Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thank You For Sharing!

In the past month three Twitter followers have told me that my tweets and this blog 'held them together' during 'dark times'. One said that it 'saved his life'. I love them with my whole heart! I am SO thankful that they shared with me and made me feel valued and so thankful that I am a part of their life.

So thankful that I myself received the love and support I needed so that I can be here today.

I was not always happy. I too used to have very dark times from the age of 7, in my teens and 20s. As well as the depression and PTSD I was diagnosed with gout, endometriosis, pre-cancer, IBS and asthma. In my 30s I refused to be diagnosed but had all the symptoms of breast cancer at the same time as Crone's disease.

I spent 6 years rebuilding my body holistically (no medication) and I have been re-patterning my emotions and thoughts DAILY for about 12 years.

I am now completely symptom free and am joyful most days and I have gone from a size 10/12 to a size 4 in a year, without trying and without dieting. I can even eat wheat bread again! Hooray!!

I am thankful that the love I received from so many over the years is being passed on and is blossoming into the lives of my beloved brothers and sisters. Thank you for sharing your lives with me!

Please leave YOUR comment. Together we heal!


  1. You really have been my light at the end of the tunnle, thanks to you I didnt cry so much....

  2. The thing about life is this.. you never know what another is carring.. so even if all you can do is give your smile you never know just how much that will do.
    People look at me and think that I'm always so happy. I am now ! 2 years ago I wasn't
    I have walked through some pretty horrible fires but have come back to myself and my truths and believing in myself and accepting the energy that the world shnes at me with open arms has changed everything, and twitter has been a huge part in that. My whole day is now full on connecting with fabulous wonderful people who continue to shape my world
    Thank you Sophie for being one of them :)