Tuesday, November 10, 2009

11.11 Portal

I was raised and learned to think in a most rational, Cartesian environment. So I am a true skeptic. But 5 years ago, I noticed strange things started to happen in my life every August, every 11.11 and every Easter. A couple of websites gave me useful information. Mostly I had to relax into feeling what was happening and pay attention.

Those times are portals in our Western culture. A portal is a place of choice. You can stay on the side that you are on or you can cross over to the other side. Into the unknown, the new experience, the potential. 11.11 even looks like two pillars on either side of a portal.

Four years ago I changed continents on 11.11 without having consciously planned it ahead because I left on the 10th but landed on the 11th. And that landing was the beginning of 18 months of the deepest (and most painful!) transformation in my life, that culminated in my body being completely healed and my finding Oneness with the Divine. I knew when I landed on 11.11 and got off the plane that I had landed into a new life, another reality. And it proved to be true.

Around this time last year I met and became friends with someone who took me to a whole new dimension of my spirituality, all the way into the Void of Creation.

This year I am living through 11.11 with a whole team of amazing individuals who understand my work and support me into creating here what I brought back from the Void.

11.11 marked the end of the WWI. The end of horror on the largest scale in human memory at that time. Every year on 11.11 we honor our veterans (it's Remembrance Day in the UK, Armistice day in France). And in being reminded of what soldiers go through we are given the choice every year:

- to take action towards peace
- to set respectful, workable boundaries
- to ascend higher towards Oneness
- to create a future we really want to be a part of

Every year on 11.11 you can walk into the Light, into Mastery, without dying.

Mostly the detox work happens during the 3 weeks preceding the portal. All you have to do today is let yourself be, dream your future, ascend. Honor your protectors and the protector in you.

I hope that YOU enjoy 11.11.2009! Be part of my support team and email me (sophielhoste@gmail.com) to tell me what peaceful respectful future you are creating today! I'll post the stories here on my blog.


  1. Hi Sophie..as the cresent moon rode across my window as I slept last night a flock of hummingbirds swirlled around my house in dreamland, coming out of books and cupboards, fluttering their soft wings around me, I led them to the door and they cirlced me again tickling me in the doorway, in the moonlight and then took flight giggling across the moon and out of sight..I opened my eyes and smiling at the moon through the window I fell back to sleep.
    Many books say that hummingbirds are souls, some our creative side. I'll be pondering on them today and I walk still feeling the tickle of thier wings.

  2. Thank you so much for this Luna! What a beautiful dream. It is the magical, intense, spiritual quality that is around these days! You are so in tune with beauty and peace, you never cease to amaze me my friend!

    Much love!