keep going for ever, this flu only goes away when you SLEEP A LOT. For days.

9. It makes you hungry. Unusual isn't it? Most flus spoil your appetite or numb your taste buds. This one makes you feel like you want to EAT. Makes sense to me: it goes well with REST

With this particular virus spreading so fast and affecting so many I really think that swine flu is supporting Planetary Awakening by guiding us to:
  • detox sadness
  • detox resentment
  • detox toxic relationships
  • eat
  • rest
Truly deeply happy people (and therefore most children) avoid it all together or have it more lightly and recover much faster than sad or resentful individuals is my observation.

The Divine and our bodies are so wise and always find a way to get us to let go and grow!

I hope for YOU that you can learn all those lessons gracefully and WITHOUT getting the flu!


  1. Sophie - I found your post through Harmon Hathaway on Twitter. Im going to send it to one of my dear ones, who was hit quite hard with ... something this flu season. Tho it was probably a virus, the symptoms had the same effect, turning her life inside out. Perhaps this will speak to her. I think you for your good work

  2. Yes ,the term flu is to vent or let stuff out.When we are "sick" with flu it is the body releasing something. Good info Sophie
    Dr Joe

  3. good read with a positive and meaningfull take on life and the flu !! thanks for link!

  4. Thank you so much for reading and for your comment Dr Joe! I had never thought of the meaning of 'flu' in that context but it makes complete sense!

  5. Amy, Harmon Hathaway's asked me to post below the comment that he emailed me. I find it very interesting. How did your 'Dear One' like this post? The swine flu is an aggressive virus and it creates a lot of pain in the body as well as the emotions!

  6. Thank you Master of Many Things! :o)

  7. Dear Sophie,

    Your presentation of this subject is remarkable and presents some rare insights for us to consider when in reality the body is attempting to rid itself (detox) from physical and emotional abuse. Trusting & pampering our heart & body wisdom I feel, is a wonderful way to heal.

    I have found that the majority of people look at an illness, as you describe, in the negative, as if this is a “bad” thing that is happening to them. This is more a stigma promoted in the culture and detracts from viewing the subject of what is going on with the body now, and what is it asking for.

    Over 46 years of introducing breathing and opening nature's body, quite often people will come down with an episode as you describe; fever, chills & soreness of the bones and muscles.

    This happened to me on three occasions over a 7 year period & the first time this happened Monica encouraged me to allow my body to tremble when chills hit and make the sounds I felt like making. If there are somatics that make you feel like moaning & groaning, do that. In a way feeling helpless like a child, one can be with the body and all the somatics. Knowing how to breathe the body open was a distinct advantage to riding out a ‘cold’

    This first episode lasted for 3 days & then lifted. My thoughts about this at the time were that the body was unwinding from all of the abuses it had taken in playing football, boxing and other youthful challenges that are ‘fun’ for the male animal. :)

    About three years latter the same somatics came on, almost as if some one had thrown a cloud over the body, with no forewarning. To bed and all attention went to working with this episode. This lasted for about a day and a half and lifted. The third time this occurred it just settled over the body in a flash & I thought: Oh No! I don’t have time for this. So I ran a hot bath and as I stepped into it, all of a sudden it lifted! Strange, but true. That was my 15 minute cold!

    I do feel that our body does need to detoxify every once in awhile as we are working with awareness because of all the indigestible & unnatural impressions we are heir to, as Voltaire says: in this the best of all possible worlds.