Thursday, June 4, 2009

Expanding Your Consciousness

Today is a great day to expand your consciousness. It's just there: within reach, ready to be picked!

I have talked about it on Twitter as well as in this blog: we are currently in the middle of a huge wave of planetary awakening and every day brings its own aspect to the mix.
Today is Thursday so it is a good day for connecting to universal consciousness.

Easy for the Quantum Healer to say, you're thinking: that's HER job! huh huh! It's everybody's job! For YOU as well, this is a good day to:

1- meditate, particularly on the larger, more cosmic issues: use mandalas, think of world peace, ask to be shown how the Universe works! (Well, how will you be given the answer if you never ask?)

2- let your mind wander into the web of life and see what you will be shown: where do you fit in? Where are you headed to on a spiritual level?

3- practice compassion. Random compassion, compassion with specific individuals, compassion just because!

4- pay attention to the larger picture in your life on a more practical level: who are you connected with and does it bring you the community support and human warmth that you need and deserve?

5- use your intuition and think about what YOUR role is in this leap of consciousness we are all creating together

6- relax into love. Listen to music that makes your heart swell up with love and tenderness for everyone you know

7- tell people you love them. They will love you for it and everyone's the winner and together you are creating more joy. It' so easy!

So can you feel it now, this awe inspiring wave of universal love that connects you to the whole, to the fabric of your life, to your true nature that is pure joyful love?

How are YOU going to connect to the web of life today? How are YOU going to contribute to our planetary awakening?

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