Monday, June 29, 2009

Post- Solstice Collective Awakening

Since the Summer Solstice two weeks ago, my world has completely changed. Again.

Compared with before the solstice, this is what is new:
  • I can hear guidance much more clearly.
  • I can see my clients patterns of health and dis-ease even more clearly.
  • I can tell what people think and really mean much more easily
  • I receive daily downloads of insights on how to create joy
  • I can feel the Divine presence around me all the time. It' s very very sweet and comforting.
  • What I want, I am aligned to & that does not hurt others in any way, manifests within minutes or hours instead of days or weeks
  • as a result of easier manifesting, I am really busy in all areas of my life!
So things are definitely happening faster and more easily. Which is great. I love it! This is what we have been asking for, praying for and working towards in the last 10 years. The Collective Awakening is finally happening for real! It feels like thge change is palpable, like there is literally electricity in the air.

Of course I am still roughly in the same body that I had two weeks ago so this is taking some adjusting and fine tuning!

This is what helps:
  • drink plenty of clear water
  • sleep more than usual
  • rest during the day if necessary
  • eat nutritious food & make sure you get enough B vit & magnesium!
  • keep a very clear intention
  • talk to other people who are going through this. Teach and support each other!
  • establish clear boundaries
  • take time for yourself, just to chill or have fun
  • energetically & psychically protect the new parts of you the have just grown. They are fragile like tender shoots.
  • ignore negativity. Disengage from it as soon as possible.
  • meditate daily or strengthen your spiritual practice
  • contact your healer or alternative practitioner early on if you feel you need support.
  • Listen to your guidance and within reason and with common sense, act on it asap!
This last point is particularly important. I keep hearing of individuals who are plagued with nightmares, migraine headaches, have accidents, have nervous breakdowns or argue with loved ones.

The energy is good, the upgrade is good but if you have blocks in the way or if you resist the change that you asked for and programmed yourself for way back when, the resistance can create pain. So be good to yourself and save yourself the pain! Come join me and jump straight into the bliss of the joyful eternal present!

What changes have YOU noticed in the last week or two? How are YOU keeping balanced in this time of change?

PS: As an example of what I mean: I was told by my guides to write this post last Friday. I have had 3 really busy days with clients and kids so I kept pushing off the writing. Today I woke up tired and with a mild migraine headache. Now I have written the migraine has completely disappeared. Could have acted on guidance 3 days ago and saved myself 8 hours of pain...


  1. i notice too that i am manifesting much more quickly. the changes that i have wanted to create in my life can no longer be ignored.

  2. As we have talked before - I am feeling this Solstice more powerfully and deeper than any I can remember.

    Thanks Sophie for continuing the conversation about this interesting topic.


  3. Thank you for sharing this, very interesting since I have been feeling a change occuring in the last week, all positive.