Monday, November 23, 2009

What I Am Worth

I really got it this week end: how much I earn and what kind of relationships I have with people have little to do with my skills, my ability or what I want. Instead they are a direct reflection of what I UNCONSCIOUSLY believe I am worth or I deserve.

My childhood programming, unresolved past life memories and soul choices combine in my unconscious to create a vibration that I am not even aware of most of the time. That vibration attracts situations and people that are a compatible match and that mirror me.


1- I can stop blaming myself for 'messing up' because in most cases I am not aware I am doing it

2- I am now watching myself to catch what I really believe unconsciously, in spite of my best conscious intentions

3- I am even more grateful than before for all the wonderful people in my life who are my mirror, whether what they bring me looks positive or negative: they are only pointing me towards my truth. And that truth is that I am Love, finding my way back to the Divine. And it's much easier to see what is going on with me when I look at others than when I try to look at my own nose, which is really hard to do if you've ever tried!

What do YOU think?

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  1. Sophie,

    Wow! I found your blog through Lissa Rankin's tweet. It's beautiful and inspiring. Thanks for being here. Now I'm going to try to find you on Twitter. Warmly, Kathy J